Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1A Shinichi

I will study bookkeeping this weekend.
I am going to take a bookkeeping test next month.
It is very difficult for me to study bookkeeping.
But, I would like to pass the test.
So, I will study hard this weekend.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing videogames-2B Sugar

Hi! I'm Sugar. I'm going to talk about playng videogames.
When I'm free, I play video games.
Playing videogames, I felt happy!
My best games is baseball games.

Karaoke - 1A Takashi

I will go to karaoke with my friend.
I like sing a song!!
I often sing "Tentaikansoku".
"Tentaikansoku" was made by BUMP OF CHICKEN.
BUMP OF CHICKEN is very popular in Japan

Part-time job - 1A Hatori

I will do my partーtime job.
my partーtime job is cocos restaurant.
it's hard work.
I'm hated by the owner.
But I hate the owner

Soccer - 1A Yushi

I am going to play soccer game in CUC.It is very important game.I am exciting now.I want to Win and I want to play the game.

despair 1A Sawahata

I was suprised at pachinko in new year day
Because I lose 20000 yen that time
I think 10000yen is paper
I am despair
I went back home

Moteki - 1A Sunao

I'm interested in moteki.

because i like love movie.

moteki cust is very cute.

nagasawa masami is eros.

love is difficult.

Star Wars - 1A Yushi

I am interested in watch movie.My favorite movie is STAR WARS.It is exciting.I want to watch this movie every students.

Aquarium - 1A Hirokazu

I'm interested in aquarium.My favorite aquarium is Churaumi in Okinawa.It have whale sharks.Whale sharks is big and cute. I want to swim with Whale shark.

Gantz - 1A Shouya

I am interested in comic.
I like GANTZ best of all comics.
I like KUWABARA best of all GANTZ's characters.
He is perversion.
But he is cool.
I'm interested in sports game.
I play baseball ,but I often spend the evening watching night games on television.
But, I'm more interested in playing sports than taking part in them.


I'm interested in movies - 1A Tokai

Hi, my name is Tokai.
I'm interested in movies.
Especially I like STAR WARS.
STAR WARS is great space opera.
Very wonderful works.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jiaxian Ramen 1G Chen

 My favorite food is ramen.There are many ways to cook ramen.There are many kinds of ramen in China.For example,xiao ramen,kongxing ramen,jiaxian ramen and so on.I like jiaxian ramen best.Among the jiaxian ramen has crushed meat and vegetables.Ramen the things can change.I can not cook the jiaxian ramen,because make kongxing ramen and jiaxian ramen must have a high technology and practical.Jiaxian ramen is the traditional pattern for Shanxi Province pasta.That usually be used on high-end banquet.

Food - 1G JIN

I like dog meat.
I'm from Yan Bian, China.
In Yan Bian people eat dog meat.
Dog meat is the most nutritious meat.
If you are ill, you can't eat dog meat.
I don't know why, but doctors say so.

Food-1G Zhaochen

Food-1G Zhaochen

Last time I talked about rice noodle.
Now I will talk about Shanghai dumpling.
If I eat rice noodle and Shanghai dumpling they are very yummy, and I will be full.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My recommended pet: Rabbit - 2B Ya-a

His name is JoJo.
He came to my home in september.
At first, I don`t touch him.
But, I take to give him food.
I think that JoJo is lovely Rabbit.
His figure which is eating food is lovely.
In particular, His nose is very cute.
He is my family now.
See you!