Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I do in my free time 2B Takayuki.N


I watch a moves of DVD,in my free time.
I watch about 3DVDs on day.

I watched "Oceans eveven"and"Oceans twelve"recently.
Its theme is crime action,but it is stylish and very interesting!
I want to watch"Oceans thirteen"now.

Incidentally,I'm borrowing DVD at TSUTAYA.

Although,When I live alone,I practice cooking so that it may not be troubled.

My dishs repertoires has only a few,but I good at cooking of a saute.

I'm practicing cooking omlet recently.
But I can't keep its shape(>_<)
I want to can those thing.

Interesting,I often go to RAKERU to eat omlet.
I love RAKERUs omlet!!!
I recommend it for you\(^o^)/

Thank you


  1. I'll insist and see today's Italy VS Croatia!

    1. Hi(^^)/Ryo!

      I think Italy will win in the tournament euros.
      Please treated to juice when hit( ̄ー ̄)

      Now, the final tournament will begin.
      Good luck staying up late life

  2. I favorite move is Harry Potter.

    1. Hi(^^)/Nakanocchi!
      Thank you for your comment.

      I also like that movie.
      I will someday witch(^-^ゞ

      Do you believe or not believe is up to you!!!!!

  3. Hi Takayuki,
    You made me interested in the movie, Ocean's Eleven, though I don't watch movies very often. Did you know this is a remake of 1960 work? It would be interesting to see both of them!

    Good luck with your omelets!

    1. Hi!Mari(^_^)/

      I didn't know that it is remake move!
      I'm surprised!Thank you for teaching!!!m(__)m

      Now,I will gotl to TSUTAYA to borrow it !!!!

  4. Grammar Check6/21/2012 2:52 AM

    Hi Takayuki, let me check your grammar :-)

    1. 1日でDVDを3本ぐらい見ます。
    I watch about 3DVDs in a day.

    2. テーマはクライムアクションですが、(この2作は)スタイリッシュでとても面白いです。
    The theme is crime action, but they are stylish and very interesting!

    3. 一人暮らしをした時に困らないように、料理を練習しています。
    I practice cooking so that I won't have problems when I live alone.

    4. 料理のレパートリーは少ないですが、炒め物は得意です。
    I have limited cooking repertoire, but i'm good at cooking saute.

    5. それができるようになりたい。=>きれいな形のオムレツを作りたいです。
    I want to cook a perfectly shaped omelet.

  5. Hi!
    The movie sounds interesting.
    I will borrow it.

    I live alone in Osaka.
    Cooking is very difficult but fun.
    I hope you can cook a perfectly shaped omelet:)


  6. Hi!Rinchan(^_^)/

    Thank for commenting.

    That's great!

    I'm glad to hear that!
    I will do my best:D

    Good luck living alone(^_^)/



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