Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Plan 2B Ryo A

My summer plan is to go out to play in a sea.
I'd like to do BBQ by the sea and catch a turban shell and eat.
There were no chances to go last year immediately near the sea.
So I'd like to go on parents' home of my fatherhood this year.
And I go to a license training camp from the end of August.
For about 2 weeks, it's expected to go to Akagi in Gunma.
Besides I also go out to play with a friend of seminar, and I play soccer, and if, I have a plan variously.
They're the special summer holidays, so I'd like also to go to fresh seafood to eat.
I'm worried about money.


  1. Hi Ryo,

    You have a lot of plans already! Where is your father's parents' home? Is it near the sea, I guess?

    Have fun there and good luck at your driving school.

    BTW, I didn't know "sazae" is called turban shells in English. Yeah, they sure look like turbans!

  2. Hello, Ryo.
    Wow, you go to sea and eat some seafoods?
    I envy you.
    I like to have a BBQ too!
    I want to go to the sea..
    I hope you don't lost your all money.


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