Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tea 2B-Sei

Hi, I am Zhang Qian. I am going to talk about tea.
When I was children, I drinked 2000cc tea every day. The image is that Chinese often drink oolong tea. Actually, many people enjoy green tea. In China, green tea is at most 700 forms. Oolong tea is made in the south of China. The most famous places are Fujian province and Taiwan.
Now I work at tea shop. The shop is Tenninmeicha. In Taiwan, it is very famous. Oolong tea, jasmine tea, and puer tea are selled very well. The owner is a very kind of people. He often lends me many books about tea. It is very funny for me to study lots of tea.
スライド ショーの表示
このオンラインのアルバムには 5 枚の写真があり、
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  1. Hi,Sei.
    I'm oyu.
    You really are like it.
    You look happy.

  2. Hi Sei. 2000cc of tea! That's a LOT!
    Do you drink green tea with sugar in China? When I bought a bottle of cold green tea from a vending machine in Hawaii, I was a bit shocked to have SWEET green tea, but later I found out that it's not unusual to have green tea with sugar in some parts of the world.


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