Wednesday, June 20, 2012

free time 2B Arimitsuk

I usually do netsurfing in my free time.
It is very interesting.
I usually use two hours in a day.
I almost get news there.
I can know many people's thinking.
So,I do netsurfing in my free time.


  1. Grammar Check6/21/2012 6:20 AM

    Hi Arimitsu, let me check your grammar :-)

    1. ふつう1日2時間は(インターネットを)使います。
    I usually use the Internet for two hours a day.

    2. (インターネットでは)たいていはニュースを得ます。
    Mostly, I get news there.

  2. hello!! my name is kazuki.txt. i also use the internet, but i am not quite familiar with it. i wanna be good on the internet...

  3. hi Arimitsuk,

    how was your day? Yesterday there was a heavy rain in Osaka,while today was sunny as if there was nothing yesterday. every Friday I have two subjects, but today I was absent from one of those which I am interested in because something urgent came up.

    By the way, about the internet, it is a quite good instrument to find a lot of information. at the moment I am trying to get news from it because I haven no television. in fact, I have it, but it doesn't work any more. hahaha
    when someone visited me for collecting a tv license fee, I showed them my broken tv and they turned back without any question to me. it is true that owing to my broken tv, I am able to have more free time than before.


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