Monday, December 31, 2012

My memory of the year 2B Daiki.F

This year, my best memory is Nothing in particular,
But if I write it daringly, I get a driver'license in a spring vacation.

I took nothing after I entered the cuc,
I accomplished something for the first time since I entered cuc.

Next year, I want to make an effort in bookkeeping in particular.

2B Takayuki.N My best memory of the year.

My best memory of the year is I played a futsal with my old friends recently.

Since I met them after a long time and they changed appearance, I was very surprised.

But they didn't change a character at all lol.

Futsal is the sport of a five-person system, but this time in all fourteen person, so we did it seven-person system.

The court was very crowded, so I had a difficult time finding pass course and keeping a ball(ー ー;)

Next day, I had muscular pain...

I'm looking forward to do to with my old friends again on Coming of Age Day!

2B "My most impressive memory of the year" Ryo.M

Hello, everyone.
It is license training camp that it was the most impressive in 2012 of me.
It went from August to Tochigi for two weeks.

I got the friend in large numbers at the training camp place.
Then, the friend who met had the person of various views and was two very stimulative weeks.
And many things were studied simultaneously.
For example, considering a partner's thing and the thing which he considered are telling a partner firmly.

I think that I was able to obtain the more important thing rather than license of a car.
I would like to make it the year which gets used to those who can hear more nearly various persons' voice next year.