Saturday, July 28, 2012

2B Tada Summer (Special)

The plan of my summer vacation is three. One is to study the civil
service examination using summer vacation ; as for the examination
consisting of test subjects at all many as for the civil service
examination this is because it is it. In addition, this is because it
does not have a hard time later if it begins it early. I want to
certainly become the public employee who is an occupation more stable
than a private enterprise in the future. A civil service examination
is the examination that a pass by the self-education has difficult.
Therefore I go to the technical school of the civil service
examination using summer vacation and intend to study.

The second plan of summer vacation is a part-time job. I work
part-time job in me, the restaurant which there is now near home. I
enter basically on Saturday on Sunday and a holiday, but want to work
part-time now on weekdays if there is time in the summer vacation.
When there is such an opportunity because it is thought that a person
is insufficient during a period of the Bon vacation in particular, I
work and want to save money. I want to work part-time while thinking
about balance with the study because August is time to be able to make
money most. I want to spend the money that I entered by a part- time
job for an expense to go to the technical school of the civil service

I think to go to the driving school to take the driver's license
because I am running out of time even if the third intends to go so
far and was not able to readily go. This is because it can drive a car
if it takes the license of the car. It is convenient in various ways
when I have a car. For example, I perform it by bicycle now, but I
become comfortable to some extent than now and am practiced the
driving even if I go for a
part-time job in the case of me if there is a car. Furthermore, I am
useful I carry baggage , and to move. In addition, it is convenient
than I use the train when I go out somewhere.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

my favorite place 2b takahashi

My favorite place is a veranda of my house.
It is cool,and it is very comfortable night.

My free time 2b takahashi

The time when I am free takes care of and passes the tool of baseball.
Since it is continuing from the time of a high school , it can not stop.
However, this time is time to feel at ease very much for me.
I am very glad if care can be done finely.

If I had 100,000 yen now 2b takahashi

If I had 100,000yen now.
I would like to buy clothes.
And I want to go to a travel.
However, reality does not work.
I would like to make it actual in the day of when.

Travel 2b Takahashi

I want to go to USA.
Baseball is very prosperous in this country.
And food is also very delicious.
It is a country which wants to say by that as used in the field of once.

My summer vacation Plan

> My summer vacation plan is going to Kinugawa onsen.
> This travel is a travel of a seminar.
> Since I like a hot spring, I am very pleasure.
> Since the member of a seminar is very close,
> the lesson is very pleasant.
> I would like to make many recollections.

2B summer mifuyu

My summer vacation plan is I return to my hometown Fukushima in August.
Take a photograph of coming of age ceremony.
And there is a memorial service for grandmother.
I go to cheer up because there is a convention of the club in Sendai.
I also meet with friends after a long time.
I am looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer plan 2B KinjoS

My summer vacation plan is going to Okinawa.I'm going to sea with my friends.I think trying to BBQ on the sea.
In addition,I'm gonna play baseball and bowling with my friends.
I'm looking forward to summer vacation!

If I had 100,000 yen now 2B KinjoS

If I had 100,000yen now.I want to go on a trip.I want to go Hokkaido.I have  been to Hokkaido.I would to play ski.I want eat something delicious food.

My summer vacation 2B Arimitsu

My summer vacation plan is watching to go baseball games with my friends.
I will go to Tokyo dome, and I will watch Giants's games.
I am not a Giants's supporter, But my friends is a Giants's supporter.
So I will watch to go Giants's games.
The team is strong in this year, So I think The games becomes exciting.
I hope the team's players show us the best performance.
I look forward to the game now, and I want to go soon now.

1B4 Maya

Hello. I´m listing to music and talking with my friends. My favorite singer is Katou Miriya. I enjoy talking with my friends.

1B4 Maya summer plan

My summer plan is go back to my hometown. I want to meet family and friends and my pretty dog. I would like to enjoy this summer vacation.

If I had 100,000 yen now 1B4 Maya

If I had 100,000 yen now, I would go to abroad. Because the foreign scene is loved. Since it has gone only to Europe, I would like to go also to the United States or South Korea.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tour1B4 Ootani and Ootani.ver2

A:Which tour do we want to take tomorrow? 
B:How much can we spend? 
A:Well,I can spend up to about 200dollars. 
B:Ok . would you go to Hokaidou ?
where is a best place 
A:it is nice idea !! I like a sea urchin 
B:let's make money 

free time 1B4 Ootani me and my brother

A:Hi, What do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually play minesweeper . 
A:I see. How often do you play to minesweeper ? 
B:If I have free time  How about you? 
A: I usually use PC 
B:you should not waste your time 
A:It's none of your business!!

my Sumer break 1B4 Ootani

Feast time I must get money because I want buy bike this sumer break and I will go around Japan by bike next sumer break
second I have to go to Comike with my cousin 

my free time 1B4 Ootani

I play mah-jong to kill time but because I pley mah-jong  all night 
get bothered next day and look anime because I like robot which is my roman 

1b4 ryosuke n travel

I wanna go to Hokkaido,because I want to eat Sapporo-ramen and so on.


1b4 ryosuke n If I had 100000yen now

If I had 100000yen now,I would save money,because I have no money.I want to money. I wanna be rich.


1b4 ryosuke n Freetime

I usually listening to music.I usually read book in my free time.


1b4 ryosuke n

my holiday was very boring.i did myhomework during holiday.


1B4 K.kouhei summer plan

Hi everyone. My summer vacation plan is bear up in various things. Practice on the band and baseball very hard. I do my best so that the game of baseball can be win!! I go to driving school and do one's best it. I work hard part time job. And I play with my friends.

Monday, July 23, 2012

1B4 Misaki summer plan

My summer plan is go back to my hometown. I hang out with my friends and go to fireworks display and so on. Also I would like to study. And I take part in lodge together of the committee. If I have plenty of time, I want to go pool after a long time. I try to various things. I would like to enjoy this summer vacation.

1B4 Miu summer plan

Hello. My summer plan is going to various places. For example, Disney Land, pool and fireworks display etc... In order to eat a delicious thing, I go out with my friends. However, the concrete destination had not been decided yet. And I would like to challenge a bungee jump. I heard that it can be performed, when going to Yomiuri Land. I will go to part time job 2 or 3 time per week. I would like to enjoy the summer vacation!

1B4 Atsushi.K

Hello. My summer plan is playing anyhow. or part-time job do hard.
I would like to study and to also obtain qualification. I want to take motorcycle license.
There is something to do anyhow a lot.
I hear that a college student's summer vacation is long.
I think that I will challenge various things and will and spend the significant summer vacation.

1B4 Kentaro.I

I want to go to sea or pool this year. Especially, I want to go to sea in Hawaii. Actually, this plan is expensive. On that account, I will go to pool. Others, I must do a part-time-job. I work convenience store. Others, I want to play softtennis with my friends. I played softtennis but I don't play softtennis now. I don't play softtennis smesters. I want to challenge to various things.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

1B4 Yuma summer plan

Hi.My summer plan is part-time job.I study of bookkeeping very hard.
I would like to study hard towards taking an examination of the 3grade.I study English hard.The money earned by part-time job to buy my personal computer.
If money has a margin,I want to buy a road bike.I want to enjoy playing with my friends.I'd like to enjoy the summer vacation.See you.