Monday, November 19, 2012

My school festival 1B4 katada

I made YAKISOBA on the school festival when I was a high school student.
many people came our shop.The menu was sold out.
I couldc,t ate YAKISOBA. I felt sorry.

About watching movies 2B Ryo Murashita

Hello everyone!

I like movies.
I like appreciating it slowly in a house, but after all like to watch in a movie theater.
This is because it is powerful with an atmosphere to be able to taste only there.
A lot of favorite movies have me, but the thing which I watched "is the Scripture of the evil" recently in that.
This is a Japanese movie, but, please do not watch the weak heart because there are the thrill such as the foreign film and the grotesque scene.

And it is good to watch the movie alone, but wants to go to watch it with somebody soon.(^^)

Thank you.

2B movie ShunK

My favorite move is Harry Potter.
I don't see most of the movie.
But I saw the series of Harry Potter all.
Because there are many atractions of Harry Potter.
It is such as romance and friendship and battles.
Please try to see this movie.
You will probably be impressed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

watching movies 2B RyoutaN

I like watching movies.
I watch a movie in one month.
My favorite genre is action.
the action film seen recently "The Expendables2"
A performer is very gorgeous.
Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li,
dolph Lundgren, etc.
If there is a recommended movie also in others, I want you to teach.

School festival 2B RyotaN

School festival when I was in high school.
My homeroom class made a haunted house.
Preparation took time very much.
However, the time which is preparing was the most pleasant.
I would like to do a cultural festival all together again.