Friday, July 3, 2009




Recently, I bought a new game.

Since I didn't have a game until now, I was looking forward to play it.

I play that game in the night. (Becauce playing it is a secret to my parents)

But I must study English.


I want to insist that I dislike studing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Don't miss this new cloth.

English class will condact a test.





271.This announcement is for those who are interested in Asian cuisine.


・I like Asian cuisine.

295.We are happy to announce that we will provide free delivery within the city limits.


・You can use this card within the city limits.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This summer I am going to America with my friends.
We are going to stay in Canada for ten days.
We would like to go shopping and study English.

So you're going to both America and Canada?


After school went to KARAOKE at 2:30.
I am very fun!
I went to again.
Yesterday is enjoyed day!!!



After school I went to KARAOKE at 2:30. It was a lot of fun!
I want to go there again. I had a good time yesterday!!!

Grammar Ib 日記

I went to shopping after school yesterday.
But I had little money.
Because I didn't buy pants.
I was sad.
So I will go to shopping after school.
I went shopping after school yesterday.
But I had little money, so I didn't buy pants. I was sad.
So I will go shopping again today.


I would like to introduce my favorite movie"Totoro".
I don'to know this movie's main charactor. I think it is Sathuki.Sathuki is a elder sister of Mei. She is very stable!

Sathuki lives in an old house with her father and Mei. Her mother is in hospital.One day,
she and Mei met Totoro! Then, they become good friends.

In summer, her mother's condition became bad. She goes to a house which has a telephone. On the way to the house, Mei gets lost. Sathuki noticed this happening when she came home. All the people in the village look for her. While Sathuki is searching her sister, she met Totoro again!! It calls a bus "Neko-bus" and she ride it. The direction is "Mei". She found her sister near the mother's hospital. Two girls rode the Neko-bus and went to the hospital.

This movie was made by Hayao Miyazaki. I could think of my family and wanted to meet Totoro! This is valuable to see.

Trailer (YouTube)


Today I ate a lunch.
It is slad & bread.
After that I slept all the times.
I got up at 7:30.
I watching TV now.

Today I ate salad and bread for lunch.
After that I slept all the times.
I got up at 7:30.
I am watching TV now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Grammar 日記

I did fortune-telling with my mother.
I am quids in this year.
I want to meet a whole variety of people.
And I want to gain in experience.
I want to be good guy!



I did fortune-telling with my mother.
I am lucky with money this year.

I want to meet a whole variety of people.
And I want to gain a lot of experience.
I want to be a good guy!


I did the room cleaning in Saturday.

I felt refreshed!

Yesterday, I finished homework.



How long did it take to finish your homework?


I went to children's clothing department .

TOEIC Vocab : for W11(June 29)

Unit 5: Set 1 - Set 3

Sunday, June 28, 2009

He studied for five consecutive hours.
This movie ensured her fame as an actress.
By 208019 moriya rimi.

Power up the Internet with Yahoo! Toolbar.


5 years old, a girl came to the temple.
Her name is momoko. she was quiet and did not smile.
But she met there an ascetic.
His name is Tenryu.
It was beginning.

Peopke are banned to smoke during walking in Sannomiya.



Yesterday,I went to cafe and talked with my friend a lot.
After getting home I saw the movie"Notting Hill".
This is love story about famous actress and an average bookseller.
I like this movie.I also like theme song"she".
If you haven't seen this movie I recommend seeing it.


Notting Hill - Trailer (YouTube)

We have to raise funds in order to start new business.



I would like to report on "Yomei 1kagetsu no hanayome".
This movie which theme is breast cancer.
The woman unexpectedly get breast cancer,and the couple were bowed down with sorrow.
But they decide to content with the cancer.
This movie telling us the importance of life.
This is the sad story,but after seeing it we will realize we should live our best without regret.
I recommend it because it will change us something!


361:She brought a piece of baggage for me.



365:Our car crawled through the jammed traffic.