Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grammar my family

My family is small.
I have one father and mother,a grand mother,and a younger sister.My family is funny.My mother's name is Mitsuko and father's name is Yasumasa.
Mitsuko is very fine and positive woman.But Yasumasa is little negative and theoretical.
My sister Machi is fourteen years old. she is junior high school student.She joins softball culb and enjoy playing it. I hope for my family ismerry long time.


Who wrote the draft of the speech?


We are suspicious of whether or not the offer is valid.


Grammar I b Journal

Hi!!I'm nacchan.
I belonged to a tennis club in junior high school and high school.
When I was high school student, I was captain.
I practiced tennis every day in hot day and cold day.
I finished second in tennis tournament through the practice.
I was very happy!!
So, I think that I keep on trying anything in future.

Grammar asu

I wake up at 6:30.
I drink tea, but I never drink coffee.
I seldom watch TV.
I sometimes go shopping after school.

Computers help handle an increased number of transactions.


City authorities will inspect the facility for safe operation.


Friday, May 15, 2009

My room is face to north.
There's a small red table in the center of the room.
The windows are face to north-west.
The TV is in front of the bed.
There is some flowers and green on the corner.


I always wake up at6:30a.m.

I always listen to music in the train and bus.

I almost always work part time on Saturday and Sunday.

I never drlve a car.

Isn't there a warranty on this copy machine?


Could you tell me how to turnon this computer terminal?



I usually wake up at 6:00 a.m.

I usually eat breakfast in the morning.

I leave for school at 7:40 a.m.

I never drive a car.

I never go to sleep after midnight.


Grammer Usually,Never

I usually eat breakfast in the morning.

I usually go to school by train.

My sister usually listens to music before she goes to bed.

I never come late for school.

I never drink alcohol until I become 20 years old.

My sister never helps at home.



There's five in my family.
Father is severe.
Mother is funny and cheerful
Older brother is also funny and cheerful.
Dog is very cute!!
I like my family a lot.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

It was sunny!

How are you?

It was sunny today!
It was a pleasant wether, wasn't it?

But it will be rainy this weekend(T_T)

I'm going to the driving school on saturday.

Then I have to take a driving test.

It's difficult to drive in the rain(>_<)

I hope it will be fine only the while I'm dring.

Grammer My room

The desk is at the corner.

Three bookshelves are near the bed.

The bed is by the window.


TOEIC 134,souvenir

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Potato グラマー

There is a desk near the chair.
There is a TV near the table.
There is a bed next to the box.
There is a desk next to the dresser.
There is a table between the TV and sofa.

Monday, May 11, 2009

グラマー 家族紹介

 My Family is father and mother and sister and grandmother and me.

Father is interresting.

Mother is very kind.

Sister is cheeky.

Grandmother is very kind.

I luv family.

Grammar I b

My family is mother and father.
I am an only child.
And My house does not keep the pet either.

My father likes sweet.
He has many likes and dislikes of the food.
My mother is funny and cheerful.


Grammer My room

My room faces north.
But the room is bright because there is skylight.
The desk is to the right of drawer.
The desk lamp is on the desk.
The stereo is on the cabinet.
My bedclothes are Japanese-style.



There is a bed near by window.
There is a TV next to the book shelf.
There is a desk in front of the bed.

There is a TV between and the sofa.


There is a desk by the window.
There is a TV on the desk.
There is a dresser next to the desk.
There is a table between desk and bed.
There is a bed front of door.
There is a window by the desk.

There is a desk by the window.
There is a sofa next to door.
There is TV front of desk.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


What is the fine for overdue DVDs?


Where can I obtain the brochure of youre book?

How would you like your items shipped?


What is the fine for overdue book?


These are the best souvenirs.

I obtained the brochure in a golf club.

What do you think is the best souvenir of Tanzania?

Are you going to have this report translated into Chinese?

Would you mind my smoking here?

You got the invoice for the office supplies,didn't you?


This polka-dot tie should go well with your blue jacket.


Driving V(^-^)V


How are you?

Today I went to the driving school.

I drove from the school to Himeji through the highway.

I enjoyed the drive very much (≧∇≦)b

Next Saturday I will take a test.

I hope to pass the test o(^-^)o

Have a nice day!!

This tie should go well with my black jacket.


Where can I obtain the brochures of your products?


where can I obtain the brochure of your college.


Are you going to have this sentences translated into Chinese ??


I am going to have this book translated into Japanese.

Have you drawn up your homework yet?



Are you going to have this report translated into Chinese?