Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Vacation Ya-a(A)&Sugar(B) 2B

A:How was your break?
B:I had parttime job in a New year`s day.
A:Oh,,,That`s too bad! I slept all day long in New year`s day .
B:I feel sorry for you,Did you go to anywhere New year`s eve?
A:I went to Sensou temple and Kameido temple by bicycle.
B:Bicycle!? You are crazy! Wasn`t it cold?
A:Yes,of course! but I went together with the friend, I enjoyed.
B:It was good!
A:Then, it is since it is time,see you.
B:See you.

My New Year's Resolution 2B Ya-a

My name is Ya-a.
My New Year's Resolution is get to same licence,
because I want to take a job!
I will study very much.
See you.

My favorite character 2B nakatsuka.

Hi,I'm nakatsuka.My favorite character is Ruffy.He is One piece's main cast.He can grow his body anything. He is a pirate.His dream is pirate of king.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New years resolution-2B Sugar

Hi,I'm sugar.
My resolution is be active.
I want to go to many events this year.
Because I can't go any events last year.

Winter Break-2B sugar

Hi,I'm Sugar.
I had a part-time job New year days.
I sold a New years card more than 300 seets.
I felt tired this job.

My favorite character-2B Sugar

Hi,I'm sugar.
My favorite character is Mario.
He is one of the most famous character in the world.
He is a man who rich in expensive.
For exmple,basketball player,tennis player,doctor.
He have brother named Luigi.

My recommended Videogames-2B Sugar

Hi,I'm Sugar.
My recommended Videogames is "Tales Of Destiny".
This game is one of the more famous role playing game series.
This theme is Destiny.
I was impressed  this story.
Please play this game.
You must be impressed.


My favorite character is RIRAKKUMA.
RIRAKKUMA help me rerax.

Winter vacation (oda,taka)

Yuri Odashima - oda
Momoko Takahashi - taka
o/How was your break?
t/I spent to do part-time job and sleep.
o/It's sounds busy.
t/You're not busy?
o/Not realy.
t/What did you do?
o/I went to Iwate with my friends.
t/That's interesting! Did you do it in a day in Iwate?
o/No, I didn't.
t/What stayed days?
o/I stayed overnight.
t/Where did you go around?
o/I went to Hiraizumi.
t/Did not you ga for skiing?
o/No, I didn't.

My winter vacation Naranara

During my winter break,I had a part time job almost everyday. So I was tired. I hope I have a vacation during the spring the break.

My Year's Resolutions 2b,taka

Hello everyone. I'm taka.
My years resolution is take the driver's licence of the car.Accumulate one millione by a part-time job.
Because it was saved last year, I think that I'm all right this year.

My recommended hobby.2Bnakatsuka@CUC

My hobby is play tennis.I often play not tennis,but soft tennis.Soft tennis is more interesting than tennis.I had belong tennis club in junior high and high school.And I listening music.

What do you like to do for fun?2B nakatsuka@CUC

I like sports without basketball, so I like to play sports for fun.Especially ,I like tennis and soccer.And I like watch movie with friend.

My winter vacation

Hi everyone.
I'm mesiuma.
I had a great time in winter break.
I went to Nagoya and Shimoda.
Iand my mother drove inturn.
Food was very yammy.

My New Year's Resolutions 2B-oda

My new year's resolutions are losing 5kg and starting part time job.
This year I'll really achieve.
I want to carry out in good  this year also.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My winter vacation 2B-oda

I went back my home in Akita.
I met my relative and ate special dishes for the New Year.
And I participated in the class reunion of the high school.


A = Yasyo B = ps3
A: How was your break?
B: It was so exciting.
A: What did you do ?
B: I went to kyoto with my family. How was your break?
A: It was very nice.
B: What did you do?
A: I played the game.
B: What's tyep of game?
A: Fighting game.
B: Sounds good. I like too. See you next week.
A: Bye.

会話A=nakasuka B=takeyama 2B

A:How was your break?
B:I'm very happy.
A:What did you do in winter vacation?
B:I returned home.
A:Where are your country?
B:Nigata.I met my friends.I played boring.How about you?
A:I returned home in Iwate.
B:What did you do in winter vacation?
A:I drunk alchol with friends.
B:It sounds good.

My winter break 2B Lamp@cuc

Hello everyone.
I'm Lamp.
I returned my home during winter brake.
I went a coming age of celebratin.
I had a good time very much.

MY Coming-of-Age Ceremony

Hi,I'm Hyu.
On January 8, I returned in Matsudo.
Next day,I went Coming-of-Age Ceremony.
I met my friends from junior high school.
They all have grown up.
I had a great time.

My new year`s resolution SEI--2B@CUC

I want to go on a diet. I will lose 5kg, bacause I want to wear bikini this summer.
And I will study English harder, and try TOEIC. I want to get more than 850 points.


A: How was your break?
B: I spent with my husband in new year.
C: I had a comfortable vacation.
B: It sounds good. What about you.
A: I worked part time job from Dec.24 to Jan.24. I was tired.
B: That is bad. Did you do any intersting things?
A: Yes, I did. I went skiing with my friends.
C: You had a great time. When did you go skiing?
A: We went skiing at Jan.5
B: Where did you go skiing?
A: We went skiing at Nagano ken.
C: It is far. How long have you stayed there?
A: 3 days. I enjoyed it.
C: That is good. Have you going skiing?
B: No, I haven`t . But I want to try it.
A: Glad to hear that. I`d like to go skiing this winter ,too.
B: Let`s go this winter.
C: It sounds good, but I have to check my schedule.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New years eve KENTA ITO

I was enjoyed new years eve with my friends. We ate Soba it's good. We went surine. Omikuji was Suekichi.I hope happy this year.

1A Tokai & Sawahata

A=Sawahata B=Tokai
A:How was your winter break?
B:I enjoyed myself.How was your New Year's day?
A:I ate Osechi and worked part-time job.Have you been to Hatsumoude in your New Year's day?
B:Yes,I have.I went to Chiba Jinja.Have you been to Hatsumoude?Where were you went?
A:Yes,I have.I went to Hachiman Jinja.Do you like Zouni?
B:No,I don't.But I like Karamimochi.
A:It's very delicious.Thank you.
B:Thank you.A happy new year!

1A Takashi & Shinichi

A: How was your winter break?
B: Very good!!
A: What did you do?
B: I ate OSECHI with my family.
A: OH, Lucky you!
B: How was your winter break?
A: Very good too.
B: Where did you go on winter break?
A: I went to FujiQ.
B: I'm jealous!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

1A Hirokazu&Sayuri

A:How was your winter break?
B:I went to back Nagano.
A:Did you!Where in Nagano?
A:What famous in Nagano?
B:Enoki!!How was your winter break?
A:I went to shopping.
B:What did you buy?
A:I bought denim.
B:How much did you pay for it.
A:10,000yen.Did you go to shopping.
A:Where did you go?
A:Same here!

Winter Break -ZC/CH

A=zhao B=chen
A:How was your break?
B:I had a good time.
A:I'm jealous!
B:And you?
A:I worked four days a week.
B:That's too bad!
A:I'm so tired.
B:Take care.

New year - zc

Beginning of the year, went to Asakusa with my friends. As a Kaminarimon was hatsumode at Sensoji Temple.