Monday, December 31, 2012

2B Takayuki.N My best memory of the year.

My best memory of the year is I played a futsal with my old friends recently.

Since I met them after a long time and they changed appearance, I was very surprised.

But they didn't change a character at all lol.

Futsal is the sport of a five-person system, but this time in all fourteen person, so we did it seven-person system.

The court was very crowded, so I had a difficult time finding pass course and keeping a ball(ー ー;)

Next day, I had muscular pain...

I'm looking forward to do to with my old friends again on Coming of Age Day!

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  1. It must've been a lot of fun that so many old friends got together! I can imagine 14 would be too many, but it sounds like you enjoyed playing futsal in the crowded coat ^^


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