Monday, June 11, 2012

1B4 Takuma

Hello everyone.

I'm netsurfing in my free time.
I often look at the website is 2 channel. The website gives the information which is not generally known to me.

There is a more website often seen by the frequency of the same about as 2 channel. It's the NicoNico Douga. At the animation site, the music of Hatsune Miku produced from there is often listened to. Although Hatsune Miku is an electronic sound, if it meets with the music by which the sound is controlled well so that it may not be impressed, wonderfulness of technology of Japan will be realized anew.
I've fallen that time is used for netsurfing too much and must be given to it into the bad habit of postponing.

Thank you for watching.


  1. Great job! But let me check your English.

    1. 暇なときはネットサーフィンをします。
    I do netsurfing (I surf on the Internet) in my free time.

    2. よくみるサイトは2チャンネルです。
    The website I often look at is 2 channel.

    3. 2チャンネルと同じくらいよく見るサイトがあります。
    There is a website I visit as often as 2 channel.

    4. この動画サイトでは、初音ミクの曲がよく聞かれています。
    On the movie site, the songs by Hatsune Miku are very popular.

    5. 初音ミクは電子音声ですが、よくコントロールされた音楽と合わせると、すばらしく聞こえます。
    Although Hatsune Miku has an electronic voice, it sounds wonderful with well-controlled music.

  2. Hi Takuma,
    I don't view NikoNiko Doga very much, but I know Hatsune Miku. I haven't seen or hear her singing, but I hear that she's really popular among young people. I was surprised to know that a virtual girl can be that popular. It's very interesting.

  3. Kei Yamamoto6/17/2012 1:43 PM

    I'm interested in "2channnal",too.
    I usually watch about government .
    What topics do you usually watch?

    1. Hi Kei. Thank you for your comment.
      I was impressed by you who interested about politics.
      I often watch about goverment too.
      I usually watch about iPhone or Anime topic.
      I most watch about Nyusoku VIP.


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