Thursday, May 17, 2012

2B SatouO A place I want to visit

I want to go to Ueno Zoo.
It is near. However, I did not go.
There is the place near Ueno Station.
It opened in 1882.
It is the first zoo in Japan.
There are about 500 kinds of animals in Ueno Zoo.
I want to go soon.
Thank you.

2B NatsumiM My favorite place

Hi everyone!
My favorite place is Kinshi park.
There is Sumidaku of Tokyo.
The nearest station is Kinshicho.
This park which there is on foot to ten minutes.
My hobby is taking a picture. So this Place is a practice field for me.
The cherry tree is the photograph which I took.
This park is always full of small children.
There is the big shopping mall near, too and is very lively.

2B ShunK A place I want to visit


I want to visit Tokyo Sky Tree.
Tokyo Sky Tree is open on May 22.
Tokyo Sky Tree is the heighest tower is the world.
It is not far from Chiba to there.
There is also much commercial establishment and there is around a tower.
It is recommended at those who want to see a beatiful scene or like a
high place.

Thank you!

2B Takayuki.N Tokyo Disneyland

Hello \(^o^)/
This is the Tokyo Disneyland!!!

Its catch copy is "welcome the kingdom of dream and magic"
Its area is 510000!
It is in Chiba.
It was opend on April 15,1983.
Its symbol is the castle of chinderella.
Its opening time is from 9up to 10.
Its manager is Orientalland.
The admission fee of it is about 5000yen.

I have ever visited there about 20times.
I visited there in February,last year,so I want to go to there early!!!

My favorite attraction is "Big thunder mountain".
Its motif is a mining train ran out of control in disused mine at the gold rush age.

I dislike "coffee cup"because it turns around very much ,so I feel worse,by the way.

The popular food is "smork turkey leg ".
Its price is 500yen.It is very nice(^○^)
When I went Disneyland,I regularly eat.

Thank you┐('〜`;)┌

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My favorite place.

Hi,I'm Mifuyu.
My favorite place is a school.
I living alone.
Therefore a person to talk to is not in the my house.
It is very lonely.
There are a lot of friends in a school.
So I like school.
It is fun every day.

2B Shintaro S Ueno Park

I started live in Tokyo last year.
When I went Ueno Park to see cherry blossom with my friend from junior
high school.
And this year, I went there too.
Many peaple crowded around there.
But it was very beautiful.

2B My favorite sightseeing spot

My favorite sightseeing the building is complicated.
The view from the building is good.
The souvenir has various things.
The souvenirs put a red pepper and yatuhasi or the pickle.
An admission fee is small, junior high student 200 yen.
Adult is 300 yen.
The transportation has many people going by bus from the station.
Please go.
Thank you.

2B nakanok

I live in Tokyo. Recently,Tokyo Sky Tree was situated. Close to a lot of tourists will always stay. I think it was good and lively This tower is the tallest tower in the world. The height of this tower is 634 meters. I could see so well from local construction. I think I want to climb if given the chance because I live in local.

2B Naoto M Tokyo Disney Sea


My favorite place is Tokyo Disney Sea.
I have ever been to the place only one.
There is Urayasu city in Chiba.
The area is 490,000 square meters.
It opened in 2001 September 4th.
Tokyo Disney Sea 's catch copy is
「Where adventure and imagination set sail」
I also like a Tokyo Disney Land.

My favorite attraction is raising sprit!
It very excites me.
I also like a Tower of Terror!
When I ride it level thirteen.
I want to ride Center of the earth next time.
I couldn't ride it,because people had stood in a line.

There is hotel in Tokyo Disney Sea.
It name is Miracosta.
I stay the hotel in the future.

I will go Tokyo Disney Sea in summer!
Thank you\(^o^)/

2B Ryo A Tokyo Disney Land

Hi everyone.
My name is Ryo A.
The place I introduce is Tokyo Disney Land.
I think everyone has been there sometime.
Tokyo Disney Land is generally said to be a country of a dream and magic.
There is Tokyo Disney Land in Urayasu-shi , chiba.
The nearest station is Maihama station in Keiyo-lain.
There are various attraction, shopping facilities and restaurant in Tokyo Disney Land,
and it's adle by one day and is the place which isn't enough.
I only forget time and play there.
Thank you !

My favorite place

Hi everyone!

My name is Toshiyuki U.

I introduce the place in which a sky tree fine at night.

This photograph is lighting of the sky tree reflect in the "kita jikken river" .

A photography place is a "nishi jikken bridge".

I actually take a photograph.

The "nishi jikken bridge" is located in Sumida-ward, Tokyo.

The sky tree seen from here is call the "upside-down sky tree."

It is beautiful so that it may be a mirror!

A sky tree is reflect very fine daytime.

Please go here!

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2B ArimitsuK A place I want to visit

Hi everyone!
I want to visit Tokyo Sky Tree. Because I have not been to a place. And
I like watching a view.
The place is an electric wave tower. The building is just built. The
building attention of many people recentry. Because the building is the
tallest in japan. And the building is the tallest electric wave tower in
the world. And we can climb the building by an elevator. And we can
watch a view. Probably I think that the view is wonderful.
Thank you!

2B RyoM I love 『SEVEVS』


The place I introduce to everyone this time is Harajuku.
I go to a purchase and a beauty salon in Harajuku.
I often go to Harajuku by myself.
Because my favorite one is because it's different from other people.
And I also like time I need by myself.

There are a lot of used clothing shops in Harajuku.
The respective stores are distinctive,
and there are many stores with a lot of assortment of boots,
stores where the state of the vintage thing is good and stores where the
price is very low.
The store I like most in those is "SEVEVS".
Because I'm on good terms like a staff there and a friend.
You reduce the price, and I sometimes have clothes freely by "SEVENS".
Many the favorite ones are put, and goods there are the store fashion
can enjoy by the wide genre.
When there is a chance when everyone goes to Harajuku, too, please go by
all means. (・▽・)

A picture is the staff with I'm on good terms.
I like his fashion very showily!!
If there is a person who would like to go to "SEVENS", I show the way.(^

My GW Hidetoshi N 1B4

I went to Gunma. Beause my friend live in there. There was very countryside. But nature was very wonderful. I enjoyed this trip. Thank you

1B3 Yuta

1B3 Akira

Hi!my name is Akira K! I like play sports! I am from Tokyo!


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1B3 Takuya

Hi!my name is Takuya!
I like play baseball!
I from chiba!

1B3 Kotaro

My name is kotaro.
I like playing baseball.
I like listening to music.
Call me **ko.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I like reading book

1B3 You

This is a picture of Lufei. He is play the lead in the animation which named "one piece". He Is brave, I like him very much.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2B MariY I love onsen

Hello, everyone.

I love onsen but I hadn't had time to go to onsen resort for several
years, so I decided to travel to an onsen resort during the
spring vacation. I and my husband wanted to try Kyushu Shinkansen, and
I found one that looked really nice on the Internet. It's located near
Mt. Aso.

The resort is called "Minawa" (みな和), and consists of a dozen of
separate guest houses (離れ) , a set of private dining rooms, and a main
hall. Each guest house has one indoor bath and one open-air bath
(露天風呂). So you can enjoy these private baths as much as you want. I
took several baths a day, and I really loved the private open-air

The food was great, too. In the morning and the evening, we went
through the connecting corridors outside to the dining place, and ate
delicious Kyushu food. We imagined you could enjoy some performance on
the stage on the water while eating dinner.

I'd love to visit Minawa again!

Mt. Aso: