Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Summer vacation 2B ShintaroE

My summer plan is come back my home town Niigata by my friend drives car.
My home town held coming‐of‐age ceremony in summer.
Because my home town's many young people live in other prefecture.
So, I want to see and talk with friend when I was junior high student.
However, I have no other plan.
I want decide summer plan before vacation.


  1. I'm sorry.
    I forget write title "2B Shitaro"

  2. Thanks, Shintaro. I'll add your name.

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  4. Hi, Shintaro. I'm Coco.
    Congratulations for your coming-of-age day!!
    I really enjoyed reunion party with lots of my friends two years ago, however I was too excited at Karaoke and lost my voice for a few days after it lol Anyway, have so much fun and be careful of too much drinking.


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