Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm going to talk about baseball.
I like to play baseball.
I played baseball in high school.
 I'm a big fan of the Seattle Mariners.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Food - 1G Zhao

Shanghai Flavor -zhaochen

I very like to eat a snack.
The last time the meter is rice noodle.
This should introduce is to Shanghai born Fried.
Eat the rice noodle add a few Shanghai born Fried,
very good food can also eat the belly.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My recommended food--SEI 2B@cuc

My recommended food is Huoguo. It is chinese style syapusyapu.
It is different with Japanese style. Its half is thin, another half is
very hot. Pork and beef are eaten in Japan. But in China, we often
eat mu

I like it so much. I often eat Huoguo with my friends on weekends.
So when I come back to China, I always buy spice about Huoguo.
Jiuzhaigou is located in china's sichusn province. Jiuzhaigou at an altitude of 2000meters. islisted as a world heriage. Jiuzhaigou is i want to go to tourist resort. I'm going to go to see in the next year and friends.

Darts live-2A-Washington 21

Hi.I'm going to talking about Darts.
Darts is very difficult.
But I will pro darts player.
And I take part in SUPER DARTS 2013.
So SUPER DARTS 2013 is most big tornament in darts.
I fight training.

Reading books, drawing-2B-Rei

Hi,I'm going to talk about reading books and drawing.
I prefer the quiet and don't like the noise. I like to read books,paint pictures at home often.I think reading books can gain knowledge and make your inner more abundant.
Painting is my hobby since childhood.When I was a child learn traditional Chinese painting,
but now  I more love watercolors.I often draw at home .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Music - 1A Takashi

I'm interested in music .
My favorite song is "I just called to say I love you".
This song was made  by Stevie Wonder . 
He is a nice singer.
His voice is wonderful.

Soccer 2a igka

I am going to talk about soccer.I like seeing I play soccer.but looking people like the soccer.
Oneself played soccer from a seventh grader to a third grader in soccer club.
I still play soccer with a friend end a family at the time of rest.

playing game - 2B miki

I Iike game center.
There days, My favorit game is jubeat.
Jubeat is music game.
There is many music it has.
How to play this game pushes the shining panel.
My favorit music is a dandelion.


Hi, I'm A24.
I'm going to talk about reading books.
My hobby is reading books.
I want to find good books.
Please introduce any good books.

about baseball - 2a Ryo

My name is Ryo
I`m going to talk about baseball
I like to play baseball
My favorite beseball player Matui
when I was joined beseball team in the junior high student

MYAM's Class Blog: Hikaru no Go

MYAM's Class Blog: Hikaru no Go:

Some students have left comments on this entry. So I reblog it here.
One of my favorite comics is "Hikaru no Go". As you may already know, it's very popular in Korea, too. The Korean title is literally translated into Japanese as "囲碁の王". (Originally published on 2006/04/13 01:07)

Here's the students' comments:

Games 1A Shinichi

I am interested in game.
My favorite game is "PuyoPuyo"
PuyoPuyo is popular puzzle game in Japan.
This game is difficult.
PuyoPuyo's character is very unique.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basketball - 1A Ren

I am interested in playing basketball.I have played it for ten years as game but match,I really want to play better,but nobody teachs me.I was surprised at the video teaching us how to play better.I am going to do it.

music 1A Yushi

I am interested in music.I like Beatles.They were died.But they are popular all over the world.It is good.

Gundam 1A Takuya

I'm interested in GUNDAM.
Char is exciteing character.
Char is myselfe.
Char is living somewhere.
Good by.


Children 1A Sunao

I like chlidren.
Because children are pure and cute.
l want get a chlid.
But i don't have girlfriend.
l am looking for a cute girl.

Soccer 1A Kenta

I'm interested in soccer.
My favorit team is Liverpool.
You'll never walk alone is Liverpool song.
Premia (←Premier) league is exiting.
I hope Liverpool win.

Coldplay 1A sayuri

I'm interested in cold play.
They are very cool.
His voice is very sexy♡
My favorite song is 

Viva La Vida


Their music video is very nice:)!


Ta xue xun mei and Nian nian you yu

 Li bingbing was called as"the most beautiful Chinese actress"by foreign media .

 On 16 February Berlin local time , she went to Berlin film festival on the red carpet. Fan bingbing is high-key with mother, father, brother come together. Always she wear different clothes. This time she was in dress that was designed by a famous designer  Lawrence called "Ta xue xun mei". That was  long white dress.She kept long straight hair,embodies the Chinese traditional beauty.That let come from all over the world of the reporters  crazied. All the reporters said"we have seen the most beautiful Chinese actress".She was focus on by everybaby.
   That afternoon,she  was in another dress.That was called"Nian nian you yu".There were many fish on dress. In Chinese,the pronunciation of fish and surplus are same.This name meaned every year can have more than needed.It contains  a Chinese very good morals.It can reflect more of the Chinese culture.The Chinese culture was showed to the world.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tea 2B-Sei

Hi, I am Zhang Qian. I am going to talk about tea.
When I was children, I drinked 2000cc tea every day. The image is that Chinese often drink oolong tea. Actually, many people enjoy green tea. In China, green tea is at most 700 forms. Oolong tea is made in the south of China. The most famous places are Fujian province and Taiwan.
Now I work at tea shop. The shop is Tenninmeicha. In Taiwan, it is very famous. Oolong tea, jasmine tea, and puer tea are selled very well. The owner is a very kind of people. He often lends me many books about tea. It is very funny for me to study lots of tea.
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