Thursday, November 8, 2012

school festival 2B Arimitsu

I didn't go to the school festival this year, because I went to the
other places with my friends. I went to eat Yakiniku, and I went to game
center. Both things were fun. But I think the school festival is fun as
same as both things. I would like to go to the school festival next year.
Did all of you participate in a scool festival of last week?
I opened a store with the stand of the seminar.
the artile for sale is YAKISOBA.
I was popular very well.
And it was very fun.
I want to open a store next year.
Thank you

School festivals 2B NatsumiM

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
I performed a play original story which was written by my friend.
There are the three stories.
The stories were about future,change and debt.
School festival was enjoy but Period of preparations is more enjoy for me.
It was very hard but very nice time.

School Festivals 2B kazue

In my high schoool festival is held in October each year.
It has been held two days.
I played drums in a band.
It performed in front of all the students in the opening ceremony of the school festival at the time of a second grade high school student.
It was very fun!!!
The Mizuho festival also wants to give a booth shortly.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1B4 K.Koyama

I participated school festival when I was high school student. I and my class roommate sold ice cream in high school festival. The ice cream not ordinary. It was mixed with sweets. It was delicious, and it was very popular .

1B4 Festival

HI,my name is Atsushi.
When I was high school students, I joind school festival.
Our class sold ice cream in festival. I was making ice cream and soft drink.
It was very fun!
Ice cream taist was delicious!!

1B4 Kentaro.I festival

I bought softdrink to school festival when I was high school student. I enjoyed school festival but I absent first day.
I didn't went to Mizuho-sai this year. Because I went to travel in Atami with my family. I work to convenience store. It is to hard for me before travel.

1B4 yuki Sorimachi

My highschool festival
was every years.

We enjoyed festival
every years.

I most impressed on

because my highschool
festival held in June.

so We got clothed frend!

School festival 1B4 Takuma

When I was in high school, we had a school festival on the 2nd weekend in July. On the first day, only invited people could enjoy our school festival. On the second day, everyone joined! I worked us the officer of the school festival. I looked around the campus.

1B4 Naomi festival

When I was in high school, the school festival was held for 3 days in October. I didn't sell something. Because I was on school festival committee leader. I was take care of anything.For example sound, light, prepared stage and more. They were very hard. So I was tired.

1b4 naoto

My sumer vacation is very fantastic.
I sow a movie titled Avengers.
This movie was very interesting to me.
I was too excited to sleep.


KentarouS 1B4

The school festival in case I am a high school student was not performed directly.
There were much frequent occurrence of a theft and failure of advance.
Although the school festival was carried out, it is sometimes doing no climaxes in the I individual.

1B4 Miu festival

My class performed the haunted house. It divided with a desk or corrugated paper and make a classroom like a maze. Since there  was no time of preparation not much, it was very busy. It prepared till late at night the previous day. As a result, it became a very fearful haunted house. It became a cultural festival  which remains in my memory.

1b4 Maya

My class of the high school sold ice and a potato at the cultural festival. Since it was made black figures, it was good. It is also recollections that daruma-otoshi occurs to the event of a cultural festival, and the boys won the victory. I would like to enjoy the festival from now on.

1B4 Kei Festival

Hi,I'm Kei.
When I was in highschool,we have school festival in 3rd weekend in July .
First day ,only invited people could enjoyed our school festival. Second day, everyone joined!
We had preparation for 2weeks, and last week , we could use only preparation!
Actually, we couldn't held anything involve about 'selling', so only drama,dancing,haunted house ,and so on.
Incidentally, its budget was \20000. If over it we pay ourselves.

1B4 kentarou

I obtained the license of the motorbike during the summer vacation.My behavior range spread very much that I wanted license of the car, however got license of the motorbike.

1B4 summer vacation K.kouhei

I went to sea with my friends and I had a BAR-B-Q at the beach. I began to go to a driving school. I went to a summer festival. I played the game of baseball with my baseball teammates. I had part -timejob. I passed the good summer vacation.

1B4 Misaki

In my school festival was held in November once in three years. It was held for two days. On the second day is open to the public. During two years were closed. In my class did haunted house. The next class was the same. But in my school didn't sell food. So all class did maze, fair booth and so on.

Monday, November 5, 2012

1B4 Yuma school festival

The cultural festival of my high school is held every year at the first week in September.
It is held for two days and much people of the area come.
The program of every class is devised and it is very active.My class did the haunted house and sold fired noodles.
It become very pleasant good recollections.

1b3 Fumiya Mieda

Summer vacation
During the summer vacation in September. I went to Iwate to meet my grandmother. I stayed at the grandmother house for a week with my family. I got there by car.I went to the spa with my friends and my family ate Okonomiyaki in Iwate

1B takeishi shool festival

In my high shool festival is held in July every year. it is two days during the period.
all students cooperate all together,and suit,and it is rise very much every year.
the dance was done the last grade in the festival.the dance danced harehareyukai.since all practiced was done earnestly,it was 2nd place about result.
I was very glad and good recollections.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

1B4kubo school festival

Hello.In my high school festival is held in September every year.It is held for two days.There are many booths.Many class and club looked busy.For example tearoom and haunted house.There are interesting and wonderful.I enjoyed two days.I will more enjoy this university festival next year.see you by kubo

2B School festival ShunK

I write about high school festival.
There was a two-day period.
In our class,I had a play of Mario at third grade.
I did the role of Kuroko.
I had a lot of practice.
I was nervous because there were alot of people are in production.
However,I was filled with a sense of a accompleshment and the end.
It is a memory that can not forget me.