Saturday, July 28, 2012

2B Tada Summer (Special)

The plan of my summer vacation is three. One is to study the civil
service examination using summer vacation ; as for the examination
consisting of test subjects at all many as for the civil service
examination this is because it is it. In addition, this is because it
does not have a hard time later if it begins it early. I want to
certainly become the public employee who is an occupation more stable
than a private enterprise in the future. A civil service examination
is the examination that a pass by the self-education has difficult.
Therefore I go to the technical school of the civil service
examination using summer vacation and intend to study.

The second plan of summer vacation is a part-time job. I work
part-time job in me, the restaurant which there is now near home. I
enter basically on Saturday on Sunday and a holiday, but want to work
part-time now on weekdays if there is time in the summer vacation.
When there is such an opportunity because it is thought that a person
is insufficient during a period of the Bon vacation in particular, I
work and want to save money. I want to work part-time while thinking
about balance with the study because August is time to be able to make
money most. I want to spend the money that I entered by a part- time
job for an expense to go to the technical school of the civil service

I think to go to the driving school to take the driver's license
because I am running out of time even if the third intends to go so
far and was not able to readily go. This is because it can drive a car
if it takes the license of the car. It is convenient in various ways
when I have a car. For example, I perform it by bicycle now, but I
become comfortable to some extent than now and am practiced the
driving even if I go for a
part-time job in the case of me if there is a car. Furthermore, I am
useful I carry baggage , and to move. In addition, it is convenient
than I use the train when I go out somewhere.

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