Thursday, November 15, 2012

2B TakumaTakahashi 「Movie」


I like movie.
I looked well since it was small.
And I like action movies.
Because I like car actions in that,
I like movies of the cars.
My favorite movie is「the Fast & the Furious」.
This movie title is original title, but
called wild speed in japanese

The charm of this movie is photographing a
car action by genuine car.

Very powerful and exciting!
Please watch Everyone!

Thank you!


2B Shigeki "Movies"


I like SF and action movie.
I like a movie called the "Inception".
Because there is an elment of SF and action.
Starring of the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio.

I like seeing in a movie theater than seeing a movie at home.
There is force unique to a theater.
Therefore,I like it.

I think seeing a movie is seeing a dream.

2B NaotoMino 「Movie」

I watch movie well.
I look almost once a week.
I like a movie because movie is very fun and culture deepens.
I watch a movie program in Friday every week.
I look forward to that I can watch a different movie every week.
The genre of my favorite movie is action and horror.
I like powerful movies because it excites me.
Action and horror were put together with is the best.
My favorite movie is Biohazard.
I want the person who has not looked to look by all means.
I like actresses appearing for the movie.
Her name is Milla Jovovich.
Her direction is very cool and is powerful.
I look forward to the next Biohazard series.
Thank you!!!

about watching movies 2B Daiguji

I like watching movies.
Particularly, I like going to the movie theater, because the big screen is powerful.
I watch movies twice a month.
I like action movies, SF movies and special effects movies.
Above all, my favorite movies are "Top Gun" and "Independence Day".
In addition, Tom Cruise and Will Smith appearing in them are my favorite actors.
But I have not watched those movies in a movie theater.
They seem to be shown by 3D movie again.
I certainly want to watch those movies which became 3D movie.

2B Watching a movie Natsumi M

I do not often watch a movie.
But I like watching a movie.
I like watching movie rather at my home TV than at the theater.
My favorite movie is The series of Ziburi.
Mimi wo sumaseba is the best movie for me in the series of Ziburi.
The most favorite scene in the movie is Sizuku meets Seiji for the first time.
I like Country road of the song of insertion, too.

About watching movies 2B DaikiF

I don't like watch movie.
In the first place, I'm not interested in an entertainer.
I don't want to go movie theater because I hate loud sound and many
peoples place,
and then , movie theater's sound is very big and There are many peoples.
Movie theater have both there.
I would rather sleep than watch Entertainer's acting.
It saves money.

2B movie urasawat

I like movies.
Especially I like foreign movies.
I watched movie for the first time in a movie theater "Jurassic Park".
My most favorite movie is the "TOP GUN".
I have the sound track of the "TOP GUN".
I love F-14 TOMCAT(Fighter air plane).
The "TOP GUN" is a movie of Tom Cruise starring.
Therefore I recommend this movie.

School festival 2B DaikiF

I don't remenmber My high school's festival.
Maybe my class did a coffee shop, but I usually sabotage because I don't
care school festival.

2B AbeY

My favorite movie is symbol.
Hitoshi Matumoto of the downtown is a movie starring.The contents do not understand an original literal translation.But it is a very interesting movie.Thank you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

About watching movies 2B Miyazawa T

I like watching movies. I watch a movie twice a month.
My favorite type of movie is Animation and movie history.
I recently saw Ookamikodomo no Ame to Yuki and Tentimeisatu.
What is common to this is the presence of the same actor.
she is Aoi Miyazaki. I like Aoi Miyazaki.
I was good she was to challenge the voice actor for the first time.
I want to support in the future.
Thank you for reading.

About watching movies 2B Takayuki Noguchi

I like watching movies, because it entertains with me very much.

I'm watching movies once a week.
I'm borrowing DVD at TSUTAYA weekly.

My favorite movie is"Shaolin Soccer".
This is a Chinese and crazy soccer movie!
I watched it many times and I was tired of watching it.

My favorite genre of movie is action, fantasy and SF.

My favorite actor is Rowan Atkinson.
He is English funny actor and famous as Mr. Bean.

Thank you( ̄ー ̄)

2B Watching a movie mifuyu

Watch a movie that is a hobby for me.
The five movies watch in a month.
I do not go to the cinema only once or twice a month.
I'm often watch at home.
I like foreign movies than Japanese movies.
I've been watching a lot of movies so far.
However I have a lot of movies want to watch.

2B School festival mifuyu

I participated in Mizuhosai for three days.
I was opening three booths.
One is the crepe of the co-op student committee.
Two are Japanese noodles of a seminar.
Three are the yakitori of a machine gymnastics.
I was very busy.
Although I was very tired, it was for three days substantial very happily.

About watching movies 2B Ryo A

I like watching movies and I watching movie once a week.
In particular, I like an action movie.
My favorite movie is "The Forbidden Kingdom".
This movie is a very fascinating movie, and my favorite actor is appearing.
The actor is Jet Li. Besides Jackie Chan is appearing, too.
Everyone see a kung fu action movie, too, please.
I think it's fascinated surely.

Monday, November 12, 2012

4b Ootani

I take prat in cuc school festival we celled churros by club
 Making churros was very hard but I don't join it ,
I make staff meal in everyday 
fast day 
I make Misonikomi Udon it is Nagoya's soul food
second day
I make Oyakodon
sard day 
I make Eringinobata-yaki
I might enjoy school festival