Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year

The lunar on December 31 is Chinese New Year's eve . On the eve Family get together for the reunion dinner.There are a lot of delicious food.The first day of the New Year morning must to eat noodles and eggs.Long noodles have the meaning of longevity.Noon must to eat rice.Rice has the meanning of the rich.To relatives is also one of the custom .Everyone eat talking together.
My favorit ramen istonkotushoyu.
Tonkotu shoyu is make from pig.
Pig is me.
dose YAMAUTI teacher like pig?
I will account next class.

Monday, December 26, 2011

1A Takuya

My winter pran is all night GUNDUM.
Because my life is GUNDUM.
A happy new year isGUNDUM.
After I watch GUNDUM,I will account YAMAUTI techer.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My recommend MANGA-ikd

I like KAIJI. I have many KAIJI's comics. My favorite character is Ichijo. But he lost Kaiji.

VT Picks 2-7

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Hi everyone. I'm Meshiuma.
Thank you for your comments!  My favorite pirate is Davey johnes. My favorite seen is that the Flying  Dutchman appear from the sea.

VT Picks 2-6

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Hello I'm ikd. I have watched this movie. What I liked most about it was Musuka. He is funny. "OH!!!!Eyes...My Eyes!!!!!!" This line is very famous,isn't it?HaHaHa

I'm naranara. I have watched this movie too and I like it. What I like most about it was Musuka's action that his eyes were damaged by flash.

VT Picks 2-5

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Hi I'm rin.
I like Rookies. At a player he like Mikosiba. I am always summarizing everybody and regarded uncanny when Rookies was telecast it looked every week Looking,

Hi Masaki.
I'm shota at cuc. I like Rookies too. My favorite character is Aniya. He is always cool.
I want to watch it again. Thank you.


VT Picks 2-4

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Hi I'm Ryuji.
I have watched this movie too. And I liked it. What I liked most about it was Kamajii. Because he is very kind. And he helped Chihiro's works. This movie is very very good movies! Thank you so much!

Hi.Miyuki. I am igka.
I have watched this movie too and I found it very interesting. What I like most about it was the episode of saving Haku. I want to watch it again.

VT Picks 2-3

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Thank  you  for your review.  My name is Ya-a.
I have watched it too. I like Kiki and I found it very cute!
See you.

Hi, I'm Tb22.
I have watched this movie, too. and like it. What I liked most about it was the character is JiJi. I think the cate is lovely. It is the movie seen many times.

VT Picks 2-2

Movie Reviews by Togaku students

Hi, Shohei.
I'm Hyu. I like BACK TO THE FUTURE too. I watched it before. What I liked most about it was the exciting scene of time slip. I want to see it again.

VT Picks 2-1

Movie Reviews by Togaku students - Men in Black

Hi, I'm Tb22.
I like this movie. This movie is interesting. A gag is good. I think them cool, too.

My winter plan

I'm going to prepare for study abroad in my winter vacation.

VT Picks 1-4

Question 4: Which do you spend the longest time on, gaming, social networking, news or entertainment?

Hi, I'am Sei@cuc. I  spend the longest watch news. It's because I would like to know different things . It makes me understand the work better.

Hi, I'm A24. I spend the longest time on gaming. It's MonsterHunter.

Hi I'm yokoshima @cuc  I spend 2 hours watching news.

I spend studying english for 7 hours. Ryuji

VT Picks 1-3

Question 3: What do you like about your country or culture? What don't you like about your country or culture?

Hi, I'm taka. The thing which I like is that Japan has the culture of many countries.
For example, it is because events, such as Christmas and Valentine, occur always.

Im durix. The culture that I like most in our country is the long celebration of christmas. It is our tradition to celebrate christmas in the first day of september and im proud that im one of those Filipinos who celebrate the same culture. There is none of the Flipino cultures that i dont like because im proud being a Filipino.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VT Picks 1-2

Question 2: If you were an animal, what would it be, and why?

Hi,I'm oda @cuc. If I were an animal, I'd be pig, because I like cleanness.

Hi, I'm Tb22. If I were an animal I'd be a rabbit .because I love a rabbit and like carrot.

Hi~ If I were an animal, I'd be a lion because I look strong and no body bully me.(^ー^)ノ

If i were an animal I'd be a Jinbeizame because I save peace in the sea.

I am hottyan. An animal id be a dog because i like walking in the park

Hi. I'm fyu. If I were an animal I'd be a turtle because I like to relax.

Hi, I'm oyu@cuc. I want to be a cat, because I like to take a nap.

Hi, I'm mieee@cuc. If I want to be an animal. I  hope I am an eagle, because I can fly in the sky! And it's so cool!!!!!!

Hi,I'm miki@cuc. I want to be bird, because I want to fry.

Hi I'm Lamp@cuc. I want to be horse, because, it's cool!!!

Hi,I'm Tk@cuc. I want to be dog, because, the dog is cute. I love dog.

Hi, I am peaman@cuc  I am dog, because I like dog.

I'm charot@cuc  It will be Panda, because I want slowly life enjoy!

Hi, I'm fmi@cuc. I want to be to a cat, because I want to live free.

VT Picks 1-1

Question 1: If you had a time machine, what year would you go to, and why?

Hi everyone! my name is hatori. If I had a time machine, I would go to the year 2000 because I had no trouble.

hi I am katori. if Ihad at time machine I'd go to the year 1993 because that was the year when I was so happier when I was a child. 

Hi!I am Chen. If I had a time machine.I had go to the year 2022, because I want to see my husband and child.I want to know how my life will be. 

Hi I'm JIN. If I had a time machine l'd go to the year 2002 because I was a high school student and I didn't have to think about anything. 

Hi.I'm Ya-a. I want to go to Jurassic, because I like dinosaur.

Hi, I'm Ryuji. If I had a time machine, I would go to 2011, 3.11, because I would like to tell many people about the earthquake. 

If i had time machine. I want to go to the year 2010. Because I want to tell me to go to school. Naranara

Hi! I'm kazukichiLv.101! I want to go to 40 years after because  I am dead or alive.

Hi I'm Pon. I want to return to high school student.Because,I was very fun.

Hi, I'm takeyama. I want to return to 1970s. Because, I want to buy a American's car.

Hi, I'm Tb22. If i had a time machine I'd go to the year 1985 because I want to see the movie, “BACK TO THE FUTURE” in the theater. 

If I had a time machine, I would go to the year 2020, because I want to know who killed kenedy. Sawahata 

If I had a time machine, I'd go to Edo period, because I meet to ieyashu tokugawa.

Hi I'm Hirokazu. If I had a time machine, I'd go to the 2200's because I want to go to the moon.

Hi, I'm Tokai. If I had a time machine, I'd go to year 2000, because I was a elementary school student. It was a good time...

My favorite manga - 1A Daichi

In SLAM DANK ,there is a high school student called Sakuragi Hanamichi.
He is sixteen.But he is very tall at 189cm.
He start play basket ball at high school.
He is beginner ,but he practice very head everyday.As a result, he becomes skillful rapidljy.
He is the genius of effects .

My Winter Plan

Hi,I`m Hyu.
My winter vacation is going to do varied things.
First , I will go shopping with my friend.
I want to buy many clothes.
Next,I will eat new year dish with my family.
Finally,I will go skiing with my friend.
Winter vacation is me chief delight.

my winter plan

I eat an orange with a kotatsu.
Ilove sleeping happy new year

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My winter plan-2A Tb22@cuc

Hi, I'm Tb22.
My winter plan is to take pictures of musashino-line train.
Musashino-line is very interesting, became many kind of trains to
I look see the train in year.
Also, A wonderful train is run in other as well in Chiba.
I'm very expectation.

My favorite manga - 1A Hirokazu

I like a manga colled Ahiru no sora.It's a sport and school life manga.Sora is a high school basketball player, but he is very short.I'm moved to see how this short boy trys his best.And he is really good at shooting!

My favorite manga 1A Sawahata

I watch many manga
Among the best manga is monkeyturn
hatgno kenji loses in a baseball in sammer
after taht he decided tobe a boat recer
he gets over some challenges and some hard experience
he becomes a top money winner

My favorite anime 1A Takashi

I like Hunter×Hunter the best !!
This story's main characte is Gon.
Gon becomes a Hunter to find his father.
He has never met his father.
He makes many friends when he is looking for his father.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My favorite character

My favorite character in JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE is Jotaro Kujo. Because he is a cool and very stronger. I'd like to a person who can devote oneself to week positioned people.

1A Shinichi

I like SLAM DUNK of all the manga.
This manga was written by Takehiko Inoue.
This is the manga which wrote the high school basketball.
I think that SLAM DUNK is very interesting.
I took to the basketball by SLAM DUNK.
I would like to read a continuation.
Because, it is since the series was completed on the way.

Character 1A Yushi

In Harry Potter there is a boy wizard called Harry.First series of Harry Potter started in 2001.Harry was 12 and now he is 22.He goes to masic school in 12.He has to take masic stick,text books,mant and owl in masic school.He made some good friends Ron and Harmaioni.They are good group.They fight Vorudemort.They beat Vorudemort and the world was peaceful.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The manga that I like

 I am REN.
   I love the manga named <ONE PIECE>.
  It is the only manga I know of all these listed manga and movies.
  <Teamwork> is the best thing I have learnt from the manga.
  It is difficult to talk about what it teaches me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

my winter plan 2Afyu

Hi. I'm fyu.
I'm going to talk about my winter plan.
I want to go snowbounding in Hakuba.
I started snowbounding last year.
I like it.
I want to be a better snowbounder.

My winter plan.

I'm going to talk about my winter plan.
I'm going to go to Doitumura in Sodegaura,chiba.
on christmas.

Moteki. 2-a. V.I.P

Hy everyone.
I like moteki.
This is romance and comedy and it is popular.
The original version is manga, and it was wade into drama and movie.
I have not watched it yet.
I feel like watching it the movie.

If I were animal

Hi I'm mesiuma.
I look like earless seal.
Everybody says so.

My favorite Manga

Hi I'm mesiuma.
My favorite manga is NARUTO.
I like Mei Terumi.
Shi is very beautiful and very strong.
Shi is hot body.
Shi is my type.
One of my favorite movies is "Stand by Me."
I first saw it when I just started studying English.
I became a big fan of the main actor, River Phoenix, who became a super star after the movie came out.
This movie caused me to take a great interest in English and American culture which Hollywood movies represent.
It was a big cultural impact for a teenage girl.
I love this movie because it reminds me of my teenage years.
I'm rin
I like Doraemon,
He is cats shape robot,
He is give dream,


My favorite character is Ui in K-ON. She is very cute and kind. I want to marry like her.


The place which I recommend to you is Roppongi.
It is because shopping etc. are made in summer and illuminations are beautiful in winter
I'm rin
I'm going to about golf,
I like watching and playing golf,
I want to be a better golfer,


My recommended sport is dart.

My favorite character

Hi I'm Hyu.
My favorite Manga is GANTZ.
Its main character is Kei Kurono.
Kurono fights alien in space war.
Kurono is very exciting and very cool.
GANTZ is one of the things that give me most enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My favorite character 2A Ryo

My favorite character is pikatyuu
pikatyuu has a very lovely face
being with pikatyuu pots me in a cheerful mood

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Character 1A Yushi

My favorite character is Zoro.He is samurai.He have 3 knife.I think he is the storomgest in Mugiwara kaizokudan.He is very cool.

Character 1A Takashi

In Hunter×Hunter , there is a boy named Kurapika.
He is cool boy.
He has blond hair.
His eyes become red when he gets excited.
He became black list hunter because he wants to kill "Kumo" (a group of robber)
In Hunter×Hunter , there is a boy named Kurapika.
He is cool boy.
He has blond hair.
His eyes become red when he gets excited.
He became black list hunter because he wants to kill "Kumo" (a group of robber)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2a Cmasa My favorite character

My favorite character is Doraemon

When small,it was often looking on television,
And various tools are taken out from pocket,
He is very good looking,

My favorite character 2A fyu

My favorite character is Kaiji.
In kaiji there is a boy called kaiji.
He is smart and good looking and honest so I like.

My favorite character @cuc-2b-taka

Hello I'm taka.
My favorite character is Elmo.
Do you know Elmo?
Elmo is a character which comes out in Sesame Street, and is a hero.
A bodily color is whole body red and it is carrying out it lightly.
A birthday is February 3.
It is said that Elmo's age is 3 eternal years old.
Favorite food is a Japanese horseradish.
Elmo's best friend is Dorothy of a goldfish.
Dorothy is doing the reddish body.
Incidentally, Elmo is a left-handed person.

Movie Reviews by Togaku Students

My favorite character. 2A Oyu@cuc

My favorite character is Makoto Konno.
She is in "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".
She is a high school student of cheerful character.
One day , she was able to leap the time.
She used ability for her hobbies and her friends.
She has capable of a strange power to grow through.
In the movie, Naka Riisa plays voice actor of Makoto.
Director of this movie  has a film called Summer Wars director.
This movie is very interesting.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My favorite character - 2B oda

My favorite character is Dokin chan.
She looks like devil.
She is cute and sweet devil.
She is looking for something interesting.
She does mean things with Baikinman.
She loves Shokupanman.
I love such a cute her!

My favorite characters-2A Tb22@cuc

I like characters from "Keroro Gunsou".
They came to invade the earth.
They are the space aliens.
They make to plan to invade the earth.
But, It is surely fails.
I think they pretty.
I like the giggle.

My favorite character is MIKI ZCY-2B@CUC

MIKI is a manga actor.he has two black ears and wears black troursers.
It looks like a
monkey.He is very cheerful cute and very responsibilitly.
When Daisy was closed in the castle by peter.He do his best to save
her.So everyone
likes MIKI.Thank you !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In GUNDUM,there is a man called Char Aznable.
Char is very guy.
He is very tall.
He operated the his
Zaku� and he battled EFS.
Char Zaku is three times as fast as nomal Zaku.
I love Char Aznable.

1A Hirokazu

In Doraemon,there is a robot called Doraemon.
He looks like a racoon dog.He is gantle.He helps Nobita by using future tools. it's good for Nobita to using future tools.


in one piece.
in the manga,there is a boy.
he is a doctor.
he always wears pink hat.
he is pirate.
he from drum kingdom.
he had hitohitonomi.
he is 5 years old.
he always wears pants.
he found one-piece.

My favorite character is Anakin Skywalker. 1A Tokai

In StarWars, there is a boy called Anakin Skywalker.
He is 9 years old.He has blond.
His Visually is a common boy, but he is Wato's slave.
Wato is scrap shop's owner.
He breaks Droid Control Ship and he becomes Jedi Knight.
But,13 years later, he fall in Force's dark side.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My favorite movie is 2B Sei@CUC

In the movie, Rachel Mcadams plays the role of Becky Fuller.She is an active effort to work the woman. Thought that their achievements can be recognized by her superiors but were told that they have been accidentally fired.However, she found a seemingly decent news director job, but the reality and imagination will always be bias. She took the part very low ratings, but not with the team and had gas and so on.

Chinese food CH

I like Chinese food  best of all.I like Chinese food better than Japanese food and South Korea food.According to the different place, the tastes of Chinese dishes are different.The north's food is mained of spicy, but the southern mainly with light.No matter what you like the taste,in Chinese food you can find the tastes what you like.
Ramen-2 z.c
I like futomenn.
I like put moyasi on futomenn.
I like put hannjyukutamago on futomenn.
I like put kimuti on futomenn.
I like put button on futomenn.
Pasta - JM
I like to eat past.
there are many kinds of pasta ,and in it I like peperongqino(ペペロンチーノ)best.
In Italy ,everyboday can cook.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

1A Shinichi

In DEATH NOTE, there is a man named Takuo Shibuimaru.
His nickname is Shibutaku.
He looks like bad man.
He wears black sunglasses and fashionable down jacket.
He loves beautiful girl,so he always tries to hit on girl.
But he was killed by Light Yagami.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My favorite character Ya-a

Hi,My name is Ya-a.
My favorite character is Spider Man.
He is in Spider Man.
He wears cosutume.
He is orizin the spider.
He have strange power.
He fights with the bed fellow.
I think that he is smart.
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Huoguo CH

 I like Huoguo very much.I like eat Huoguo with bone soup.I do not like eat it with spicy soup.I like eat vegetables too.Many things put in the bone soup that tastes good.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ramen - Z.C.


I like eat ramen.
I like eat miso ramen.
I eat misoramen every day.
Sometimes I eat sio ramen.
I ofeen eat ramen at itiseiramen in itikawa.

Friday, November 25, 2011

UFO Catcher - 2B fmi

Hi, I'm fmi.
I'm going to talk about UFO catcher.
I like play UFO catcher and get toy.
Especially I love Teddy bear, because it's so cute and soft!
I spend about 1000yen playing UFO catcher.
Thank you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My recommended manga is HUNTER×HUNTER.
It is battle manga.
It was written by Yoshihiro Togashi.
My favorite character is Kurapika.
He is very cool!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1A Monkey Tune

My recommended manga is monkeytune
it is kyotei manga
main charakter is hataokenzi
it was written by kawaikatuhiko
it is very interesting
Let's reading


 I like dumplings very much.Sometimes I make dumplings at home.I make dumplings with vegetables and meat.I like fried dumplings best.I think the dumplings were made by my mother that were most delicious.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

If you were animal?

2-A S.S
I'm Penguin.
I because everyone say look like a penguin!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Place 2B PS3

Hi, I'm PS3:-)
I want to go to France.
I like delicious food.Cheese, wine, Steak,Truffe....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My recommend movie 1A Hirokazu

I recommend 十三人の刺客.It is Samurai action movie.Samurai is very cool!The casting is good.their acting abilitys are wonderful.Goro Inagaki's acting ability especially is great.

Monday, November 14, 2011


If you had 1000,000,000 yen, what would you do with the money?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi,I`m Hyu.
I have ONE PIECE the complete set.
My favorite character is Rufy and Ace.
ONE PIECE is great!

My recommended Disney sea.2-A s.s

My recommended Disney sea.
Very happy and romantic!
Attraction and firework!

My recommended Ibaraki 2A fyu

My recommended Ibaraki.There is much nature in Ibaraki.
Mt. Tsukuba of Ibaraki is a recommendation.
Many monkeys can be seen in Mt. Tsukuba.

My recommended plate. 2B - charot@ cuc

I'm working part time in Gratche in family restaurant.
There are popular menu at restaurant. So, I'll introduce the most popular menu at Gratche.
Gratche is the Italian store. So, "Margherita pizza" and "Hamburg&sausage" is popular.
There are many other. Everybody please go!!!

My recomended cartoonist 2B - oda@cuc

My recommended cartoonist is Ai Yazawa.
My best her works are NANA and Tenshi nankajanai.
I want to read all of her works someday.
But she has rested.I want her to revive early.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I recommended artist. 2B-taka@cuc

 Hi, I'm taka. I'm two years which go Chiba University of Commerce frequently.
What I'm majoring in is a finance. 
 Do you like garls singer? I like AKB48 of a singer these days.
I would like to recommed you about AKB48 this time.
Especially a favorite person is "Mariko Shinoda."
She is tall and her hair is short.
Activity of the model is also carried out.
Please see activity of AKB48, if there is an opportunity.

I recommend Mitsuyi outlet.2B-Rei

I recommend Mitsuyi outlet.It's at the Kaihinmakuhari station in Chiba city.
There are a lot of clothing, shoes, bags shop.
Mitsuyi outlet's shops has a discount almost a year.
Somthing occasionally discount of eighty percent.
The same thing cheaper than in the other department stores.
And there are a lot of famous brand.

My recommended is ramen Jiro 2A igka

My recommeded is ramen Jiro.
It is a recommeded ramen shop because a pice is quantity,of the ramen cheaply,or it is not to mention what it good,and there is many it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I recomend a restaurant

Hi,everone,I am Ren.
My recomended a restaurant named "tsubaki" in our school,
it is open by an international student comes from China.
It has many kinds of delicious chinese foods and changed evevyday.
Of course ,there are kinds of japanse ramems too.
You could go there for lunch .It is worth trying.

my recommend shop in shibuya ;)

i recommend shop is "moussy" .
moussy is clothes shop.
moussy in shibuya 109.
moussy is so cool desigh.
moussy is very cute clerk.

My recommended manga 1A Daichi

I recommend Baki.
Baki is very grotesque.
But its interesting.
My favorite character is Mr anchain.
He is very strong.

My recommended comic. 1A HATORI SYOUYA

I recommended comic is medaka box.
medaka box is very interesting.
It's writer is good at playing with word.
Also medaka box's characters is individual.
Of all kumagawa is great character!!!

I recomend game Pokemon

I recomend game Pokemon.
It is enjoying adults and childlen.
First,It game sold 1996.
Up to now,many kind of Pokemon game sold.

my recommended manga 1a kenta ito

i recommend onepeace.
i like sanji.

1A Takuya

I reccomened STAR WARS
STAR WARS is very interest movie.
Director is Jeorge loocas.
I reccomend thrill actin scean in movie.
I like グリーバス将軍.

My recommend manga - 1A Tokai

I recommended manga Kaiji.
It is a story with a feeling of tension.
It is Nobuyuki Fukumoto's work.
He is called god.
Anime and a movie are interesting.

Monday, November 7, 2011

smartphone 1A Shinichi

My recommend cellphone is smartphone.
Because, smartphone is very convenient and interesting.
In fact, I'm using the smartphone now.
The Internet of a smartphone is easy-to-use than conventional cellphone.
Also, user can enjoy a variety of applications.
So, I recommend smartphone.

My recommended comics 2A Ryo

I am crazy about ONE PIECE
because a hot fight and a lot of moved to scene
so badly to a lot of reads everyone

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My recommend train-2A Tb22

Hi, I'm Tb22.
My recommend train is "Hanadensya".
Hanadensya is run when it is special.
This year is the 100th birthday of the "Tokyo-traffic office".
I went to see the last day.
Many people gathered.
Hanadensya is come.
That was very beautiful.
I wanted to drive again.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1A Yushi

I recommended Nabe.
It is hot.
I always eat Nabe In the winter.
I love it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm going to eat yakitori this weekend - 1A Tokai

Hi, my name is Tokai.
I'm going to go to yakitori shop with friends this weekend.
I like garlic.
So, I'm going to eat "ninniku gushi".
The seasoning is salt.
It will good dinner.

Monday, October 31, 2011

My reccomended tourist attraction.2B oyu.

Hi, I'm oyu.
When I was third-grade high school students , I went to an overnighttrip in Tochigi with my family.
Then we went to a interesting place.
It was a small world.The name is Tobu World Square.
I experienced the extravagant global travel there.
I want to go there again.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My recommended food 2B-ZCY-@CUC

Hi'everyone.I'm ZCY.
I'going to introduce about my recommended food"Radish-slice and oyster"
Practice is very simple.A radish was cut into strips. Oyster about 250
grams.Put into the pot. I suggest that the salt taste. Becasue,it can
make fresh tasting.
It's very delicious.Let'try it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1A Shinichi

I will study bookkeeping this weekend.
I am going to take a bookkeeping test next month.
It is very difficult for me to study bookkeeping.
But, I would like to pass the test.
So, I will study hard this weekend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing videogames-2B Sugar

Hi! I'm Sugar. I'm going to talk about playng videogames.
When I'm free, I play video games.
Playing videogames, I felt happy!
My best games is baseball games.

Karaoke - 1A Takashi

I will go to karaoke with my friend.
I like sing a song!!
I often sing "Tentaikansoku".
"Tentaikansoku" was made by BUMP OF CHICKEN.
BUMP OF CHICKEN is very popular in Japan

Part-time job - 1A Hatori

I will do my partーtime job.
my partーtime job is cocos restaurant.
it's hard work.
I'm hated by the owner.
But I hate the owner

Soccer - 1A Yushi

I am going to play soccer game in CUC.It is very important game.I am exciting now.I want to Win and I want to play the game.

despair 1A Sawahata

I was suprised at pachinko in new year day
Because I lose 20000 yen that time
I think 10000yen is paper
I am despair
I went back home

Moteki - 1A Sunao

I'm interested in moteki.

because i like love movie.

moteki cust is very cute.

nagasawa masami is eros.

love is difficult.

Star Wars - 1A Yushi

I am interested in watch movie.My favorite movie is STAR WARS.It is exciting.I want to watch this movie every students.

Aquarium - 1A Hirokazu

I'm interested in aquarium.My favorite aquarium is Churaumi in Okinawa.It have whale sharks.Whale sharks is big and cute. I want to swim with Whale shark.

Gantz - 1A Shouya

I am interested in comic.
I like GANTZ best of all comics.
I like KUWABARA best of all GANTZ's characters.
He is perversion.
But he is cool.
I'm interested in sports game.
I play baseball ,but I often spend the evening watching night games on television.
But, I'm more interested in playing sports than taking part in them.


I'm interested in movies - 1A Tokai

Hi, my name is Tokai.
I'm interested in movies.
Especially I like STAR WARS.
STAR WARS is great space opera.
Very wonderful works.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jiaxian Ramen 1G Chen

 My favorite food is ramen.There are many ways to cook ramen.There are many kinds of ramen in China.For example,xiao ramen,kongxing ramen,jiaxian ramen and so on.I like jiaxian ramen best.Among the jiaxian ramen has crushed meat and vegetables.Ramen the things can change.I can not cook the jiaxian ramen,because make kongxing ramen and jiaxian ramen must have a high technology and practical.Jiaxian ramen is the traditional pattern for Shanxi Province pasta.That usually be used on high-end banquet.

Food - 1G JIN

I like dog meat.
I'm from Yan Bian, China.
In Yan Bian people eat dog meat.
Dog meat is the most nutritious meat.
If you are ill, you can't eat dog meat.
I don't know why, but doctors say so.

Food-1G Zhaochen

Food-1G Zhaochen

Last time I talked about rice noodle.
Now I will talk about Shanghai dumpling.
If I eat rice noodle and Shanghai dumpling they are very yummy, and I will be full.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

My recommended pet: Rabbit - 2B Ya-a

His name is JoJo.
He came to my home in september.
At first, I don`t touch him.
But, I take to give him food.
I think that JoJo is lovely Rabbit.
His figure which is eating food is lovely.
In particular, His nose is very cute.
He is my family now.
See you!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm going to talk about baseball.
I like to play baseball.
I played baseball in high school.
 I'm a big fan of the Seattle Mariners.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Food - 1G Zhao

Shanghai Flavor -zhaochen

I very like to eat a snack.
The last time the meter is rice noodle.
This should introduce is to Shanghai born Fried.
Eat the rice noodle add a few Shanghai born Fried,
very good food can also eat the belly.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My recommended food--SEI 2B@cuc

My recommended food is Huoguo. It is chinese style syapusyapu.
It is different with Japanese style. Its half is thin, another half is
very hot. Pork and beef are eaten in Japan. But in China, we often
eat mu

I like it so much. I often eat Huoguo with my friends on weekends.
So when I come back to China, I always buy spice about Huoguo.
Jiuzhaigou is located in china's sichusn province. Jiuzhaigou at an altitude of 2000meters. islisted as a world heriage. Jiuzhaigou is i want to go to tourist resort. I'm going to go to see in the next year and friends.

Darts live-2A-Washington 21

Hi.I'm going to talking about Darts.
Darts is very difficult.
But I will pro darts player.
And I take part in SUPER DARTS 2013.
So SUPER DARTS 2013 is most big tornament in darts.
I fight training.

Reading books, drawing-2B-Rei

Hi,I'm going to talk about reading books and drawing.
I prefer the quiet and don't like the noise. I like to read books,paint pictures at home often.I think reading books can gain knowledge and make your inner more abundant.
Painting is my hobby since childhood.When I was a child learn traditional Chinese painting,
but now  I more love watercolors.I often draw at home .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Music - 1A Takashi

I'm interested in music .
My favorite song is "I just called to say I love you".
This song was made  by Stevie Wonder . 
He is a nice singer.
His voice is wonderful.

Soccer 2a igka

I am going to talk about soccer.I like seeing I play soccer.but looking people like the soccer.
Oneself played soccer from a seventh grader to a third grader in soccer club.
I still play soccer with a friend end a family at the time of rest.

playing game - 2B miki

I Iike game center.
There days, My favorit game is jubeat.
Jubeat is music game.
There is many music it has.
How to play this game pushes the shining panel.
My favorit music is a dandelion.


Hi, I'm A24.
I'm going to talk about reading books.
My hobby is reading books.
I want to find good books.
Please introduce any good books.