Monday, December 31, 2012

My memory of the year 2B Daiki.F

This year, my best memory is Nothing in particular,
But if I write it daringly, I get a driver'license in a spring vacation.

I took nothing after I entered the cuc,
I accomplished something for the first time since I entered cuc.

Next year, I want to make an effort in bookkeeping in particular.

2B Takayuki.N My best memory of the year.

My best memory of the year is I played a futsal with my old friends recently.

Since I met them after a long time and they changed appearance, I was very surprised.

But they didn't change a character at all lol.

Futsal is the sport of a five-person system, but this time in all fourteen person, so we did it seven-person system.

The court was very crowded, so I had a difficult time finding pass course and keeping a ball(ー ー;)

Next day, I had muscular pain...

I'm looking forward to do to with my old friends again on Coming of Age Day!

2B "My most impressive memory of the year" Ryo.M

Hello, everyone.
It is license training camp that it was the most impressive in 2012 of me.
It went from August to Tochigi for two weeks.

I got the friend in large numbers at the training camp place.
Then, the friend who met had the person of various views and was two very stimulative weeks.
And many things were studied simultaneously.
For example, considering a partner's thing and the thing which he considered are telling a partner firmly.

I think that I was able to obtain the more important thing rather than license of a car.
I would like to make it the year which gets used to those who can hear more nearly various persons' voice next year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My best memory of the year Miyazawa T

Various things broke out this year.
I became a hernia. Since I didn't become an injoury or sick until now, I
was suprised.
And it became the manager of youth hostel club.
Since I became a hernia and was said immediately, I refused, but I wasn'
t reversed.
Altought I was perplexed and thought, I thought that it was required
because of growth of it, and I accepted.
I think that more nearly various things occur after this although
various things broke out and were perplexed this year.
I would like to go to future life taking advantage of a pricious
Thank you for riading this sentence.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

1b4 Ootani my winter vacation plan

my winter vacation's plan is very hard I have to work since 31, AM5:30 next I meet my friend since 1,AM3:00
next  plan  I go to my grand father's house but I feal my grand Mather because 
she do not understand that if I eat crustacea food I will died by my allergy 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My plans for the winter vacation

Hi all, I hope you've enjoyed your first couple of days of the break. One of my plans is to try snowboarding for the first time! I'm originally from Sendai, and I used to go skiing with my friends. I went skiing one or two years ago for the first time in over 20 years, and I was happy that I still remembered how to ski! This time, however, I'm going to try something I've never done before. I really hope I can learn to snowboard in two days this time!

1B4takeishi winter vacation

My winter vacation starts on December 25. The schedule of a winter vacation returns to Akita with a parents' home. It takes 4 hours from Tokyo to Akita with the Shinkansen. Since it returns after a long time, it is pleasure. It being pleasure most is meeting a pet's dog. During a winter vacation, since there is no schedule in particular, I would like to carry out slowly or to play with a local friend. Moreover, it finishes that it must do at a winter vacation.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1B4 K.Kenta Winter vacation's plan

My winter vacation's plans are part-time job. I work at "Ginnosara". "Ginnosara" is a delivery sushi shop. I make sushi there. I don't deliver sushi.
Many People eats sushi on New Year's Day in Japan , because "Ginnosara" is very very busy in winter vacation . I heard that there are many energy-drinks in a lobby every year.


Monday, December 24, 2012

1B4 Yuma winter vacation plan

The schedule of my winter vacation is going for the first visit in the year to a shrine and part-time job.
I pay a visit to a Yushima Tenjin.
Because,the younger sister is taking an examination.
I would like to do English review.

My most enjoy memory of the year 2B RyotaN

I went to Tokyo German Village.
I went by car with her.
I went to see illuminations.
The illuminations of Tokyo German Village change every year.
Therefore, the illuminations different every year can be enjoyed.
It is very beautiful.
I would like to go once again.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

1B4 kubo My winter vacation

Hello.My winter vacation is busy,because most schedule is part time job.My part time job place is super market.I thought this year-end will more busier than usual day,So I have little free time.But I will enjoy this free time.I want to go shopping and play soccer.But I must study English and other subjects.I want to change many things,I do one's best.see you by kubo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Best Memory 2012

Hi,My best memory is a Badminton game for 2012 years.
It is a new face playing game in November.
I was able to belong under best 4 of the tournament.
It was good that everyday accumulation led to a result.
Other than badminton,It was good that I was able to spend it in health most.
It was good that there were not the big injury and disease.
I want to do it next year for good one year.

2B "E.T." - Movie Review Shun & Daiki

(Sonic Pics)

ET is a science fiction film,released in 1982.Itwas writtenand directed by Steven Allan Spielberg.It stars Henry Thomas,Dee Wallce, Peter Coyote. The film describes make-believe-world. Elliot was very short and quite frail in appearance. Also, he had no friend. One night,The alien appeared before Elliot. His name is ET. ET and Elliot became friends with each other through the heart. This movie is a highlight of the friendship of two people. When two people breal up,I am really impressed.I put in a good word about this movie to all people.If you have not seen this movie yet, please take a look.

(Updated on Jan. 30)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2B "In Time" Ryo.M and Ryota.N


"In Time" is an SF film shown in Feburuary,2012.
The chief character of this movie is Justin and Amanda.

Time becames the life and the money in this world.
And this world is divided into the well off having a lot of time and the
poblador that it's all could do-though they lives with low income.

Will worked in the slums.
On the other hand,Sylvia was brought up carefully in the city the well
off family.
These two people met you at a party performed in a mansion of Sylvia.
And Sylvia was attracted by charm of the will.

People working in the slums are made to work for a low salary.
So,time is up,there is the person losing it's life.
Will's mother lost it's life,too.

The person whom I like Raymond.
He supervise the supply of unfair time and catch a villain.
He accomplished work until life ran out.
I respect him who accomplished work till the last.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2B Kohei & Otohiko movie review "TOP GUN"


"TOP GUN" is fighter action film, released in 1986.
It was directed by Tony Scott. It stars Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.
The film presents about 1986.
Training organization "TOP GUN" of the elite fighter pilot become the stage.
Maverick is a naval fighter pilot.
He is unconventional controlling pilot.
Maverick flew in the Indian Ocean with Cougar of the consort plane.
They encounter an unidentified plane.
Therefore Maverick will go in aTOP GUN.
My favorite scene is when Goose die.
He is Maverick's partner.
His death led to growth of Maverick.
I like this movie using real fighter.
I recommend this movie to a parson liking fighters and action movies.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Men in Black 3-Review-2b Shigeki and Takuya


"Men in Black 3"is a science fiction action film,released in 2012.
It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.
It stars Will Smith,Tommy Lee Jones.

The story which returned in the past.
Man and an alien live together.But actually they don't live together in a usual sense.
The alien pretends to be a man.
Hero join an organization and control the alien who committed the crime.

Heroes are K and J.
J is a mischievous young man.Will Smith made J.
K is the middle age which seldom takes.Tommy Lee Jones made K.

Organization MIB witch supervisions the alien lunking in human beings.
Then,the agents K and J who play an active part.
SF movie witch it let's out in the pair of rich individually.

This movie is a story catching the prisoner who break jail.
An offender's name is Boris.
Boris do the time slip to the past.
And it was going to destroy the earth.
Agents also do the time slip to the past.
And Boris's intrigue is prevented.

The conversation of the pair with opposite character in intersting.
Action and the utterance of J have to laughing mistake especially
And,the battle scene when down the enemy by various methods is very nice.
It is a recommendation also to the direction seen for the first time also to the fan of series.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2B ~TIME~ Mifuyu,Kazue,Natsumi


"TIME" is a science fiction thriller film,released in 2011.
It was written and directed by Andrew Nicol.It stars Jastin Timberlake.

In the year 2169,genetic alteration has allowed humanity to stop aging at 25.
"Living time" has also replaced the world currency systems,allowing individuals to buy services with their "Living time".

Main character is Will Salas.
He lives with his mother Rachel in the lower class.

One day,he helps rich man in a bar.
Later that night rich man transfers 116 years to the sleeping him.

My favorite scene is Will meets Sylvia for the first time. The later development is recommended.

I put in a good word about this movie to all people.

Thank you for listenning.

2B ~Home Alone~ Abey & Urasawat


The person of McAllister who lived in Chicago would go to Paris in Christmas trip. However, 8-year-old boy Kevin has been left behind by a house because all the members overslept and went to the airport hastily.
Kevin enjoyed a single life, but the thief of the duo aimed at a house of Kevin. Kevin makes a device in a house in order to protect a house from a thief and meets thieves.

This movie is U.S.A. of the 90s, a story of Chicago.

Kevin of the chief character is the McAllisters five youngest child who is brother and receives rough treatment from an older brother, older sisters every day.

The man of the duo was a robber at the house of not in Kevin. Kevin makes up his mind to protect a house alone and makes the battle plan that spread the perfection defense in a house.

Harry came over before long. I beat wonderfully and defeated group of 2 in an attack of Kevin to pursue and make further attacks on in sequence. In the next morning, families came back to the house, and peace came back to everybody.

"Home Alone" is very interesting.
Thank you.

2B Naoto&Takuma Movie Leview "Bio Hazard"

"Bio Hazard is an action and horror film, released in 2002.
It was written by Paul W S Anderson.
Look at the photograph.
A woman of the leading role of this movie.
It name is Milla Jovovich.The official title is Alice.

This is T-virus.You become a zombie when infectid.
It is a very strong virus.
Blue liquid is virus,and green liquid is vaccine.

A zombie bites a normal human and the human become a zombie.
The fight scene is very powerful.

Alice use the gun and fight.
Please pay attention.

Mika Nakashima in 5items of this movie.
The quality is high make u and appear.

Ocean's 11 - Review - Akira 1B3

(Sonic Pics)
"Ocean's11" is a comedy movie.
It was directed by Steaven Soderbergh.
This movie is about a team of eleven stealing jewely.
This movie stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
It is an exiciting and thrilling movie.
If you like a comedy, you will like this.

(12/4/12 10:59am)

NBA2K13 - Review - Masatomo 1B3

(Sonic Pics)

One Piece - Review - You 1B3


Star Wars - Review - Yoshinobu 1B3

(Sonic Pics)

Uptown Girl - Review - Zen 1B3

(Sonic Pics)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Miyazawa & Omasa

Our favorite action movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean : the curse of the Black pearl".
Released in 2003. It was directed by Goa Verbiski. It stars Jonny Depp
and Orlando Bloom.
This film describes a caribbean sea.
The pirates got a gold medal.This medal is curses. They became an undead.
They abduct the heroine.Jack sparrow and Wil turner go to help the
Jack sparrow was a captain of pirate ship.
but,He was betrayed to by Barubossa.Barubossa bacame a captain of pirate
Jack is fought for other persons and revenge to himself.
My favorite scene is the fighting to a sword.I love this scene's BGM.
We love Jack Sparrow.He is very smartly snd strong.
And his expression is good.
Barubossa changes into undead by moon light.
His body is like a bone by visual effects.
If you like action movie,you'll buy this DVD.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Review - 2B Ryo A and Shiro K

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a magic fantasy film.

World view:
The film describes a magic world , where harry and his friends learn magic
in "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Main character:
Harry Potter is witch.
He was sent to every lonely bullied also Dudley Dursley cousin of the
same age.

Favorite scene:
Our favorite scene are the fight scene with the giant chess.
The scene is exciting.

He is active in Quidditch.
Quidditch is a ball game do witch riding a broom.

What we like the best about the movie is their witch action using magic.
And he cast a spell with a cane of floating objects or I like attack.

Spider-Man3 - Review - 2B Takayuki and Shintaro


The Spider-Man3 is hero fiction action film.Released in 2007, it was written and directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Tobey Maguire.

The film presents a comic world. Spider-Man protects citizen of NY from danger. But one day, two villains appear and torture him.

Main character
Prefer Parker is university student in NY. He was bitten by special spider and got a super power and he becomes to Spider-Man .

Leading characters
Other leading characters are MJ and Harry. Perter hopes to marry with MJ. Harry is Perter's best friend.

One day, he was possessed by black body, and he changed black Spider-Man and wounds his friend and girlfriend. While he is worried about it, two villain appear and torment Perter.

Our favorite scene where Perter and Harry struggles joint against villains.

This is very cool CG and action movie. The person who likes American comics would enjoy this movies, we recommend this movie!!!

Thank you( ̄Д ̄)ノ

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Arimitsu & Tone

The Movie's title is Pirate of Caribbean.
The establishment is piratical world.
The hero of this movie is Jack Sparrow.Cast is the Johnny Depp.He is
He adventures the sea. He stands up to many difficulty.
My favorite scene is Jack entered Kraken's mouth.This scene is a symbol
of his brave heart.
What I like the best about the movie is a lot of pirates fight with
using a lot of arms. About this, I think it is exciting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie 2B Arimitsu

I like watching movies. My favorite genre is action, because it is
exciting. My favorite movie is Resident Evil. This movie is appeared by
a lot of Zombies. I feel sick about it. When it attack people, I feel
afraid, but it is interesting too. I want to watch a this movie again.

Iron Man - Review - KentaK & Yuma 1B4


Iron man is a science-fiction action film,released in 2008.
It was directed by Jon Favreau. It stars Robert Downey JR, Terrence Howord, and Jeff Bridges.

The film describes a near future world. The iron man can demonstrate very strong power. He is CEO of Stark Industris. Tony Stark has gifted inventive ability. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the chief at the age of 17. He developed the powered suit,in order to escape from a terrorist organization. The powered suit was improved and the mark 3 was completed. He decides to fight for the world.

My favorite scene is when Tony Stark wearing a "Powered Suit" for the first time. What I like the best about the movie is an "Iron man " flying so high in the sky, and fight against enemies.

You'll sure love this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - KentaF, Miu & Maya 1B4

"The pirates of the Caribbean" is a action film, released in 2003. It was written and directed by Gore Verbinski,Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. It stars Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightray. The film describes 18 century in Caribbean. Jonny Depp is a Pirates. He is very cool but he loves women. What he is want. When Barbossa attempts to kill Elizabeth, Jack shoots. Barbossa as will drops the last. Two medallions, stained with his and Jacks blood, into the chest. No longer immortal, Barbossa collapses and dies. My favorite scene is when Barbossa was killed by Jacks. The story may be simple, but if you like fantasy or action movies, you'll sure love this movies.

となりのトトロ - Review - Kentaro & Atsushi 1B4


"Tonari no Totoro" is a Japanese animation film, released in 1988. It was made GHIBLI. This film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The film describes a Japan in 1955s. The first was thought by Miyazaki Hayao in 1970s. The motif is green settlement in Japan. The heroine is Satsuki and May. They are sisters. Totoro is forest master and ancient creature. One day, they met Totoro in forest. They did wonderful experience when they played with Totoro. My favorite scene is Satsuki board in the Nekobus. Nekobus is very cute and fast. This scene was Satsuki went to May.

Titanic - Review - Review - Takuma & Kubo 1B4


"Titanic" is a love romance film, released in 1997. It was written and directed by James Cameron. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The film describes the Titanic, are luxury ship. The time of a film is April 10, 1912. Jack Dawson is a young man who travels around the world. Rose Dewitt Bukater is a daughter of the family almost bankrupt. Titanic crashes into an iceberg. And it is exposed to the crisis of sinking. However the impression of two main actor's performance is not remain. They are splendid actor now.

Seven - Review - Otani & Jun 1B4


Exit through the Gift Shop - Review - Ryosuke & Hidetoshi 1B4


Exit through the gift shop marks the future-films debut of notorious street artist Banksy.

The documentary's focus is French-born L.A. thrift-shop owner Thierry Guetta. Therry guetta was always working around with video camera.

One day Thierry Guetta finds a graffit artists and came to follow. It succeeds in he getting to know existence of famous British graffity artist called Banksy to the midst and contacting it with him.

Thierry makes a movie from Banksy, he fails,and he converts to a graffti artist after that.

Thierry uses media well and succeeds in an un expected thing as graffity artist.

Banksy wanted to tell that media look at only the surface of things throtgh this movie.

My favorite scene to which Banksy drew the picture on the wall of Israel. Because, it is since it is the crazy act of drawing while threatened by a gun.

Thank you.

Detective Conan: Crossroads in the Ancient Capitol - Review - Misaki & Naomi


"Detective Conan - Crossroads in the Ancient Capitol" is 7th movie, released in 2003. It's a suspense movie. The film describes spring in Kyoto. Conan goes to Kyoto with Ran and Kogoro. They meet Heiji and Kazuha. Conan is shinichi. He was drinking drag when he changed child. Shinichi is famous detective in Kanto. Heiji is high school student. He is famous detective in Kansai. One night, Genjibotaru member killed by strange man. He has Okina. Kogoro is asked to missing Buddhist image. And Kazuha is abduction. Do they Buddhist image and Kazuha. My favorite scene is when Heiji fight. He has kendo license. He is strong and cool. My favorite scene is when Shinichi and Ran meet in forest in Kyoto. They haven't meet for a long time.

Another - Review - Kei & KentaroS 1B4


"Another" is horror nobel which is published in2009 written by Yukito Ayatuji. This work is very popular in Japan so be media mixed in comic, animation and movie. This story is the class where in yomiyama which has mystery horror, Deceased mingle in the class. Main characters are Koichi and Mei. Koichi is changed his school at Yomiyama junior high school. And Mei is mysterious girl. In the class Mei is regarded unexistence. When in the middle examination first deceased appear. My favorite scene is the last scene ,when Koichi knows Deceased. Then, he decided what to do. This work has many gap at many media. Especially in Animation, which is very emphasis on terror. The story is very scare, but if you like mystery or horror,you will love this work.

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi - Review - Kohei & Yuki


"Sen to chihiro no kamikakusi" is a fantasy film, released in 2001. It was written and directed by Miyazaki hayao. The film describes unreal world. Chihiro was gone to unreal world to real world. She glides in unreal world. Chihiro is met haku in unreal world. She was get on way to life at haku. Kaonashi is pop in work placeat Chihiro He is most impressed monster. My favorlte scene is when Cihiro and Kaonashi ride on train. Because it is very artistic scene. This movie is very throb.

Totoro - Review - Naoto & KoheiT 1B4


TOTORO Is a long animation work of Japan of the studio Ghibli work. The fantasy which made the stage Japan of the first half of the Showa 30s. Exchange with the wonderful living things "TOTORO" called on "evil spirit" is dawn with the azalea of the kusakabe family who has moved to the country, and May sisters. Look at the picture. The left big monster is a Totoro. Center girl is May. Right girl is Satuki. Our favorite seen is a cat buss scuttles. This seen is very speedy. This movie is loved by the person of various age layers. Thank you for listening. Bye.

Mr & Mrs Smith - Review - Kotaro 1B3

Mr & Mrs Smith

The Mr.&Mrs.SMITH is a spy movie.It was directed by Doug Liman and wrritten by Simon Kinberg.
This movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.They play the roles of the two
main characters,John and Jane.They are a couple, but they hide from each other that they are professiomal killers.
One day they are ordered to kill each other.My favorite scene is when John and Jane help each other, though their companies are hostile to each other. This is a great spy movie.

1B3 Outrage - Review - Takuya

Outrage (Movie)

1b3 Call of Duty Black ops - Yuta

Call of Duty Black ops

1b3 One Piece - Review - Fumiya

One piece is a popular Japanese manga. It was written by Eiichiro Oda. This manga was released in December,1997. You can read it in Weekly Shonen jump.The main character is Monkey D. Luffy. I like him because he is an honest boy. If you like a story of friendship and adventure, you will like this.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My school festival 1B4 katada

I made YAKISOBA on the school festival when I was a high school student.
many people came our shop.The menu was sold out.
I couldc,t ate YAKISOBA. I felt sorry.

About watching movies 2B Ryo Murashita

Hello everyone!

I like movies.
I like appreciating it slowly in a house, but after all like to watch in a movie theater.
This is because it is powerful with an atmosphere to be able to taste only there.
A lot of favorite movies have me, but the thing which I watched "is the Scripture of the evil" recently in that.
This is a Japanese movie, but, please do not watch the weak heart because there are the thrill such as the foreign film and the grotesque scene.

And it is good to watch the movie alone, but wants to go to watch it with somebody soon.(^^)

Thank you.

2B movie ShunK

My favorite move is Harry Potter.
I don't see most of the movie.
But I saw the series of Harry Potter all.
Because there are many atractions of Harry Potter.
It is such as romance and friendship and battles.
Please try to see this movie.
You will probably be impressed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

watching movies 2B RyoutaN

I like watching movies.
I watch a movie in one month.
My favorite genre is action.
the action film seen recently "The Expendables2"
A performer is very gorgeous.
Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li,
dolph Lundgren, etc.
If there is a recommended movie also in others, I want you to teach.

School festival 2B RyotaN

School festival when I was in high school.
My homeroom class made a haunted house.
Preparation took time very much.
However, the time which is preparing was the most pleasant.
I would like to do a cultural festival all together again.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2B TakumaTakahashi 「Movie」


I like movie.
I looked well since it was small.
And I like action movies.
Because I like car actions in that,
I like movies of the cars.
My favorite movie is「the Fast & the Furious」.
This movie title is original title, but
called wild speed in japanese

The charm of this movie is photographing a
car action by genuine car.

Very powerful and exciting!
Please watch Everyone!

Thank you!


2B Shigeki "Movies"


I like SF and action movie.
I like a movie called the "Inception".
Because there is an elment of SF and action.
Starring of the movie is Leonardo DiCaprio.

I like seeing in a movie theater than seeing a movie at home.
There is force unique to a theater.
Therefore,I like it.

I think seeing a movie is seeing a dream.

2B NaotoMino 「Movie」

I watch movie well.
I look almost once a week.
I like a movie because movie is very fun and culture deepens.
I watch a movie program in Friday every week.
I look forward to that I can watch a different movie every week.
The genre of my favorite movie is action and horror.
I like powerful movies because it excites me.
Action and horror were put together with is the best.
My favorite movie is Biohazard.
I want the person who has not looked to look by all means.
I like actresses appearing for the movie.
Her name is Milla Jovovich.
Her direction is very cool and is powerful.
I look forward to the next Biohazard series.
Thank you!!!

about watching movies 2B Daiguji

I like watching movies.
Particularly, I like going to the movie theater, because the big screen is powerful.
I watch movies twice a month.
I like action movies, SF movies and special effects movies.
Above all, my favorite movies are "Top Gun" and "Independence Day".
In addition, Tom Cruise and Will Smith appearing in them are my favorite actors.
But I have not watched those movies in a movie theater.
They seem to be shown by 3D movie again.
I certainly want to watch those movies which became 3D movie.

2B Watching a movie Natsumi M

I do not often watch a movie.
But I like watching a movie.
I like watching movie rather at my home TV than at the theater.
My favorite movie is The series of Ziburi.
Mimi wo sumaseba is the best movie for me in the series of Ziburi.
The most favorite scene in the movie is Sizuku meets Seiji for the first time.
I like Country road of the song of insertion, too.

About watching movies 2B DaikiF

I don't like watch movie.
In the first place, I'm not interested in an entertainer.
I don't want to go movie theater because I hate loud sound and many
peoples place,
and then , movie theater's sound is very big and There are many peoples.
Movie theater have both there.
I would rather sleep than watch Entertainer's acting.
It saves money.

2B movie urasawat

I like movies.
Especially I like foreign movies.
I watched movie for the first time in a movie theater "Jurassic Park".
My most favorite movie is the "TOP GUN".
I have the sound track of the "TOP GUN".
I love F-14 TOMCAT(Fighter air plane).
The "TOP GUN" is a movie of Tom Cruise starring.
Therefore I recommend this movie.

School festival 2B DaikiF

I don't remenmber My high school's festival.
Maybe my class did a coffee shop, but I usually sabotage because I don't
care school festival.

2B AbeY

My favorite movie is symbol.
Hitoshi Matumoto of the downtown is a movie starring.The contents do not understand an original literal translation.But it is a very interesting movie.Thank you.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

About watching movies 2B Miyazawa T

I like watching movies. I watch a movie twice a month.
My favorite type of movie is Animation and movie history.
I recently saw Ookamikodomo no Ame to Yuki and Tentimeisatu.
What is common to this is the presence of the same actor.
she is Aoi Miyazaki. I like Aoi Miyazaki.
I was good she was to challenge the voice actor for the first time.
I want to support in the future.
Thank you for reading.

About watching movies 2B Takayuki Noguchi

I like watching movies, because it entertains with me very much.

I'm watching movies once a week.
I'm borrowing DVD at TSUTAYA weekly.

My favorite movie is"Shaolin Soccer".
This is a Chinese and crazy soccer movie!
I watched it many times and I was tired of watching it.

My favorite genre of movie is action, fantasy and SF.

My favorite actor is Rowan Atkinson.
He is English funny actor and famous as Mr. Bean.

Thank you( ̄ー ̄)

2B Watching a movie mifuyu

Watch a movie that is a hobby for me.
The five movies watch in a month.
I do not go to the cinema only once or twice a month.
I'm often watch at home.
I like foreign movies than Japanese movies.
I've been watching a lot of movies so far.
However I have a lot of movies want to watch.

2B School festival mifuyu

I participated in Mizuhosai for three days.
I was opening three booths.
One is the crepe of the co-op student committee.
Two are Japanese noodles of a seminar.
Three are the yakitori of a machine gymnastics.
I was very busy.
Although I was very tired, it was for three days substantial very happily.

About watching movies 2B Ryo A

I like watching movies and I watching movie once a week.
In particular, I like an action movie.
My favorite movie is "The Forbidden Kingdom".
This movie is a very fascinating movie, and my favorite actor is appearing.
The actor is Jet Li. Besides Jackie Chan is appearing, too.
Everyone see a kung fu action movie, too, please.
I think it's fascinated surely.

Monday, November 12, 2012

4b Ootani

I take prat in cuc school festival we celled churros by club
 Making churros was very hard but I don't join it ,
I make staff meal in everyday 
fast day 
I make Misonikomi Udon it is Nagoya's soul food
second day
I make Oyakodon
sard day 
I make Eringinobata-yaki
I might enjoy school festival

Thursday, November 8, 2012

school festival 2B Arimitsu

I didn't go to the school festival this year, because I went to the
other places with my friends. I went to eat Yakiniku, and I went to game
center. Both things were fun. But I think the school festival is fun as
same as both things. I would like to go to the school festival next year.
Did all of you participate in a scool festival of last week?
I opened a store with the stand of the seminar.
the artile for sale is YAKISOBA.
I was popular very well.
And it was very fun.
I want to open a store next year.
Thank you

School festivals 2B NatsumiM

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
I performed a play original story which was written by my friend.
There are the three stories.
The stories were about future,change and debt.
School festival was enjoy but Period of preparations is more enjoy for me.
It was very hard but very nice time.

School Festivals 2B kazue

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
I played drums in a band.
It performed in front of all the students in the opening ceremony of the school festival at the time of a second grade high school student.
It was very fun!!!
The Mizuho festival also wants to give a booth shortly.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1B4 K.Koyama

I participated school festival when I was high school student. I and my class roommate sold ice cream in high school festival. The ice cream not ordinary. It was mixed with sweets. It was delicious, and it was very popular .

1B4 Festival

HI,my name is Atsushi.
When I was high school students, I joind school festival.
Our class sold ice cream in festival. I was making ice cream and soft drink.
It was very fun!
Ice cream taist was delicious!!

1B4 Kentaro.I festival

I bought softdrink to school festival when I was high school student. I enjoyed school festival but I absent first day.
I didn't went to Mizuho-sai this year. Because I went to travel in Atami with my family. I work to convenience store. It is to hard for me before travel.

1B4 yuki Sorimachi

My highschool festival
was every years.

We enjoyed festival
every years.

I most impressed on

because my highschool
festival held in June.

so We got clothed frend!

School festival 1B4 Takuma

When I was in high school, we had a school festival on the 2nd weekend in July. On the first day, only invited people could enjoy our school festival. On the second day, everyone joined! I worked us the officer of the school festival. I looked around the campus.

1B4 Naomi festival

When I was in high school, the school festival was held for 3 days in October. I didn't sell something. Because I was on school festival committee leader. I was take care of anything.For example sound, light, prepared stage and more. They were very hard. So I was tired.

1b4 naoto

My sumer vacation is very fantastic.
I sow a movie titled Avengers.
This movie was very interesting to me.
I was too excited to sleep.


KentarouS 1B4

The school festival in case I am a high school student was not performed directly.
There were much frequent occurrence of a theft and failure of advance.
Although the school festival was carried out, it is sometimes doing no climaxes in the I individual.

1B4 Miu festival

My class performed the haunted house. It divided with a desk or corrugated paper and make a classroom like a maze. Since there  was no time of preparation not much, it was very busy. It prepared till late at night the previous day. As a result, it became a very fearful haunted house. It became a cultural festival  which remains in my memory.

1b4 Maya

My class of the high school sold ice and a potato at the cultural festival. Since it was made black figures, it was good. It is also recollections that daruma-otoshi occurs to the event of a cultural festival, and the boys won the victory. I would like to enjoy the festival from now on.

1B4 Kei Festival

Hi,I'm Kei.
When I was in highschool,we have school festival in 3rd weekend in July .
First day ,only invited people could enjoyed our school festival. Second day, everyone joined!
We had preparation for 2weeks, and last week , we could use only preparation!
Actually, we couldn't held anything involve about 'selling', so only drama,dancing,haunted house ,and so on.
Incidentally, its budget was \20000. If over it we pay ourselves.

1B4 kentarou

I obtained the license of the motorbike during the summer vacation.My behavior range spread very much that I wanted license of the car, however got license of the motorbike.

1B4 summer vacation K.kouhei

I went to sea with my friends and I had a BAR-B-Q at the beach. I began to go to a driving school. I went to a summer festival. I played the game of baseball with my baseball teammates. I had part -timejob. I passed the good summer vacation.

1B4 Misaki

In my school festival was held in November once in three years. It was held for two days. On the second day is open to the public. During two years were closed. In my class did haunted house. The next class was the same. But in my school didn't sell food. So all class did maze, fair booth and so on.

Monday, November 5, 2012

1B4 Yuma school festival

The cultural festival of my high school is held every year at the first week in September.
It is held for two days and much people of the area come.
The program of every class is devised and it is very active.My class did the haunted house and sold fired noodles.
It become very pleasant good recollections.

1b3 Fumiya Mieda

Summer vacation
During the summer vacation in September. I went to Iwate to meet my grandmother. I stayed at the grandmother house for a week with my family. I got there by car.I went to the spa with my friends and my family ate Okonomiyaki in Iwate

1B takeishi shool festival

In my high shool festival is held in July every year. it is two days during the period.
all students cooperate all together,and suit,and it is rise very much every year.
the dance was done the last grade in the festival.the dance danced harehareyukai.since all practiced was done earnestly,it was 2nd place about result.
I was very glad and good recollections.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1B4kubo school festival

Hello.In my high school festival is held in September every year.It is held for two days.There are many booths.Many class and club looked busy.For example tearoom and haunted house.There are interesting and wonderful.I enjoyed two days.I will more enjoy this university festival next year.see you by kubo

2B School festival ShunK

I write about high school festival.
There was a two-day period.
In our class,I had a play of Mario at third grade.
I did the role of Kuroko.
I had a lot of practice.
I was nervous because there were alot of people are in production.
However,I was filled with a sense of a accompleshment and the end.
It is a memory that can not forget me.

Friday, November 2, 2012

school festival 2B KinjoS

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
The school festival is very interesting.
I perform a played dance.
Our class danced cheer dance and Michael Jackson's dance,
and the creation dance of EVA.
We were the 2nd of 8 classes.
It was the best two days for me.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

School festival 2B Ryo A

In my high school festival is held in September every year.
Two days on Friday and Saturday.
Other classes were doing a play and a haunted house, m
y class sold instant noodles.
Instant noodles have about 700 , it was sold-out excellently.
It was not interesting but to be enriched school festival.
Thank you!

school festival

I love school festivals.
I think that it is splendid to accomplish one something in oneself.
The opportunity when I came to like a school festival is a school festival of the high schools which I went two years ago.
It was right a crystal of the efforts by the drama for two hours.
I cried to see the drama.
This is because actors were impressed by the figure which accomplished a drama.

I worked on a school festival from the age hard.
I danced on a stage in the high school. It was still unforgettable, and it was fun.

I cook crepe and chow mein this year at a university.
Please come to eat all of you if you like.



In my high school festival is held in September each year.
It has been held for two days.

The festival itself was not interesting.
However, the festival is interesting compared to the class

My class has sold ice cream.
It was sold out immediately.

The time with friends in a school festival was special!

school festival 2B Daiguji

I write about my high school festival.
The school festival is held in May or June.
Students open a store, and a student council holds some events.
I belonged to the student council, because I did a shop and some events.
I was substantial and was very interesting.
Thank you!

School festivals 2B Takayuki N

When I was in high school at a school festival, my homeroom class made a maze and haunted house and sold ice cream :)

About a maze, my job was carrying many material of a maze from dump of supermarket.

About haunted house, my job was dressing up as a ghost and surprising visitors.

I though that job my one's vocation, because I was able to surprise many visitors lol.

About ice cream shop, my job was advertising ice cream at my school.
Ice cream was quickly sold out and that return was very good!

Our ice cream shop received a favorable review and award of school :)

I still remember these memory, because that pleasanted me :)

Thank you!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scool Festival 2B Omasa

I like scool festival.
I sold ice cream and pasta when high school student.
It is hard work.
but,It was fun.
because with my friends.
I went to Wayo univercity festival last year.
It was very pleasant.
I will go to mizuho-sai.
I am going to enjoy than last year.


I like school festival. I was perform a play on the stage in high school. We were practiced learn one's lines and put a play into rehearsal. We practiced and practiced to get ready for the stage. The stage was a great success. We enjoyed school festival. It was held to two days.

School festival 2B Miyazawa

I would go to the Mizuho-sai.
I belong to the youth hostel club.
We open Motu nabe and Pie nage.
My club members likes an several events.
Therefore, I paticipare also in event in a school.
I like atmosphere of this club.
Come on, I want to come to our shop.
Thanks for reading.

2B School festival

I will not go to a school festival this year.

It is because I have two schedules.

Because I have a schedule which goes to Tokyo racecourse on Saturday.

Tokyo Racecourse is located in Fuchu-city, Tokyo.

It is the racetcourse most famous in Japan.

I have gone there.

There is also a coffee shop and goods shop.

Therefore, I recommend you as a date course.

Please come on!

The second, I goes to Gumma Prefecture to go to see the colored maple on weekday.

I went to Kamikochi of the Nagano the year before last, and I went to Okutama in Tokyo last year.

The mountain reflected in a lake reverse is very beautiful in Taishoike in Kamikochi.

It is my recommend.

By the way, I went to the school festival of Wayo Women's University with friends last year.

It was not so pleasant.

Of course, I went to the school festival of CUC.

I am sorry about the not to go to a school festival this year.

Thank you!

『School festivals 』2B Naoto M

I participate in a school festivals.
It name is Mizuho-sai.
I belong Seikyo student committee.
We are going to sell crepe in school festival.
The crepe is very cheap and delicious!!!
I want you to buy it if you come for a school festival.
I like atmospheres of the school festival.
I match power together and enjoy it with every effort.

School festival of the high school 2_B Abe.Y

Hi,I write it about the memory of the school festival at the age of my high school.
My class opened simulation shop.I opened a shop of the okonomiyaki.
A lot of people came by reputation if delicious and were able to be sold a lot.
In addition, outdoor live broadcasting or fireworks swell a lot and become the best school festival, and it is still with a memory.
Oneself stays as the memory that there should not be at the university at such an opportunity.
Thank you.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1B4 Atsushi Summer vacation

I went to Round1 with my friends.
We played bowling all night.
I was  tired and too fun.
Finished bowling, We went to Karaoke.
I would like to go again!!

1B4 Kenta F

I started first part time job in my life. This part time job is physical lador. I was very tired but I earned 80,000. Good part time job.

1B4 yuki Summer Vacation

Hi,I went to my high school!!

because I play track and field!

I very tired!

I finished practice.

We went to pool!

It is very interesting!

1B4 H Nakajima Summer vacation

I went to Gunma. Because my friend live in there. Gunma is very wonderful. The view is so beautiful. I enjoyed this trip. I went to go there. Thank you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

It talks about the summer vacation.

I was in Gumma of a parents' home during the summer vacation.

And it went to the local driving school.

It went to the driving school daytime and was playing with the local friend night.

It was the very substantial summer vacation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1B3 Takuya Shimaoka

I want to the beach in Chiba. Islam in the sea. But I swam too much and was tired. I enjoyed spending time with my friends. getting used on good terms also with the beauty's elder sister very happy. I would like to go to the sea with my friends again next year.and to houg out with beautifully elder sisters.


Summer vacation

During the summer vacation I went to Mount Fuji.i used money earned from my part-time job. in the beautiful morning I took a bus to the 5th station.the scenery there was beautiful but it was cold.i want to the hot springs on the way home. I want to go there again if I have free time.


1B3 Kotaro Mori

"Summer vacation"

I went to the beach in Chiba, and I had a BBQ.with my friends.I swam in the sea in August.I went to the Tokyo Disney Land with my friends, in September. It was very fun. I carried "OMIKOSHI" in FUKAGAWA. It was FUKAGAWA Main Festival. I played baseball and went to GINZA for shopping with my family. I drove to Yokohama with my friends.


1b3 Summer vacation Akira Kawahara

I went to the beach in Chiba and I swam in the sea in September . I had a BBQ at the river in Oume in September .

I went to Atami by car to enjoy Onsen . I saw monkeys in the mountain. I ate a seafood don and very delicious . I bought a presents in Atami . I used a lot of money. I was shocked .


1b3summer vacation

I went to Osaka on August 25.I took the Shinkansen.I took a day trip.I walked around Shinsaibashi Nanba and Shinosaka.I went shopping and sightseeing.I ate okonomiyaki.I had good time.

Thank you!

Shibata Masatomo

Summer Vacation 1b3 Tsunoda Yoshinobu

My "Summer Vacation" was very boring. Because I was in my home and slept almost.
I played a soccer game in my room. I did my part time job at noodle shop.
But I hate noodles. I listened to music and drank coffee every morning.
and every night, I took a walk in the park.
Summer Vacation was a good time.

1B3 You

Summer vacation

I went to Misaki. I got there by train and I went there with my friends. We went to see the sea. The sea was very blue. There were full of people. The day we were very happy. It was a summer day. I want to go again. If I have free time.

1b4 Maya

I did best in part-time job during the summer vacation. It has the convenience store and the family restaurant concurrently. I was surprised for Ms,Yamauchi to come to the convenience store. But since Ms,Yamauchi did not notice, I was regretful.

Summer vacation

I was in Nagano for 25 days. I went to Nagano with my father in August. I started my father's parents home. Nagano is my parents hometown. I went shopping with my grand mother and my aunt. I bought clothes and shoes. I was happy. I had a good time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

1B4 Misaki

I went back to my hometown in Fukushima. I stayed in there 25days. I always help my mother with housework through I stayed in my hometown. I hang out with my friends. I went to fireworks display. Fireworks were very beautiful. And I met my brother's family, cousin and relative in the Bon festival. Also I went to Fuji-Q HiLand. I enjoyed this summer vacation.


It started on August 3 during my summer vacation.
It went to Akita of the hometown during summer vacation.
I was pleasure in order to go back after a long time.
during homecoming,it carried out to a local friend and gamecenter,karaoke,etc.,and played.also,the pet's dog was taken to various places and enjoyed.
I spent good time during summer vacation.

1B4 Kei My Summer Vacation

Hi,I'm kei.
I had very massive vacation.
I went two places in this summer.
One is 'Izu'. There is my aunt and I visited her.
There are beautiful sea and mountains, so nice nature.
I enjoyed swimming ,hiking, fishing…and so on.
Second is 'Hokkaido'.I visited there with my highschool's friends.
Actually,I lived in 'Hakodate' ,so I went back my hometown!
I was stay there 2days, after I went to 'Sapporo'.
There was not so cool, hgh temperature is 28°.
Other, I had a part-time job and study for 'Financialb Planning 3Grade'.
So it was very busy summer ,but very delighted vacation!

My summer vacation

Hi. My name is Kentaro Inoue. My summer vacation is very busy. But it is attractively for me. I always do part time job. My part time job is convenience store. I went to Harajuku, Coshigayalaketown and Lalaport in my free time. I bought clothes and accessories. I really into clothes and accessories. I saw live on August 8th. It is very fun.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

1B4 K.Koyama A country I want to visit

I want to go to Italy.
There are many delicious foods in Italy. Spaghetti , Pizza, etc. I want to eat them.
I like "AC Milan". AC Milan is Italy's top soccer team. I want to watch AC Milan's soccer game in Italy.
But I can't speak Italian. If I go to Italy, I must study Italian.

1B4 Miu A country I want to visit

I want to visit Copenhagen in Denmark. It is called most fortunate country. I would like to see row of houses like a fairy tale. Or I would like to go to an art museum. I'm interested also in boat tour. Since furniture and the pottery are famous, I would like to go to buy such things. If there is an opportunity to go in Northern Europe, I would like to see aurora.

1B4 Yuma summer vacation

It was very pleasant during the summer vacation of this year.
I was working at a part-time job in the gas station.I'm part-time job and was allowed to have a big experience.
It when to vorious places for a drive with my friend,and did soccer.

1B4 Ootani

I have not good memory in Sumer vacation 
Because I had lost my iPhone  
and , it , was worse my brother have been ¥500.000 in debt 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1b4 Kubo my summer vacation summer vacations were hard,because most schedule was part time job.It's hard for me to remember cash desk operation.I worked a 25-hour week,so I haven't free time.But I enjoyed little free time.I went to KARAOKE and one's parents house.there were much interesting thing. I had a great time. I want to more enjoy next summer vacation .I did know many experience are important thing.see you by Kubo

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2B shigeki "Summer Vacation"

I go on a trip during the summer vacation.
At the moment, that you plan to travel two nights and three days in Hakone.
I have never been to Hakone. So very excited!

I have been to hot springs in Urayasu ever.
And I fell in love. To Hot Springs.
Hakone trip, have decided to go to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun.
There are certain things that mimic the world's oceans. For example, Dead Sea.
I will be a man fond of reading while floating in the Dead Sea.

Do you recommend to do in Hakone?

I want to come early summer vacation.

Monday, July 30, 2012

1B4 Kentaro

I would like to gain license with a byte, when I become the time of the summer vacation.
It is because there was no time to do such a thing it is a chance.

What I usually do in my free time 1B4 Kentarou

The time when I am free mostly is sleeping.
It is because it becomes less free when doing something.

JareMaga July 30 - High school baseball game

The last game of the preliminary local tournaments (yosen taikai) of Koshen is going to be played in Fukui today! 

(じゃれマガ 2012年07月30日号)
I was at home yesterday, so I decided to watch a high school baseball game.
It was really exciting.
Meiden, Ichiro's high school team, was playing Toho, another big baseball high school in Aichi.
Toho got one run in the second inning and another in the fifth.
By the ninth inning, it looked like they were going to win.
Then Meiden got two runs to tie the score.
They got another run in the eleventh inning to win the game.
Now they will go on to the Koshien.

浜島書店 英文メールマガジン「じゃれマガ」

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2B Tada Summer (Special)

The plan of my summer vacation is three. One is to study the civil
service examination using summer vacation ; as for the examination
consisting of test subjects at all many as for the civil service
examination this is because it is it. In addition, this is because it
does not have a hard time later if it begins it early. I want to
certainly become the public employee who is an occupation more stable
than a private enterprise in the future. A civil service examination
is the examination that a pass by the self-education has difficult.
Therefore I go to the technical school of the civil service
examination using summer vacation and intend to study.

The second plan of summer vacation is a part-time job. I work
part-time job in me, the restaurant which there is now near home. I
enter basically on Saturday on Sunday and a holiday, but want to work
part-time now on weekdays if there is time in the summer vacation.
When there is such an opportunity because it is thought that a person
is insufficient during a period of the Bon vacation in particular, I
work and want to save money. I want to work part-time while thinking
about balance with the study because August is time to be able to make
money most. I want to spend the money that I entered by a part- time
job for an expense to go to the technical school of the civil service

I think to go to the driving school to take the driver's license
because I am running out of time even if the third intends to go so
far and was not able to readily go. This is because it can drive a car
if it takes the license of the car. It is convenient in various ways
when I have a car. For example, I perform it by bicycle now, but I
become comfortable to some extent than now and am practiced the
driving even if I go for a
part-time job in the case of me if there is a car. Furthermore, I am
useful I carry baggage , and to move. In addition, it is convenient
than I use the train when I go out somewhere.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

my favorite place 2b takahashi

My favorite place is a veranda of my house.
It is cool,and it is very comfortable night.

My free time 2b takahashi

The time when I am free takes care of and passes the tool of baseball.
Since it is continuing from the time of a high school , it can not stop.
However, this time is time to feel at ease very much for me.
I am very glad if care can be done finely.

If I had 100,000 yen now 2b takahashi

If I had 100,000yen now.
I would like to buy clothes.
And I want to go to a travel.
However, reality does not work.
I would like to make it actual in the day of when.

Travel 2b Takahashi

I want to go to USA.
Baseball is very prosperous in this country.
And food is also very delicious.
It is a country which wants to say by that as used in the field of once.

My summer vacation Plan

> My summer vacation plan is going to Kinugawa onsen.
> This travel is a travel of a seminar.
> Since I like a hot spring, I am very pleasure.
> Since the member of a seminar is very close,
> the lesson is very pleasant.
> I would like to make many recollections.

2B summer mifuyu

My summer vacation plan is I return to my hometown Fukushima in August.
Take a photograph of coming of age ceremony.
And there is a memorial service for grandmother.
I go to cheer up because there is a convention of the club in Sendai.
I also meet with friends after a long time.
I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer plan 2B KinjoS

My summer vacation plan is going to Okinawa.I'm going to sea with my friends.I think trying to BBQ on the sea.
In addition,I'm gonna play baseball and bowling with my friends.
I'm looking forward to summer vacation!

If I had 100,000 yen now 2B KinjoS

If I had 100,000yen now.I want to go on a trip.I want to go Hokkaido.I have  been to Hokkaido.I would to play ski.I want eat something delicious food.

My summer vacation 2B Arimitsu

My summer vacation plan is watching to go baseball games with my friends.
I will go to Tokyo dome, and I will watch Giants's games.
I am not a Giants's supporter, But my friends is a Giants's supporter.
So I will watch to go Giants's games.
The team is strong in this year, So I think The games becomes exciting.
I hope the team's players show us the best performance.
I look forward to the game now, and I want to go soon now.

1B4 Maya

Hello. I´m listing to music and talking with my friends. My favorite singer is Katou Miriya. I enjoy talking with my friends.

1B4 Maya summer plan

My summer plan is go back to my hometown. I want to meet family and friends and my pretty dog. I would like to enjoy this summer vacation.

If I had 100,000 yen now 1B4 Maya

If I had 100,000 yen now, I would go to abroad. Because the foreign scene is loved. Since it has gone only to Europe, I would like to go also to the United States or South Korea.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tour1B4 Ootani and Ootani.ver2

A:Which tour do we want to take tomorrow? 
B:How much can we spend? 
A:Well,I can spend up to about 200dollars. 
B:Ok . would you go to Hokaidou ?
where is a best place 
A:it is nice idea !! I like a sea urchin 
B:let's make money 

free time 1B4 Ootani me and my brother

A:Hi, What do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually play minesweeper . 
A:I see. How often do you play to minesweeper ? 
B:If I have free time  How about you? 
A: I usually use PC 
B:you should not waste your time 
A:It's none of your business!!

my Sumer break 1B4 Ootani

Feast time I must get money because I want buy bike this sumer break and I will go around Japan by bike next sumer break
second I have to go to Comike with my cousin 

my free time 1B4 Ootani

I play mah-jong to kill time but because I pley mah-jong  all night 
get bothered next day and look anime because I like robot which is my roman 

1b4 ryosuke n travel

I wanna go to Hokkaido,because I want to eat Sapporo-ramen and so on.


1b4 ryosuke n If I had 100000yen now

If I had 100000yen now,I would save money,because I have no money.I want to money. I wanna be rich.


1b4 ryosuke n Freetime

I usually listening to music.I usually read book in my free time.


1b4 ryosuke n

my holiday was very boring.i did myhomework during holiday.


1B4 K.kouhei summer plan

Hi everyone. My summer vacation plan is bear up in various things. Practice on the band and baseball very hard. I do my best so that the game of baseball can be win!! I go to driving school and do one's best it. I work hard part time job. And I play with my friends.

Monday, July 23, 2012

1B4 Misaki summer plan

My summer plan is go back to my hometown. I hang out with my friends and go to fireworks display and so on. Also I would like to study. And I take part in lodge together of the committee. If I have plenty of time, I want to go pool after a long time. I try to various things. I would like to enjoy this summer vacation.

1B4 Miu summer plan

Hello. My summer plan is going to various places. For example, Disney Land, pool and fireworks display etc... In order to eat a delicious thing, I go out with my friends. However, the concrete destination had not been decided yet. And I would like to challenge a bungee jump. I heard that it can be performed, when going to Yomiuri Land. I will go to part time job 2 or 3 time per week. I would like to enjoy the summer vacation!

1B4 Atsushi.K

Hello. My summer plan is playing anyhow. or part-time job do hard.
I would like to study and to also obtain qualification. I want to take motorcycle license.
There is something to do anyhow a lot.
I hear that a college student's summer vacation is long.
I think that I will challenge various things and will and spend the significant summer vacation.

1B4 Kentaro.I

I want to go to sea or pool this year. Especially, I want to go to sea in Hawaii. Actually, this plan is expensive. On that account, I will go to pool. Others, I must do a part-time-job. I work convenience store. Others, I want to play softtennis with my friends. I played softtennis but I don't play softtennis now. I don't play softtennis smesters. I want to challenge to various things.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

1B4 Yuma summer plan

Hi.My summer plan is part-time job.I study of bookkeeping very hard.
I would like to study hard towards taking an examination of the 3grade.I study English hard.The money earned by part-time job to buy my personal computer.
If money has a margin,I want to buy a road bike.I want to enjoy playing with my friends.I'd like to enjoy the summer vacation.See you.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My summer plan is part time job
and driving school!!
I want to take a car license!!
Another I want to enjoy playing
with my friends!
I have a plans go to beef broil!
I am very fun with beef broil.

Friday, July 20, 2012

1B4 kubo summer plan

Hello.My summer plan is busy.I'm going to fitness club,because I want to slim body.It is difficult to achieve.But I will try it and more practice.I have to study English too,because I want to master TOEIC.Summer time is very hot,but I do one's best.see you.

1B4 Kei Summer Plan

Hi,I'm kei.
In summer vacation, I have part-time-job for supplement scool and Kendo-dojo.
And, I have to study for some exam. Commercial bookkeeping 2Grade・FP3 Grade.
Especially ,FP3Grade is take in 9,Septemver.
What's more ,I'll trip to Izu in 5〜7、Augast with family ,and to Hakodate and Sapporo in 26〜28、August with friends .
So I'll very busy this summer ,but I'll enjoy it.
Let's have best vacation!!