Saturday, June 9, 2012

free time 2B_ABE

Hi,I'm in the house at free time.
I almost watch a video.
In addition, I listen to music and sleep enough.
Watching TV is variety show and,I watch a drama program.
I hear the music with Walkman.
Anyway, I am languid at free time.
I want to make the cleaning of the room this time.
Thank you.

My free time 2B Ryo A

My free time , I often play soccer with a friends of a high school .
A coat is borrowed for 2 hours , and it's separated into a team , and plays soccer.
I get tired , but it's very very fun.

My free time 2b Miyazawa

I go to see baseball free time.
What is my favorite baseball team is the Nippon Hamu Fighters.
And my favorite player is a Inaba Atunori.
He has recently achieved 2,000 hits.
It has been achieved on another day I went to see the game in order to
see this 2,000 hits.
However, he hits the 1,999th hits in the game I went to see.
It was a home run to lead team to victory.
I was impressed with his play.
I think trying to cheer this team in the future.

Friday, June 8, 2012

What I do after school 1b3 Fumiya

Hi everyone.
I hang out with my friends.
I go to a game arcade.
I go to dinner.
after back to my home.

what I do after school 1b3 Yuta

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My favorite songs 1B3 Yuta

Hi! everyone.
I like Lemon Tree By Fool is Garden.

My favorite songs 1B3 kentaro

Hi everyone

I like Van Halen so I want listen to JUMP

My favorite songs 1b3Masatomo

Hi everyone !
I like Michael Jackson. So I want to listen to Bad!

My favorite songs 1B3 kotaro

Hi!every one!

I like Wild ones by Flo Rida.

So,I want to listen to this songs.


My favorite songs 1b3 Fumiya

Hi everyone.
I do not listen