Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer plan 2B Nagai R

My summer vacation plan is going to Enoshima to travel with my friend.
l lake aquarium. It is because I am going to shinEnoshima aquarium.
I would like to eat shirasudon.
I would like to see a beautiful night view.


  1. Hi Nagai,

    I've never been to Enoshima. How long does it take from Ichikawa to Enoshima? About an hour?

    I guess you wanted to say you like aquariums so you're going to go to Shin Enoshima aquarium. A great plan! Have fun and share your story later!

  2. Hi, Nagai!
    I never been to Enoshima, too.
    What is famous in Enoshima?
    I also want to go aquarium.
    Have a nice vacation!!


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