Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ta xue xun mei and Nian nian you yu

 Li bingbing was called as"the most beautiful Chinese actress"by foreign media .

 On 16 February Berlin local time , she went to Berlin film festival on the red carpet. Fan bingbing is high-key with mother, father, brother come together. Always she wear different clothes. This time she was in dress that was designed by a famous designer  Lawrence called "Ta xue xun mei". That was  long white dress.She kept long straight hair,embodies the Chinese traditional beauty.That let come from all over the world of the reporters  crazied. All the reporters said"we have seen the most beautiful Chinese actress".She was focus on by everybaby.
   That afternoon,she  was in another dress.That was called"Nian nian you yu".There were many fish on dress. In Chinese,the pronunciation of fish and surplus are same.This name meaned every year can have more than needed.It contains  a Chinese very good morals.It can reflect more of the Chinese culture.The Chinese culture was showed to the world.

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