Thursday, December 6, 2012

Men in Black 3-Review-2b Shigeki and Takuya


"Men in Black 3"is a science fiction action film,released in 2012.
It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.
It stars Will Smith,Tommy Lee Jones.

The story which returned in the past.
Man and an alien live together.But actually they don't live together in a usual sense.
The alien pretends to be a man.
Hero join an organization and control the alien who committed the crime.

Heroes are K and J.
J is a mischievous young man.Will Smith made J.
K is the middle age which seldom takes.Tommy Lee Jones made K.

Organization MIB witch supervisions the alien lunking in human beings.
Then,the agents K and J who play an active part.
SF movie witch it let's out in the pair of rich individually.

This movie is a story catching the prisoner who break jail.
An offender's name is Boris.
Boris do the time slip to the past.
And it was going to destroy the earth.
Agents also do the time slip to the past.
And Boris's intrigue is prevented.

The conversation of the pair with opposite character in intersting.
Action and the utterance of J have to laughing mistake especially
And,the battle scene when down the enemy by various methods is very nice.
It is a recommendation also to the direction seen for the first time also to the fan of series.

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  1. Thank you for a wonderful review.
    I wanted to see this movie.
    Not only I catch a criminal, but also only do the space time movement.
    I borrow it and want to see.
    Is the stage of this work U.S.A.?


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