Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2B Summer plans Naoto

Hi,I'm Naoto.
The plans of summer vacation are going to the sea,and attending a fireworks display.
Although it is in others , it will be this the first half of August.
I am going to sea with my friends.
First, I would like to go to the sea and to get tanned.
And, I and my friends swim in the sea.
Finally, I would like to make fireworks.
I attend a fireworks display on August 11.
It is performed in Yachiyo.
I like eat food of opening a shop and see fireworks.
From now on, it is very pleasure.
Thank you!!!

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  1. Hello Naoto,
    It looks so fun on the beach in the pictures.
    I like to watch fireworks too.
    Also I enjoy eating such a junk food in a street stall. Have a fun on the vacation!


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