Saturday, July 21, 2012

My summer plan is part time job
and driving school!!
I want to take a car license!!
Another I want to enjoy playing
with my friends!
I have a plans go to beef broil!
I am very fun with beef broil.

Friday, July 20, 2012

1B4 kubo summer plan

Hello.My summer plan is busy.I'm going to fitness club,because I want to slim body.It is difficult to achieve.But I will try it and more practice.I have to study English too,because I want to master TOEIC.Summer time is very hot,but I do one's best.see you.

1B4 Kei Summer Plan

Hi,I'm kei.
In summer vacation, I have part-time-job for supplement scool and Kendo-dojo.
And, I have to study for some exam. Commercial bookkeeping 2Grade・FP3 Grade.
Especially ,FP3Grade is take in 9,Septemver.
What's more ,I'll trip to Izu in 5〜7、Augast with family ,and to Hakodate and Sapporo in 26〜28、August with friends .
So I'll very busy this summer ,but I'll enjoy it.
Let's have best vacation!! 

2B RyoM & RyoA

2B Oomasa & Nakano

2B Shigeki & Arimitsu

2B Abe & Tada

2B Daiki & Natsumi

2B Mifuyu & Kazue

2B Kinami & Nagai

2B Nakao & Shun

2B Kohei & Otohiko

2B Miyazawa & Takayuki

2B Toshiyuki & Naoto

2B Kinjo & Shintaro

2B Takuma & Tone

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My summer vacation plan 2B DaikiF

My summer vacation plan is nothing.
I won't part time job, and club activities.
I love to stay at home too, I want to rest oneself.
If go out, very warm and to sweat.
Anyway, I'd like to sleep late everyday.
Maybe, this ways to spend time is meaningful for me.

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2B KoheiD Summer plan

I have a lot of plan in summer vacation.
At first I will go to Atami to swim in the sea with my friends at high school.
Then, I will play baseball with the my friends in baseball stadium.
And I will go to the concert of AKB48 in Tokyo Dome.
However, I don't only play.
I work the part-time job and study too.
Let's enjoy summer vacation.
Thank you!

2B KoheiD If I had

If I had 100,000yen.
I want to acquire the license of the motorcycle .
I have the license of the car.
However, I don't have a car, and car is very expensive.
It is difficult to buy it for the salary my part-time job.
However, the motorcycle isn't more expensive then a car.
I acquire the license of the motorcycle sometime and purchase a motorcycle and want to do a trip in Japan.
Thank you!

2B Summer Plan ShunK

My summer vacation plan is going to Kyoto amd Osaka with follow of the
I have been looking forward to going now.
In Kyoto,we make the traditional sweets of kyoto.
In addition,in Osaka,we visited the Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku.
I think I do enjou a lot with friends.
Also,during the summer vacation to return to my home.
I am really looking forward to not go back for only two or three times
in one year.
I think I want to spend the day so rich.
This is my plan for the summer.
Thank you!

My Summer vacation 2B ShintaroE

My summer plan is come back my home town Niigata by my friend drives car.
My home town held coming‐of‐age ceremony in summer.
Because my home town's many young people live in other prefecture.
So, I want to see and talk with friend when I was junior high student.
However, I have no other plan.
I want decide summer plan before vacation.

Travel 2b Shintaro

I want visit to Italy.
Italy has a lot of a world heritage and beautiful street.
I want to visit Colosseum and San Pietro cathedrals.
In cathedrals,I want to see Michelangelo's sculpture.
And I like Italian food.
If I would visit to Italy, I want to eat delicious pizza and pasta.

if I had 100,000 yen 2B Shintaro

If I had 100,000yen now.
I would go to Kyoto and Nara.
Because I have never visit to Kyoto and Nara.
I want visit to Kiyomizudera,Kinkakuji and Nijo castle.
And I want to see Great Buddha of Nara and deer.

Freetime 2b ShintaroE

I have no hobby.
So,I usually watch TV and sleep in my free time.
However,Last month, I was invited by my friend to watch soccer game.
The soccer game begin Urawa Reds vs Albirex Niigata in Saitama stadium.
I support to my local team Albirex Niigata. It was very excited.
Since , I little intrested about soccer. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer plan 2B Minaguchi

My summer plan is part-time job and anime's event.
My part-time job is cash register of the supermarket.
An interesting person sometimes comes in the supermarket. So I am enjoying.
Another summer plan is to participate in an anime's event.
I do a costume play at the event.
The event is held in all over Japan.
So it is one of the pleasure that I can go to the various places.
I think I will enjoy this summer.

2B Miyazawa My summer vacation

I will go to travel with members of the club.
Okinawa is the place to go annual.
Last year,or go to the beach, shopping at the American Village.
Had been very rich. WE hope that happily go again this year.
In addition, children in volunteer activies and camp with the club
This annual event, but also, I want fun.
You want a lot of various things this year.
So you have savings because there is no money now.

Summer plan 2B Takayuki.N

There are three my plan during the summer vacation.

First, I'd like to find a part-time job.
I'm gonna serve also as practice of cooking and to do in a restaurant!

Next, I'd come to like to be able to play the guitar well.
So, I'm gonna practice hard that!
Since I love rock'n'roll and the tone of a guitar excites me^^

Finally, I'm gonna study every day, in order to obtain the qualification of bookkeeping.

In addition, I'm gonna play soccer and bowlingwith my friend to enjoy the summer vacation fully!!!

Thank you(^O^)

2B Summer plans Naoto

Hi,I'm Naoto.
The plans of summer vacation are going to the sea,and attending a fireworks display.
Although it is in others , it will be this the first half of August.
I am going to sea with my friends.
First, I would like to go to the sea and to get tanned.
And, I and my friends swim in the sea.
Finally, I would like to make fireworks.
I attend a fireworks display on August 11.
It is performed in Yachiyo.
I like eat food of opening a shop and see fireworks.
From now on, it is very pleasure.
Thank you!!!

2B urasawat Summer Plan

I have much schedule in the summer vacation.

The first is going by car to travel to Kyushu.

I was born in Nagasaki Prefecture.

However, since I moved to Kanagawa Prefecture when I was young, I do not remember Nagasaki Prefecture.

Therefore, I would like to go to Nagasaki Prefecture.

And I would like to go to the hot spring in Oita Prefecture.

A return trip is due to visit Oita Prefecture, Hiroshima Prefecture, Kagawa Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Osaka, and Aichi Prefecture.

I think that the travel is about one week.

It is very pleasure!

2B Abe summer plan

I go to the sea in this summer.
Therefore I enjoy it when I do a barbecue.
And I play fireworks.
I enter the sea in the sea and swim.
I play beach volleyball on the beach and play.
Because it is a summer valuable rest,I want to enjoy it.
Thank you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1B4 Japanese Food

1B4 Kyoto

1B4 Soccer & Baseball

1B4 TV programs & Musicians

1B4 Hobby

1B$ Trip to Niagara

1B4 Vocaloid

1B4 Japan

1B4 Tokyo

1B4 Euro2012

1b4 Disney Movies

Naoto & Maya

1B4 Japanese Culture

1B3 Ramen Shop Naritake

1B3 Kobe

1B3 Karuizawa

1B3 Oahu

1B3 Spain

1B3 Table tennis

1B3 Hawaii

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2B Miyazawa
Italy tour

Summer plan 2B Nagai R

My summer vacation plan is going to Enoshima to travel with my friend.
l lake aquarium. It is because I am going to shinEnoshima aquarium.
I would like to eat shirasudon.
I would like to see a beautiful night view.

Summer Plan 2B Ryo A

My summer plan is to go out to play in a sea.
I'd like to do BBQ by the sea and catch a turban shell and eat.
There were no chances to go last year immediately near the sea.
So I'd like to go on parents' home of my fatherhood this year.
And I go to a license training camp from the end of August.
For about 2 weeks, it's expected to go to Akagi in Gunma.
Besides I also go out to play with a friend of seminar, and I play soccer, and if, I have a plan variously.
They're the special summer holidays, so I'd like also to go to fresh seafood to eat.
I'm worried about money.