Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2B Naoto M Tokyo Disney Sea


My favorite place is Tokyo Disney Sea.
I have ever been to the place only one.
There is Urayasu city in Chiba.
The area is 490,000 square meters.
It opened in 2001 September 4th.
Tokyo Disney Sea 's catch copy is
「Where adventure and imagination set sail」
I also like a Tokyo Disney Land.

My favorite attraction is raising sprit!
It very excites me.
I also like a Tower of Terror!
When I ride it level thirteen.
I want to ride Center of the earth next time.
I couldn't ride it,because people had stood in a line.

There is hotel in Tokyo Disney Sea.
It name is Miracosta.
I stay the hotel in the future.

I will go Tokyo Disney Sea in summer!
Thank you\(^o^)/


  1. Hi Naoto, it sounds like you love screaming! Or you don't scream when you ride the rolar coaster (Raising Spirits) or the high-speed elevator in Tower of Terror? Now I'm interested in going to Tokyo Disney Sea and trying some of the riders. Hope you'll have a lot of fun there in summer.

  2. Hello^^

    I have carried out there 3 times.
    How many times have you gone there?

    It is regrettable that you were not able to ride on the center of the earth.

    With whom does it go there usually?
    With a girl friends? ^^

    Let's go there with 4 class friends some day!

  3. Hello Naoto!

    I like Disneyland and Disney SEA very much.

    I went to Disney SEA with people in a part-time work destination recently.

    I like the parade performed at Disney SEA very much.

    I look like with a girl friend sometime, too, I think.

    There isn't a girl friend for me...(・ω・)

    If you go to Disney in summer,
    I'll recommend to go to Disneyland and take "Splash Mountain".

  4. hi, i am kazuki.txt.
    i have never been to tokyo and chiba, so i wanna go to there, i hope.


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