Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I do in my free time 2B NAOTO

I usually watch TV in my free time.
But I'm fundamentally busy.
Because I almost work part-time job.
My schedule is always buried.
I hardly stay as one person.
I watch TV,when passing occasionally at home.
I specially like variety show.
I watch collectively the program
corrently recoreded on the day
of a rest.
When I stay at home all day long,
I either sleep all the time or
watch TV.
I think that there are
many people who like lazy.
I would like to be
devoted to a hobby.
When it time made in
several years.
I want the hobby of a sport
because I like sport.


  1. Grammar Check6/21/2012 1:07 AM

    Hi Naoto, let me check your grammar :-)
    1. でもほとんどバイトをしているので、基本的には忙しいです。
    But I'm usually busy because I work part-time most of the time.
    2. 予定がつまっています。
    I have a very tight schedule.
    3. 私はほとんど1人で過ごします/すごすことはありません。
    I spend most of the time alone/ I hardly spend my time alone.
    4. たまに家にいる時は、テレビを見ます。
    I watch TV, when I occasionally stay (at) home.
    5. 録画した番組をまとめて見ます。
    I watch recorded programs at one time.

  2. Hi Naoto,
    So you don't have much free time. You're hard-working! Hope you can devote some time to sports :-)

  3. Hi Naoto.
    I envy you because I don't have TV !!
    Which TV show do you recommend?
    I want to watch the TV problem when I back to my parent's house.


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