Thursday, December 6, 2012

Men in Black 3-Review-2b Shigeki and Takuya


"Men in Black 3"is a science fiction action film,released in 2012.
It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.
It stars Will Smith,Tommy Lee Jones.

The story which returned in the past.
Man and an alien live together.But actually they don't live together in a usual sense.
The alien pretends to be a man.
Hero join an organization and control the alien who committed the crime.

Heroes are K and J.
J is a mischievous young man.Will Smith made J.
K is the middle age which seldom takes.Tommy Lee Jones made K.

Organization MIB witch supervisions the alien lunking in human beings.
Then,the agents K and J who play an active part.
SF movie witch it let's out in the pair of rich individually.

This movie is a story catching the prisoner who break jail.
An offender's name is Boris.
Boris do the time slip to the past.
And it was going to destroy the earth.
Agents also do the time slip to the past.
And Boris's intrigue is prevented.

The conversation of the pair with opposite character in intersting.
Action and the utterance of J have to laughing mistake especially
And,the battle scene when down the enemy by various methods is very nice.
It is a recommendation also to the direction seen for the first time also to the fan of series.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2B ~TIME~ Mifuyu,Kazue,Natsumi


"TIME" is a science fiction thriller film,released in 2011.
It was written and directed by Andrew Nicol.It stars Jastin Timberlake.

In the year 2169,genetic alteration has allowed humanity to stop aging at 25.
"Living time" has also replaced the world currency systems,allowing individuals to buy services with their "Living time".

Main character is Will Salas.
He lives with his mother Rachel in the lower class.

One day,he helps rich man in a bar.
Later that night rich man transfers 116 years to the sleeping him.

My favorite scene is Will meets Sylvia for the first time. The later development is recommended.

I put in a good word about this movie to all people.

Thank you for listenning.

2B ~Home Alone~ Abey & Urasawat


The person of McAllister who lived in Chicago would go to Paris in Christmas trip. However, 8-year-old boy Kevin has been left behind by a house because all the members overslept and went to the airport hastily.
Kevin enjoyed a single life, but the thief of the duo aimed at a house of Kevin. Kevin makes a device in a house in order to protect a house from a thief and meets thieves.

This movie is U.S.A. of the 90s, a story of Chicago.

Kevin of the chief character is the McAllisters five youngest child who is brother and receives rough treatment from an older brother, older sisters every day.

The man of the duo was a robber at the house of not in Kevin. Kevin makes up his mind to protect a house alone and makes the battle plan that spread the perfection defense in a house.

Harry came over before long. I beat wonderfully and defeated group of 2 in an attack of Kevin to pursue and make further attacks on in sequence. In the next morning, families came back to the house, and peace came back to everybody.

"Home Alone" is very interesting.
Thank you.

2B Naoto&Takuma Movie Leview "Bio Hazard"

"Bio Hazard is an action and horror film, released in 2002.
It was written by Paul W S Anderson.
Look at the photograph.
A woman of the leading role of this movie.
It name is Milla Jovovich.The official title is Alice.

This is T-virus.You become a zombie when infectid.
It is a very strong virus.
Blue liquid is virus,and green liquid is vaccine.

A zombie bites a normal human and the human become a zombie.
The fight scene is very powerful.

Alice use the gun and fight.
Please pay attention.

Mika Nakashima in 5items of this movie.
The quality is high make u and appear.

Ocean's 11 - Review - Akira 1B3

(Sonic Pics)
"Ocean's11" is a comedy movie.
It was directed by Steaven Soderbergh.
This movie is about a team of eleven stealing jewely.
This movie stars Brad Pitt and George Clooney.
It is an exiciting and thrilling movie.
If you like a comedy, you will like this.

(12/4/12 10:59am)

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