Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Miyazawa & Omasa

Our favorite action movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean : the curse of the Black pearl".
Released in 2003. It was directed by Goa Verbiski. It stars Jonny Depp
and Orlando Bloom.
This film describes a caribbean sea.
The pirates got a gold medal.This medal is curses. They became an undead.
They abduct the heroine.Jack sparrow and Wil turner go to help the
Jack sparrow was a captain of pirate ship.
but,He was betrayed to by Barubossa.Barubossa bacame a captain of pirate
Jack is fought for other persons and revenge to himself.
My favorite scene is the fighting to a sword.I love this scene's BGM.
We love Jack Sparrow.He is very smartly snd strong.
And his expression is good.
Barubossa changes into undead by moon light.
His body is like a bone by visual effects.
If you like action movie,you'll buy this DVD.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Review - 2B Ryo A and Shiro K

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is a magic fantasy film.

World view:
The film describes a magic world , where harry and his friends learn magic
in "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Main character:
Harry Potter is witch.
He was sent to every lonely bullied also Dudley Dursley cousin of the
same age.

Favorite scene:
Our favorite scene are the fight scene with the giant chess.
The scene is exciting.

He is active in Quidditch.
Quidditch is a ball game do witch riding a broom.

What we like the best about the movie is their witch action using magic.
And he cast a spell with a cane of floating objects or I like attack.

Spider-Man3 - Review - 2B Takayuki and Shintaro


The Spider-Man3 is hero fiction action film.Released in 2007, it was written and directed by Sam Raimi. It stars Tobey Maguire.

The film presents a comic world. Spider-Man protects citizen of NY from danger. But one day, two villains appear and torture him.

Main character
Prefer Parker is university student in NY. He was bitten by special spider and got a super power and he becomes to Spider-Man .

Leading characters
Other leading characters are MJ and Harry. Perter hopes to marry with MJ. Harry is Perter's best friend.

One day, he was possessed by black body, and he changed black Spider-Man and wounds his friend and girlfriend. While he is worried about it, two villain appear and torment Perter.

Our favorite scene where Perter and Harry struggles joint against villains.

This is very cool CG and action movie. The person who likes American comics would enjoy this movies, we recommend this movie!!!

Thank you( ̄Д ̄)ノ

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Arimitsu & Tone

The Movie's title is Pirate of Caribbean.
The establishment is piratical world.
The hero of this movie is Jack Sparrow.Cast is the Johnny Depp.He is
He adventures the sea. He stands up to many difficulty.
My favorite scene is Jack entered Kraken's mouth.This scene is a symbol
of his brave heart.
What I like the best about the movie is a lot of pirates fight with
using a lot of arms. About this, I think it is exciting.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie 2B Arimitsu

I like watching movies. My favorite genre is action, because it is
exciting. My favorite movie is Resident Evil. This movie is appeared by
a lot of Zombies. I feel sick about it. When it attack people, I feel
afraid, but it is interesting too. I want to watch a this movie again.

Iron Man - Review - KentaK & Yuma 1B4


Iron man is a science-fiction action film,released in 2008.
It was directed by Jon Favreau. It stars Robert Downey JR, Terrence Howord, and Jeff Bridges.

The film describes a near future world. The iron man can demonstrate very strong power. He is CEO of Stark Industris. Tony Stark has gifted inventive ability. He graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the chief at the age of 17. He developed the powered suit,in order to escape from a terrorist organization. The powered suit was improved and the mark 3 was completed. He decides to fight for the world.

My favorite scene is when Tony Stark wearing a "Powered Suit" for the first time. What I like the best about the movie is an "Iron man " flying so high in the sky, and fight against enemies.

You'll sure love this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - KentaF, Miu & Maya 1B4

"The pirates of the Caribbean" is a action film, released in 2003. It was written and directed by Gore Verbinski,Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. It stars Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightray. The film describes 18 century in Caribbean. Jonny Depp is a Pirates. He is very cool but he loves women. What he is want. When Barbossa attempts to kill Elizabeth, Jack shoots. Barbossa as will drops the last. Two medallions, stained with his and Jacks blood, into the chest. No longer immortal, Barbossa collapses and dies. My favorite scene is when Barbossa was killed by Jacks. The story may be simple, but if you like fantasy or action movies, you'll sure love this movies.

となりのトトロ - Review - Kentaro & Atsushi 1B4


"Tonari no Totoro" is a Japanese animation film, released in 1988. It was made GHIBLI. This film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The film describes a Japan in 1955s. The first was thought by Miyazaki Hayao in 1970s. The motif is green settlement in Japan. The heroine is Satsuki and May. They are sisters. Totoro is forest master and ancient creature. One day, they met Totoro in forest. They did wonderful experience when they played with Totoro. My favorite scene is Satsuki board in the Nekobus. Nekobus is very cute and fast. This scene was Satsuki went to May.

Titanic - Review - Review - Takuma & Kubo 1B4


"Titanic" is a love romance film, released in 1997. It was written and directed by James Cameron. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The film describes the Titanic, are luxury ship. The time of a film is April 10, 1912. Jack Dawson is a young man who travels around the world. Rose Dewitt Bukater is a daughter of the family almost bankrupt. Titanic crashes into an iceberg. And it is exposed to the crisis of sinking. However the impression of two main actor's performance is not remain. They are splendid actor now.

Seven - Review - Otani & Jun 1B4


Exit through the Gift Shop - Review - Ryosuke & Hidetoshi 1B4


Exit through the gift shop marks the future-films debut of notorious street artist Banksy.

The documentary's focus is French-born L.A. thrift-shop owner Thierry Guetta. Therry guetta was always working around with video camera.

One day Thierry Guetta finds a graffit artists and came to follow. It succeeds in he getting to know existence of famous British graffity artist called Banksy to the midst and contacting it with him.

Thierry makes a movie from Banksy, he fails,and he converts to a graffti artist after that.

Thierry uses media well and succeeds in an un expected thing as graffity artist.

Banksy wanted to tell that media look at only the surface of things throtgh this movie.

My favorite scene to which Banksy drew the picture on the wall of Israel. Because, it is since it is the crazy act of drawing while threatened by a gun.

Thank you.

Detective Conan: Crossroads in the Ancient Capitol - Review - Misaki & Naomi


"Detective Conan - Crossroads in the Ancient Capitol" is 7th movie, released in 2003. It's a suspense movie. The film describes spring in Kyoto. Conan goes to Kyoto with Ran and Kogoro. They meet Heiji and Kazuha. Conan is shinichi. He was drinking drag when he changed child. Shinichi is famous detective in Kanto. Heiji is high school student. He is famous detective in Kansai. One night, Genjibotaru member killed by strange man. He has Okina. Kogoro is asked to missing Buddhist image. And Kazuha is abduction. Do they Buddhist image and Kazuha. My favorite scene is when Heiji fight. He has kendo license. He is strong and cool. My favorite scene is when Shinichi and Ran meet in forest in Kyoto. They haven't meet for a long time.

Another - Review - Kei & KentaroS 1B4


"Another" is horror nobel which is published in2009 written by Yukito Ayatuji. This work is very popular in Japan so be media mixed in comic, animation and movie. This story is the class where in yomiyama which has mystery horror, Deceased mingle in the class. Main characters are Koichi and Mei. Koichi is changed his school at Yomiyama junior high school. And Mei is mysterious girl. In the class Mei is regarded unexistence. When in the middle examination first deceased appear. My favorite scene is the last scene ,when Koichi knows Deceased. Then, he decided what to do. This work has many gap at many media. Especially in Animation, which is very emphasis on terror. The story is very scare, but if you like mystery or horror,you will love this work.

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi - Review - Kohei & Yuki


"Sen to chihiro no kamikakusi" is a fantasy film, released in 2001. It was written and directed by Miyazaki hayao. The film describes unreal world. Chihiro was gone to unreal world to real world. She glides in unreal world. Chihiro is met haku in unreal world. She was get on way to life at haku. Kaonashi is pop in work placeat Chihiro He is most impressed monster. My favorlte scene is when Cihiro and Kaonashi ride on train. Because it is very artistic scene. This movie is very throb.

Totoro - Review - Naoto & KoheiT 1B4


TOTORO Is a long animation work of Japan of the studio Ghibli work. The fantasy which made the stage Japan of the first half of the Showa 30s. Exchange with the wonderful living things "TOTORO" called on "evil spirit" is dawn with the azalea of the kusakabe family who has moved to the country, and May sisters. Look at the picture. The left big monster is a Totoro. Center girl is May. Right girl is Satuki. Our favorite seen is a cat buss scuttles. This seen is very speedy. This movie is loved by the person of various age layers. Thank you for listening. Bye.

Mr & Mrs Smith - Review - Kotaro 1B3

Mr & Mrs Smith

The Mr.&Mrs.SMITH is a spy movie.It was directed by Doug Liman and wrritten by Simon Kinberg.
This movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.They play the roles of the two
main characters,John and Jane.They are a couple, but they hide from each other that they are professiomal killers.
One day they are ordered to kill each other.My favorite scene is when John and Jane help each other, though their companies are hostile to each other. This is a great spy movie.

1B3 Outrage - Review - Takuya

Outrage (Movie)

1b3 Call of Duty Black ops - Yuta

Call of Duty Black ops

1b3 One Piece - Review - Fumiya

One piece is a popular Japanese manga. It was written by Eiichiro Oda. This manga was released in December,1997. You can read it in Weekly Shonen jump.The main character is Monkey D. Luffy. I like him because he is an honest boy. If you like a story of friendship and adventure, you will like this.