Saturday, June 16, 2012


Video 1 Baseball & Read comics
Video 2 Music - Done!
Video 3 Anime, Sleeping - Done!
Video 4 Netsurfing - Done!
Video 5 TV, music - Done!
Video 6 Music (shaken?)
Video 7 TV (Not the final version?) - Done!



Video 1 (Fumiya & Kentaro)
Video 2 (Akira & SA)
Video 3 (Masatomo & Yoshinobu)


Friday, June 15, 2012

1B4 Yuma&Takuya

A:Hi ,what do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually play sport.
A:Sounds great! How often do you play sports?
B:Three times a week.
A:What kind of sport?
B:I usually play baseball.
How about you?
A:I usually read comics in my free time.
B:What kind of comics?
A:The comics about soccer are read.
B:Me too!Let's talk about soccer.

1B4 KoheiK & KentaK

A: Hi, what do you usually do in your free time ?
B: I usually listen to music.
A: Sounds great! How often do you listen to music?
B: Every day.
A: That's great! How about you?
B: I usually listen to music, too.
A: When do you listen to music?
B: I listen to music on the train when I go to school.
A: Me too! Let's go to "TSUTAYA" together sometime.


Free time 2B Shun

I watch soccer my free time.
I always it watch excit.
Moreover, My favorite team was won when more excit!
But, Soccer game is not often.
So, I am interested not only soccer but also other sport.
Thank you!

1B3 Kotaro Takuya

A:Hi! what do you usually do after school??

B:I usually play baseball withmy friend.

A:where do you play baseball?B:near the home in YAGIRI.

B:What job do you have??

A:I work at restaurant.

B:Do you have girlfriend??

A:I will have one soon.

B:That is good!! bye!!



Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our conversation 2B Ryo.A&Takayuki.N

We are talking about soccer.

R:Hi,what do you usually do in your free time?

T:I usually watch soccer game on TV.

R:Sounds great!What league do you watch?

T:I watch premiere league in England.

R:Oh!premiere league?I watch too.

T:What your favorite soccer player?

R:My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

T:Wao!What country do you like?

R:I like Germany!

T:Nice Germany!


Our free time _2B.tosiyuki and ABE

A.Hi,what do you usually do in your free time?

B.I usually watching TV in my room.

A.What kind of TV program.

B.I watching TV is variety show and drama programs.


B.Oh,really? Which actor do you like?

A.My favorite actor is Hasegawa Hiroki.

B.Why not?

A.Because,He is cool.

B.Let's watching TV together.

1B4 yuki

Hi,my name is yuki. I read book
and sleepingat a free time.
Ilike I read book.
Ihave many book.comic and
comic is very interesting!
if you know interestbook.
teach me!

2B Toshiuki My Free time

I like drive at free time.
Especially fine day is pleasant.
I go to the sea, a mountain, and the good place of a scene.
I like drive highway very much.
My favorite is the Bay shore route.
The Bay shore route is lighting of Keihin industrial area and night view of Yokohama very fantastic.
Yokohama Bay Bridge and Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge are excited.

A passenger seat is vacant!

What I do in my free time 2B RyoM

Leisure time, I go out to shopping.
Shopping is clothes, shoes and an accessary mainly.
Most of shopping is finished at a nearby place, but when there is much time, I'm going on an outing.
I'm shopping and the place where I often go is Harajuku.
I get many stimuli at Harajuku.
I like an original person and the peculiar atmosphere very much.
I went to Harajuku with my friend the other day.
The way where I shop by myself felt comfortable, and but I associated with friend's shopping and did the whole body coordination of friend's clothes then.
There was different amusement with this, so this was fun.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Time 2B Natsumi

I bought Single-lens reflex camera a year ago.
I like taking a picture in my free time.
And I play with a my aunt's dog,Kurumi.
I go to much nature place when for a walk with Kurumi. Therefore I bring the camera.  I take a  picture which nature and Kurumi in there.
This picture was taken at Karuizawa by me.
this is one of the my favorite picture.

1B4 Miu&SA

A: Hi, what do you usually do in your free time?
B: I usually watch TV.
A: Sounds great! What TV programs?
B: I watch drama.
A: Me too.
B: What do you usually do in your free time?
A: I study English.
B: Really? You studied German, didn't you?
A: Ich have gelernt Deutch.
B: What are you talking?


1B4 Miu

Hi, everyone. I watch television at free time. I see the recorded drama. And I make e-mail and a telephone my friend. When I begin to talk, I stop stopping. I often talk by telephone for many hours.

What I do in my free time 2B Takayuki.N


I watch a moves of DVD,in my free time.
I watch about 3DVDs on day.

I watched "Oceans eveven"and"Oceans twelve"recently.
Its theme is crime action,but it is stylish and very interesting!
I want to watch"Oceans thirteen"now.

Incidentally,I'm borrowing DVD at TSUTAYA.

Although,When I live alone,I practice cooking so that it may not be troubled.

My dishs repertoires has only a few,but I good at cooking of a saute.

I'm practicing cooking omlet recently.
But I can't keep its shape(>_<)
I want to can those thing.

Interesting,I often go to RAKERU to eat omlet.
I love RAKERUs omlet!!!
I recommend it for you\(^o^)/

Thank you

2B shigeki "Free time"

When I have free time I go to the Karaoke with my friend.
We have to go once a week there.
Karaoke is a Rainbow in the Tsudanuma
Rainbow is large and clean .
Friend is the same university and local as me.
A friend who is very aggressive!
Recently, I have sing the song of a group called Weaver.
Music is my only hobby.

1B4 What I usually do in my free time

1B3 You

A: Hi, What do you usually do after school?
B: I usually watch Anime with my friends.
A: Sounds interesting ! What Anime do you watch?
B: Onepice,Naruto and Bleach.
A: You watch so many Animes.
B: How about you? Do you watch Anime?
A: Yes, I like Gintama very much.
B: Me too! Let's watch Gintama together.


What I do in my free time 2B NAOTO

I usually watch TV in my free time.
But I'm fundamentally busy.
Because I almost work part-time job.
My schedule is always buried.
I hardly stay as one person.
I watch TV,when passing occasionally at home.
I specially like variety show.
I watch collectively the program
corrently recoreded on the day
of a rest.
When I stay at home all day long,
I either sleep all the time or
watch TV.
I think that there are
many people who like lazy.
I would like to be
devoted to a hobby.
When it time made in
several years.
I want the hobby of a sport
because I like sport.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1B4 Ryosuke&Kenta F

A:Hi, What do you usually do in your free time?
B:I usually listen to music.
A:I see. How often do you listen to music?
B:If I have free time, I always listen to music.A:Sounds great!
B:How about you?
A:Me too.
B:Really? Sounds great! Who is your favorite artist?
A:I like B'z.
B:Wow really? Me too! Let's talk more sometime.


1B4Kouhei T& Naoto

A:Hi, What do you usually do in you free time?
B:I usually study English.
A:Is it difficult?
B:No,it is very easy.
A:wow you are crazy!!
B:How about you?
A:I am crazy.
B:When are you crazy?
A:oh〜I am crazy all the time.
B: Me too Let's start an ordinary life sometime.


Yoshinobu Masatomo

what I do after school 1B3_kotaro


I play baseball with my friend.Im drive car .I watching TV.Iplay Bowling.I work a part time job.

Monday, June 11, 2012

1B4 Takuma

Hello everyone.

I'm netsurfing in my free time.
I often look at the website is 2 channel. The website gives the information which is not generally known to me.

There is a more website often seen by the frequency of the same about as 2 channel. It's the NicoNico Douga. At the animation site, the music of Hatsune Miku produced from there is often listened to. Although Hatsune Miku is an electronic sound, if it meets with the music by which the sound is controlled well so that it may not be impressed, wonderfulness of technology of Japan will be realized anew.
I've fallen that time is used for netsurfing too much and must be given to it into the bad habit of postponing.

Thank you for watching.

1B3 You

I have a part time job on 4 day. I work at a supermarket. He is my friend work together.He is very handsome.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

1B4 Misaki

Hello. I'm listening to music and playing with my friends in my free time. I listen to music in anytime. My favorite singer is YUI. I often listen to my favorite songs. Or, I play with my friends in weekend. I meet my friends, I become calm and composed. Because, since I was nursery school friends. So, I have a good time. And, I watching TV. I watch my favorite music program.

What I usually do in my free time 1B4 Kenta F

Hi, everyone. My free time usually listen to music. I try to listen to music in any times. And when I find time, I read a book, listening to music.
If I stay at home, I will watch a recorded program. And I sometimes play a TV game.

1B4 Kentaro.I

Hi, everyone.
I´m watching TV in my free time. I watch musicprogram and variety sometimes. My favorite musicprogram is EXILEdamasi. Because I love EXILE. My favorite variety is Mechaike. Others, I go out for a work in my free time. I often go out for a work in neighborhood by my bicycle. actually, nothing to do. but cycling is very good. because I often meet my friend.

1B4 Yuma

I listen to music by train at the
time of go to school,or have taken
I watch television or read comics
in my free time.
I often do my homework after

What I usually do

Hi,everyone.I usually do my free time after school I do part-time job
3time a week.

Or I play my friends. It is very challenging although part-time job is

Stress is cancelable if it plays with a friends.

My everyday is substantial !!

1B4 Atsushi

What I usually do in my free time. free time is weekends.because I almost go to part time job weekdays after school.I go to sports gym weekends.but I am newcomer.I need more practice.

see you.1B4 Kubo