Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Totoro - Review - Naoto & KoheiT 1B4


TOTORO Is a long animation work of Japan of the studio Ghibli work. The fantasy which made the stage Japan of the first half of the Showa 30s. Exchange with the wonderful living things "TOTORO" called on "evil spirit" is dawn with the azalea of the kusakabe family who has moved to the country, and May sisters. Look at the picture. The left big monster is a Totoro. Center girl is May. Right girl is Satuki. Our favorite seen is a cat buss scuttles. This seen is very speedy. This movie is loved by the person of various age layers. Thank you for listening. Bye.


  1. I watched this movie too.
    I iove GIBURI.
    TOTORO is very cute.

  2. Hi, I love Ghibli's films, but I haven't watched this yet. I didn't know that the story is set in the 30's. It'll sure make me feel nostalgic. And I love fantasies, so I must watch it!

  3. I watched this movie too. This movie is interesting. Misaki


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