Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean - Review - 2B Miyazawa & Omasa

Our favorite action movie is "Pirates of the Caribbean : the curse of the Black pearl".
Released in 2003. It was directed by Goa Verbiski. It stars Jonny Depp
and Orlando Bloom.
This film describes a caribbean sea.
The pirates got a gold medal.This medal is curses. They became an undead.
They abduct the heroine.Jack sparrow and Wil turner go to help the
Jack sparrow was a captain of pirate ship.
but,He was betrayed to by Barubossa.Barubossa bacame a captain of pirate
Jack is fought for other persons and revenge to himself.
My favorite scene is the fighting to a sword.I love this scene's BGM.
We love Jack Sparrow.He is very smartly snd strong.
And his expression is good.
Barubossa changes into undead by moon light.
His body is like a bone by visual effects.
If you like action movie,you'll buy this DVD.

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