Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2B shigeki "Summer Vacation"

I go on a trip during the summer vacation.
At the moment, that you plan to travel two nights and three days in Hakone.
I have never been to Hakone. So very excited!

I have been to hot springs in Urayasu ever.
And I fell in love. To Hot Springs.
Hakone trip, have decided to go to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun.
There are certain things that mimic the world's oceans. For example, Dead Sea.
I will be a man fond of reading while floating in the Dead Sea.

Do you recommend to do in Hakone?

I want to come early summer vacation.

Monday, July 30, 2012

1B4 Kentaro

I would like to gain license with a byte, when I become the time of the summer vacation.
It is because there was no time to do such a thing it is a chance.

What I usually do in my free time 1B4 Kentarou

The time when I am free mostly is sleeping.
It is because it becomes less free when doing something.

JareMaga July 30 - High school baseball game

The last game of the preliminary local tournaments (yosen taikai) of Koshen is going to be played in Fukui today! 

(じゃれマガ 2012年07月30日号)
I was at home yesterday, so I decided to watch a high school baseball game.
It was really exciting.
Meiden, Ichiro's high school team, was playing Toho, another big baseball high school in Aichi.
Toho got one run in the second inning and another in the fifth.
By the ninth inning, it looked like they were going to win.
Then Meiden got two runs to tie the score.
They got another run in the eleventh inning to win the game.
Now they will go on to the Koshien.

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