Thursday, December 8, 2011

2a Cmasa My favorite character

My favorite character is Doraemon

When small,it was often looking on television,
And various tools are taken out from pocket,
He is very good looking,

My favorite character 2A fyu

My favorite character is Kaiji.
In kaiji there is a boy called kaiji.
He is smart and good looking and honest so I like.

My favorite character @cuc-2b-taka

Hello I'm taka.
My favorite character is Elmo.
Do you know Elmo?
Elmo is a character which comes out in Sesame Street, and is a hero.
A bodily color is whole body red and it is carrying out it lightly.
A birthday is February 3.
It is said that Elmo's age is 3 eternal years old.
Favorite food is a Japanese horseradish.
Elmo's best friend is Dorothy of a goldfish.
Dorothy is doing the reddish body.
Incidentally, Elmo is a left-handed person.

Movie Reviews by Togaku Students

My favorite character. 2A Oyu@cuc

My favorite character is Makoto Konno.
She is in "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time".
She is a high school student of cheerful character.
One day , she was able to leap the time.
She used ability for her hobbies and her friends.
She has capable of a strange power to grow through.
In the movie, Naka Riisa plays voice actor of Makoto.
Director of this movie  has a film called Summer Wars director.
This movie is very interesting.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My favorite character - 2B oda

My favorite character is Dokin chan.
She looks like devil.
She is cute and sweet devil.
She is looking for something interesting.
She does mean things with Baikinman.
She loves Shokupanman.
I love such a cute her!

My favorite characters-2A Tb22@cuc

I like characters from "Keroro Gunsou".
They came to invade the earth.
They are the space aliens.
They make to plan to invade the earth.
But, It is surely fails.
I think they pretty.
I like the giggle.

My favorite character is MIKI ZCY-2B@CUC

MIKI is a manga actor.he has two black ears and wears black troursers.
It looks like a
monkey.He is very cheerful cute and very responsibilitly.
When Daisy was closed in the castle by peter.He do his best to save
her.So everyone
likes MIKI.Thank you !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In GUNDUM,there is a man called Char Aznable.
Char is very guy.
He is very tall.
He operated the his
Zaku� and he battled EFS.
Char Zaku is three times as fast as nomal Zaku.
I love Char Aznable.

1A Hirokazu

In Doraemon,there is a robot called Doraemon.
He looks like a racoon dog.He is gantle.He helps Nobita by using future tools. it's good for Nobita to using future tools.


in one piece.
in the manga,there is a boy.
he is a doctor.
he always wears pink hat.
he is pirate.
he from drum kingdom.
he had hitohitonomi.
he is 5 years old.
he always wears pants.
he found one-piece.

My favorite character is Anakin Skywalker. 1A Tokai

In StarWars, there is a boy called Anakin Skywalker.
He is 9 years old.He has blond.
His Visually is a common boy, but he is Wato's slave.
Wato is scrap shop's owner.
He breaks Droid Control Ship and he becomes Jedi Knight.
But,13 years later, he fall in Force's dark side.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My favorite movie is 2B Sei@CUC

In the movie, Rachel Mcadams plays the role of Becky Fuller.She is an active effort to work the woman. Thought that their achievements can be recognized by her superiors but were told that they have been accidentally fired.However, she found a seemingly decent news director job, but the reality and imagination will always be bias. She took the part very low ratings, but not with the team and had gas and so on.

Chinese food CH

I like Chinese food  best of all.I like Chinese food better than Japanese food and South Korea food.According to the different place, the tastes of Chinese dishes are different.The north's food is mained of spicy, but the southern mainly with light.No matter what you like the taste,in Chinese food you can find the tastes what you like.
Ramen-2 z.c
I like futomenn.
I like put moyasi on futomenn.
I like put hannjyukutamago on futomenn.
I like put kimuti on futomenn.
I like put button on futomenn.
Pasta - JM
I like to eat past.
there are many kinds of pasta ,and in it I like peperongqino(ペペロンチーノ)best.
In Italy ,everyboday can cook.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

1A Shinichi

In DEATH NOTE, there is a man named Takuo Shibuimaru.
His nickname is Shibutaku.
He looks like bad man.
He wears black sunglasses and fashionable down jacket.
He loves beautiful girl,so he always tries to hit on girl.
But he was killed by Light Yagami.