Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2B Ryo A Tokyo Disney Land

Hi everyone.
My name is Ryo A.
The place I introduce is Tokyo Disney Land.
I think everyone has been there sometime.
Tokyo Disney Land is generally said to be a country of a dream and magic.
There is Tokyo Disney Land in Urayasu-shi , chiba.
The nearest station is Maihama station in Keiyo-lain.
There are various attraction, shopping facilities and restaurant in Tokyo Disney Land,
and it's adle by one day and is the place which isn't enough.
I only forget time and play there.
Thank you !


  1. Hi Ryo, yes, I guess everyone (but me) has been there several times. Well I've never taken Keiyo Line either as far as I remember. I'm still new to the Kanto area. Thanks a lot for letting me know how to get there! What did you want to mean by "adle", by the way? You mistyped it, probably.

  2. Hi Ryo,
    I have been to Tokyo Disney Land 3 times.
    I would like to go there by this class.
    Which attraction do you dislike?

  3. Hi Ryo,I want to go to TDL.
    I like Space Mountain is the most.
    Would you like to go to a member of theuniversity?

  4. Hi, Ryo. I'm coco.
    I LOVE TOKYO DISNEY LAND too:) Even though I live in Kansai area, I've been there seven times in my life lol I am planning on visiting there with some of my friends this autumn.

    1. Hi,Coco. I'm Ryo.
      Thank you very much for your comment.
      Please enjoy yourself fully at that time!


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