Monday, October 24, 2011

Jiaxian Ramen 1G Chen

 My favorite food is ramen.There are many ways to cook ramen.There are many kinds of ramen in China.For example,xiao ramen,kongxing ramen,jiaxian ramen and so on.I like jiaxian ramen best.Among the jiaxian ramen has crushed meat and vegetables.Ramen the things can change.I can not cook the jiaxian ramen,because make kongxing ramen and jiaxian ramen must have a high technology and practical.Jiaxian ramen is the traditional pattern for Shanxi Province pasta.That usually be used on high-end banquet.


  1. Hi, thanks for your story about Jiaxian ramen. So Jiaxian ramen is considered high-class food. Interesting! I've never thought of ramen as fine dining but as casual dining, like this author:

  2. I like ramen too.
    I'm interested in Chinese ramen.
    I would like to eat ramen in China.


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