Saturday, June 9, 2012

My free time 2b Miyazawa

I go to see baseball free time.
What is my favorite baseball team is the Nippon Hamu Fighters.
And my favorite player is a Inaba Atunori.
He has recently achieved 2,000 hits.
It has been achieved on another day I went to see the game in order to
see this 2,000 hits.
However, he hits the 1,999th hits in the game I went to see.
It was a home run to lead team to victory.
I was impressed with his play.
I think trying to cheer this team in the future.


  1. Grammar Check6/14/2012 8:12 AM

    1. 私の好きな野球チームは日ハムです。
    My favorite baseball team is the Nippon Hamu Fighters.

    2. 私がその試合を見に行ったその日に、それは達成された。
    It was achieved on the day I went to see the game.

    3. チームを勝利に導くホームランだった。
    It was a home run to lead the team to victory.

    4. 彼は私が見に行った試合で1999本目のヒットを打った。
    He got/marked his 1,999th hit in a game I went to see.

    5. これからもこのチームを応援しようと思います。
    I'll continue to support this team.

  2. Hi Miyazawa. Thanks for this great post! You got me interested in Inaba Atsunori.

  3. Hi, Mr.Miyazawa. I'm Ali.
    I like watching baseball, too. I'm a Tigers fan.
    But I also like a Nippon Hamu Fighters' player Inaba Atsunori.
    He is one of the amazing players in Japan.
    You saw his 1999th hits, didn't you? It sounds really exciting!
    I wish the Nippon Hamu Fighters would become the champion this baseball season with your powerful support.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ari.
      I know the Tigers players.
      Kanemoto hits out player was 2500 the other day.
      I think it's great thing.
      Also, I know the players Toritani and Arai.
      Tigers have a great home that I envy Kousien.
      Let's good season to cheer each other happily.

  4. Hi,Mr.Miyazawa . I,m hirito.
    I like wathing baseball,too.
    I belong to a baseball clubof university.
    So,I'm glad to know that you are interested in baseball.

    1. Thank you Hirito comment. [Hiroto?]
      I have never played baseball at the club.
      However, I rarely each with a friend. It's very fun.
      I have now entered the travel club. Is fun to go to see baseball and its members.
      Please do its best beseball practice.


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