Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Time 2B Natsumi

I bought Single-lens reflex camera a year ago.
I like taking a picture in my free time.
And I play with a my aunt's dog,Kurumi.
I go to much nature place when for a walk with Kurumi. Therefore I bring the camera.  I take a  picture which nature and Kurumi in there.
This picture was taken at Karuizawa by me.
this is one of the my favorite picture.


  1. Hi,Natsumi.
    I'm shima.
    Your photo is very nice!
    How cute Kurumi is!

  2. Hi, Natsumi! !
    That's a very cute dog and is a good photo.
    I like taking pictures too.
    I is not real but.
    I think women like you cool.

  3. Hi Natsumi,
    You got a single-lens reflex camera! How cool!! I like taking pictures and I'd love to get one of these too. Isn't it too difficult to use? Isn't it too heavy?

  4. Grammar Check6/21/2012 3:31 AM

    Hi Natsumi, let me check your gramamr :-)

    1. I bought a single-lens reflex camera a year ago.

    2. クルミと散歩をする時は、自然がたっぷりの場所に行きます。
    I go to places rich in nature when going for a walk with Kurumi.

    3. カメラを持って行き、自然の中にいるクルミを撮ります。
    I bring the camera and take a picture (pictures) of Kurumi in nature.

    4. This picture was taken in Karuizawa by me.

    5. This is one of my favorite pictures.


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