Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grammar Ib 日記

I am very sleepy today!
I slept in the bus and train.

So,I want to be coming summer vacation!

I want to go the sopping and the USJ.


Today I was very tired.
But I fighted school study.
I think I wanna Weekend comeing soon.!!!!!!!


Summer comeing.
Everyday too hot.
And too tired.
I don't wanna walk.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One's favorite CD.
The group name is Fairground Attraction.
Her Voice is beautiful.
My best song is Perfect!!!



Sunday I bought CD and book.
CD is Michael Jackson.

Book is LIFE.
The book is only Michael Jackson.
But I can't read it, because The book is written English.


I went back home to walk.
It was clowdly but it was hot!!
I was tired.



I cooked carry yesterday.
It was delisious.
I want to cook.


I was very hot on Sunday.
So I ate two ices.
They were very delious. I want to eat more them.

Grammar Ib 日記

Yesterday, I waked part time job.

I ate inarisushi.
I love it!(^o^)

I am very sleepy.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Grammar 日記

I went to Suma with my friend.
We saw many fishes in an aquarium.
They were very beautifull.
I was very happy.
I want to see a penguin next time.




Today I have TOEIC.
It very difficult to me.
I can't it.
But next TOEIC do one's best.



In Saturday, I saw the movie "MW". It was prodused by Osamu Tezuka.
This movie was very interesting!!
I want to see it again.

(Trailer on YouTube)

*on Sunday

Part-time job

I worked part-time job. I was very tired yesterday.


* work part-time



I watched drama"MR.BRAIN".

The drama was fimal time.

But I watched in the middle of the story.

So, I will watch it from the first.


  • It was the final episode.
  • I started to watch this show/program in the middle of the story.
  • from the start/beginning


Day before yesterday I went to the Kaisei Univesity for TOEIC.
It was very tired!!
I want to fight next TOEIC.

* the day before yesterday
* university
* 人 + be tired (人が疲れる)
* fight = 闘う・(強い相手と)けんかする
=> try hard/ work hard / do my best on the next TOEIC test

grammar journal

It is hot recently. I do not like summer so much. Moreover, it is sultry and it is more unpleasant now. I want you for autumn to come early.


*want O to DO = O に DO してほしい

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grammar I b Journal

I cooked doughnut today, because I watched TV yesterday.
The TV program broadcasted about doughtnut.
So I thought that want to eat it.
Doughtnut which I cookded was delicious.
But!! It was so high calorie.(T_T)
So I jumped rope 500 times.
I must diet!!


  • X has a lot of calories
  • burn calories