Saturday, October 8, 2011

The “dong fang xiang yun" dress - 1G Chen

May 12, 2010, cannes, France, the 63th cannes film festival, when opening ceremony Fan bingbing was in bright yellow dress wear Cartier strategic 10 million jewelry appeared in the red carpet, immediately caused local students warm welcome, loud cry out her name. Her dress with two high to head home dragons, mopping the floor embroidered with many back waves parody full ears rough voices has "eternal dressing" meaning. In the dragon grain, embroidered with colorful cloud between the implied meaning of trillion auspicious auspicious patterns. Fan bingbing to cannes this international stage to show the world the beauty of the Oriental verve. Stylist Lawrence-hui said Oriental refers to the us in the east China stands a dragon, this is the east. So lucky cloud, the dragon is has, colorful rosy. Chinese have five thousand years or civilization and history, we have a lot of inexhaustible, an unlimited supply of elements.

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Sports - 1A Daichi

Hi everyone. I'm Daichi.
I'm going to talk about my favorite sports .
I spend a lot of my free time praying sports.
I used to play baseball and soccer.
That's why I'm still interested in the results of baseball game and soccer game.
But,I'm keen on basket ball.
I would like to improve my basket ball still.
Thank you.

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Listen to Music-Ya-a 2B

My name is Ya-a.
My hobby is listen to music.
When I going to school,I am often listening to music.
My fovorite musician is Green Day.
Their singing voice is made bright.
I want everyone for me to listen it.
See you!

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Music 1A Shinichi

Hi everyone, I'm Shinichi.
I'm going talk about my favorite music.
I usually listen to Japanese pop music.
My favorite singer is Mr. Children.
Mr.children is popular singer in Japan.
I listen to their music everyday.
My favorite their song is "innocent world".

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Mr. Children on Qwiki
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Music - 1A Takashi

Hi everyone
I'm Takashi
I'm going talk about,my favorite music.
My favorite singer group is "RADWIMPS
Yojiro Noda is Vocal & Guiter.
Akira kuwahara is Guiter & Chorus.
Yusuke Takeda is Bass & Chorus.
Satoshi Yamaguchi is Drums & Chorus.
They are very cool ‼

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Radwinps on Qwiki
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Music - 1A Daiki

My name is Daiki.
I'm going to talk about music.
I like rock music.
My favorite rocker is Red Hot Chili Peppers.
I was watching RHCP's live in summer sonic Tokyo.
I think RCHP's sound is greatest in the world.
Their sound is beautiful guitar,dynamic drum, powerful bass.
Their sound makes me happy.

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1. Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie [Official Music Video]