Friday, June 22, 2012

If I had 100,000 yen now 1B4 Miu

If I had 100,000 yen now, I would buy yukata and swimming suit. Because I would like to go to a fireworks display and a pool. And I would stay Disney hotel using the remaining money. Because I would like to enjoy a panoramic view of the disneysea from a hotel room. If it can do, I would like to enjoy the show.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

1B4 Kei IF I HAD 100,000 NOW

If I had 100,000 ,I would travel around Hokkaido,and see the beautiful nature.
Because I lived in Hakodate in Junior&Senior high school days,and I wanted to see other area.
Especially,I wanna go to Kushiro and Shiretoko ,so east of Hokkaido.
There is a large moor,and I want to see.

If I had 100,000 yen 2B Ryo A

If I had 100,000 yen.
I would like to buy a wallet of the brands. The brand is a BVLGARI.
The price is 60,000 yen from 50,000 yen.
It's because the wallet used now has already become old as the reason that I want a wallet.
I would like to bowling with my friends by remaining money, go to karaoke and hold a alcoholic party.
Without saving money, I think everything is used up.

Takuya If I had 100,000yen now

I would like to a lot.

It is because my favorite play is bowling.

I would like to make much karaoke others.

It is because karaoke becomes streess relief very much.

1b4 kouhei T

If I had 100000yen now,I Would travel a space trip. it could go for about 100000yen in the future.
I Would like to be a direct and to see the universe.I hope that future when everybody go freely.

2B Kinami Free time

My name is kinami.
I played tennis and a byte in free time.
I like tennis , so I play tennis.
Tennis is very pleasant.
Let's play tennis with me!!

2B free time KoheiD

When I am free, I usually work part-time.
At time except it, I make plastic model of Gundam, watch TV , play TV game, run a car, do a variety of things.
I want to make it recently because plastic model of Gumdam increased when I am free.

2B Free time Takuya Mifuyu

A:Hi,What do you usually do in your free time?
B:I will watch a movie on free time.
A:That's very nice! What is your favorite movies?
B:I like funny movies.
A:Did you watch any movie lately?
B:I watch a movie called MIB3.
Do you watch a movie?
A:Yes I do. I watched the movie too.
It was interesting.

2B Free time Mifuyu

I watch a movie on free time.
I like that I watch a movie in a movie theater.
I usually try to rent a DVD it is because there must be money.
I have various genres of film, I like foreign movies in particular.
"The Shawshank Redemption" and "Shutter Island" is a movie I saw
recently that was interesting.
Please look if you have time free to you if.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If I had 100,000 yen now 1B4

If I had 100,000 yen now,I would buy road bike.
I've wanted road bike for a long time.It costs 80,000 yen to buy a road bike.
I am going to go to Katsuura with my friend.

free time 2B Arimitsuk

I usually do netsurfing in my free time.
It is very interesting.
I usually use two hours in a day.
I almost get news there.
I can know many people's thinking.
So,I do netsurfing in my free time.

Our free time 2B DaikiF & TadaK

K:Hi, what do you usually do in your free time?

D:I usually watch baseball game on TV.

K:How often do you watch baseball game?

D:I often watch baseball game almost everyday.

K:What is your favorite team?

D:My favorite team is Chiba Lotte Marines.
How about you?

K:Me too.

D:Oh,really? When do you like Chiba Lotte?

K:I like Chiba Lotte since junior high school.

D:Oh,me too.

Our conversation 2B Arimitsuk & ShunK

K: Hi! What do you do in your free time?
A: I usually do netsurfing in my free time.
K: How many times do you do netsurfing in a day?
A: I usually do two hours in a day.
K: what do you research?
A: I usually research 2channel. How about your free time?
K: I usually watch soccer game?
A: Why do you watch soccer game?
K: It is very exciting.
A: Sounds great! I want to watch soccer game.

Our conversation 2B OomasY&KoheiD

We are talking about animation.

O.Hi!What do you do in your free time?
D.I look at animation.
Especially I like GUNDAM.
Have you seen it?
O.I have not seen.
D.The story of GUNDAM is very interesting and its robot is cool.
Is there any favorite anime?
O.I watched toki wo kakeru shoujo
It was impressed very much.
I like the song of that very much.
Have you seen it?
D.I have not seen.
but I think I will see that when next free time
O.Me too.

If I had 100,000 yen now 1B3 Kotaro

What up ?

I would go on a journey to Hawaii and buy expensive,designer-label clothes. I would use 70,000yen for journey. I would use 30,000yen for designer -label clothes. I like travailing.and I like Burberry.

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1B3 You

If I had 100,000 yen now. I would go shopping. I would use 60,000 yen for personal computer . I would buy clothes and shoes. I want 20,000 yen buy clothes and shoes. Because I want new one. I would deposit 20,000 yen.

Conversation 2B KazueT & ShintaroE

K:Hi, what do you usually do in your free time?

S:I usually sleep for long time.

K:How long do you spend of sleep a day?

S:About 10 hours.

K:Every day?

S:No. Every weekends. How about your free time?

K:I usually wach american football.

S:Oh you do?

K:Yes, I belong to a american football team.

S:Really? Let's talk about it again sometime !

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our free time 2B SatoO & NatsumiM

S:Hi, what do you usually do in free time?

M:I usually read a comics.

S:What comics do you like?

M:I like sport comics. For exsample "Ookiku furikabutte".

S:What sports?

M:This comics was written about baseball.
    How about you ? Do you like reading a comics?

S:Yes, I like "Ahiru no sora".

M:I know it. What do you like character?

S:I like Tobi. He is cool.

M:Me too! Let's talk about other comics sometimes.

Our conversation 2B RyoM&ShigekiF

We are talking about shopping.

S:Hi,what do you usually do in your free time?

R:I go out to shopping.

S:Sound great!Where do you go?

R:I often go to Harajuku.

S:Where in Harajuku?

R:The place that I go well is "SEVENS" and "Candy Stripper".Where do you
go to shopping?

S:Recently,I often go to Shinjuku.

R:That's great!Because I have not done shopping in Shinjuku,shall we go
shopping with me this time if good?

S:It is good!Let's go after a payday.

R:Let's do so it!Then at first let's try a part-time-job hard to go for

Thank you.

If I had 100000yen

Hello.If I have 100000 yen,I buy many short sleev clothes,because it is hot days recently.And,I want to new workman.because, I break favorite workman before,so I haven't workman now.But I'm going to buy new workman.see you. 1B4Kubo.

1B4 Misaki&Jun

A:Hi, what do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually listen to music.
A:How often do you listen to music?
B:If I have free time always.
A:Sounds great.
B:How about you?
A:Me too.
B:Really? Sounds great! Who is your favorite artist?
A:I like GReeeeN.
B:Wow really? Me too! Let's talk more sometime!


1B4 Atsushi

If I had 100,000 yen now , I would get a mortorbike license,
because I've wanted get for a long time. If I had motorbike license,
I go to Maihama with my friends every night!!

If I had 100000yen now

If I had 100,000yen now. I would travel to Korea. Because I want to go abroad.
It costs 30,000yen to go to Korea.
So I think it is interesting to travel in Korea.
I would like to a lot.

It is because my favorite play is bowling.

I would like to make much karaoke others.

It is because karaoke becomes streess relief very much.


If I had 100,000yen now,
I would use 60,000yen for going on a journey to Okinawa.
Save 40,000yen.
In high school I went to Okinawa on class trip

if I had 100000yen now 1b3 takuya

If I had 100000yen now, I would by get nice clothes.
I would use 70000yen for clothes.
The remaining 30000yen are spent on play.


1b3宿題 zen

I would buy a wallet.l want buy a 50000yen Wallet.Because l don't have one.l would buy a wristwatch.l don't have one.

1b3 Akira

If I had 100,000 yen now, I would use 60,000 yen for getting something new to wear. And I would use 10,000 yen for to a expensive barbecue. And I would save 30,000 yen. I love meat.

A:Hi, what do you usually do after scool?

B:I usually have a part time job.

A:How often do you work?

B:4 days a week.

A:You like working!

B:No! but I need money!What do you do after school?

A:I usually play soccer with my friends.

B:I don't play soccer. How often do you play soccer?

A:1 day a week.

B:Do you have part time job?

A:I don't have part time job.

B:Good luck!
Hi,everyone.I have a part time job 4 days a week. I work at a izakaya. He is my friend working together.

1b3 kentaro humiya

A:Hi,what do you usually do after school?
B:I usually have parttimejob.
A:Where do you work?
B:noodle shop.
A:Do you like udon?
B:No... What do you do after school?
A:I usually hang out with my friends.
B:I see. What do you do?
A:I go to a game arcade.
B:I see. Lets got a arcade same time.

Monday, June 18, 2012

1B4 Naomi&Kentaro

A:Hi,what do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually watching TV.
A:Sounds great! What TV program do you like?
 B:I like music program and variety. I favorit program is "EXILEdamashi゛ and "Mechaike".
A:Me too.
B:How about you?
A:I often listen to music and read comic.
B:Whose songs do you listen?
B:I often listened. See you again.


1B4 Takeyuki

I usually read book in my freetime.
I cook dinner and watch TV everyday.
I usually study a lot of subject in my freetime.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1B4 Kubo & Yuki

A: Hi.what do you usually do in your free time.
B: I usually watch TV.

A: sounds great!.How long do you watch TV?
B: 1 hour.

A: Only 1 hour?

B:I'm not jorking.Aren't you ?

A:oh.I watch TV 1 hour.
B:What a fool!

(video - not the final version?)

Takuma & Naoto? Hajime?

A:Hi, What do you usually do in your free time?
B:I do netsurfing in my free time.
A:Sounds great! When did you start?
B:I started it junior high school.
A:I sometimes use internet. What website do you often look at?
B:I often look at 2 channel. How about you?
A:I often look at YouTube.
B:What kind of movie do you watch?
A:I watch PV of music.
B:Me too! Let's seen together another day.


1B4 Takuya

I usually play tennis in my freetime.
Basketball is also played by lesson.
Saturday and Sundays are mixied with a member-of-society team,and hold the game of baseball.
When free in addition it,it is playing with the senior of the circle.
It is substantial everyone.

1B4 KentaroS & Kei

A. Hi what do you usually do your free time?
B. I usually watch anime.
A. Sounds great! How many titles on week?
B. I often watch 4or5 on the week.
A. It sounds fun .
B. I'm really enjoy it. How about you ?
A. I never watched.
B. oh really? What do you in your freetime?
A. I mostly feel sleepy.