Saturday, January 14, 2012

1A.山田and Ren

A. How was your winter break,Ren?
B. I had a fun .
A. What did you do?
B. I went to Kara-OK singing songs with my friends,and we drank a lot.
A.Wow.That sounds good.
B.What about you ? Have you done something fun?
A. Yes , I went back to my hometown and met my old friend who 5 years no see.
B.Oh ,I am jealous.
A.I invited him to my home to have dinner together.
B.You were good friends,were not you ?
A.Yes,we really had a good time.


My present's comic is JYOJYO's strange adventure.
This comic is very long story.
And all the battle manga of the starting point.
The comic is published from one to eight part now.
If you have plenty of time,please read the story.


My favorite character is BUCHARATHI.
He is character of JYOJYO's strange adventure.
If STICKY FINGERS hit a body or object,stick to a zipper there.
The first BUCHARATHI's a good point is a tender heart.

My Winter Break 2B kinari@cuc


Hello everyone, I'm kinari.
I returned my home.
I'm from Niigata.It is famous for heavy snow there.
I went to  shopping with my friends.
There was very cold.
However, it was pleasant.

Winter Break

Kenta:How was your winter break?
Daiki:I watched Gakitsuka.
Kenta:Luck you!
Daiki:How about you?
Kenta:I worked a part time job.
Daiki:Poor thing! Where are you working?
Kenta:I'm wolking pizza shop.How about you?
Daiki:I'm convinience staff.It is very easy.
Kenta:I'm jealous!
New Year's Eve.
I watched Gakitsuka with my friend.
Gakitsuka was very interesting and crezy.
So we were laughing loudly for the meantime.
After that, we ate Toshikoshi Soba.
My new year's eve was fulfilling!

My Winter Break

I went to snowboard in Nigata by my car with my friends. Nigata was very cold. And Nigata's road had a lot of snow. So, it was difficult for us to drive Nigata's road. But,we could arrive snowpark. As a result we enjoyed snowboard.

Friday, January 13, 2012

One Piece - Daiki

I like One piece of all the manga.
This manga is pirate's story.
This manga is written by Seijiro Oda.
I think he is one of the most famous Japanese.
Because, he writes One piece.
Why don't you read it!!

Hana Tsukijima - Daiki

In WORST, there is a man named Hana Tsukizima.
He is called Hana by his friends.
He tries to become his high school's BANCHO.
His high school has many gang.
I think he become BANCHO of his high school is difficult.
But,I wish he become it!

Prison Break - Daiki

I recommended drama is prison break.
Prison break is american drama.
It's loved by many people.
Because,it's main cast named mychel is very cool.
Of course I like mychel.

My winter vacation 2B nakatsuka@CUC

I went my home for 10days.During return my home, I went an alumni association elementary school,junior high school and high school.These association were very interesting.And I went a coming age of celebration.My winter vacation is live a full time.

2a V.I.P

Hallo happy new year.
I`m V.I.P.
On January 9 I went to coming of age ceremony.
I met my old friends and teachers and I was happy.
I had a great time.
I want to meet my friends and have a party again.

2a V.I.P Movie

Hy everyone.
I like moteki.
This is romance and comedy and it is popular.
The original version is manga, and it was wade in to drama and movie.
I have not watched it yet.
I feel watched the movie.

Weekend - Daiki

I'm going to play snowboard in Nagano this weekend.
Snowboard is very difficult.
I offen slip on the snow.
But,I like snowboard.
So,winter is the best season for me.

Naruto - Daiki

I'm interested in naruto.
Because I like ninjya.
Naruto is read by many people around world.
World's people interested in ninjya.
I'm glad to evaluate japanese culture.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My new years 2B-ZCY@CUC

Hi,I'm ZCY.I had a good time about my new year.I spent the time with my
husbend.We had a good dinner that cooked some kinds of dicisious food.
After dinner I talked with my mother by the facebook.I felt very happy.

My winter break 2A fyu

During my winter break,I had a great time.
I went snowbounding in Nagano with my friends.
I was tired, but it was fun.
Also I went to the Coming-of-Age Ceremony.
I met my friends from high school.

Winter vacation. 2Btaka@cuc

Hello everyone, I'm taka.
I'll want to sleep all the time allday during winter vacation.
However< I do not have them because there is a part time job.
It was full of the visitors who came to buy a Christmas present on that day the before on Christam in particular.

My New year

S.S 2-A
My new year's break is part-time job and coming of Age day.

My winter break 2B oyu@cuc

The Happiest event in my winter break was Christmas Eve.
Because I could to go to see the Illuminations in Tokyo.
A lot of people had come to see the illuminations.
After I went to Mizuho comunne, so I could not see much over time.
But I had a fun time.
I want to go again next Christmas.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No.C My winter`s break----2B SEI@CUC

I worked part time from Dec.24 to Jan.4. It was busier than before.
I went skiing with my friends from Jan.5 to 8.
I was so tire, but I enjoyed skiing.

1a sayuri

my favorite movie is tonarinototoro.
totoro is a 1988 japanese anime film written and directed by hayao
miyazaki and produced by studio ghibli.
the film follows the two young daughters of a professor and their
interactions with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural japan.
the movie is very nice!please try!!

1A sauri

my winter bresk went to my grandfathershouse.
with my mother and my brothr.
he is 74 but very energy!!
we received otoshidama!!!
and then we had osechi.
very nice;)

1A sayuri

My New Years Break was very happy.
I went to go to shopping in shibuya 109.
109 was sale.
my favorite clothes was very deal.
and then we took pictures:)♪
was very pleasant day!!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


1A Takashi

My New Year's Eve was enjoyable.
I went to my friend's house.
we had a party. After that we went out to see new year's sunrise.But, we couldn't see the sunrise .

1A Hirokazu

I went for "Hatsumoude" with friends in kawasakitaishi. kawasakitaishi was crowded. I wished my good luck. We drew a written fortune. The fortune I drew predicted good luck.

1A Daichi

My New Years Eve is very tired.
I spend bowoing with some friends in Yamagata.
We played bowoing for about 30 games .
Because ,I had muscular pain in the body.
But 、I do and think that it was good.


My Winter Break was very interesting.
Because I was enjoyed only.
for example Boring,Karaoke,billiards,darts,etc...
I lived a full life!
I very sad! because school has started.


My New Years Day was very happy.
I went to the grandparents house.
Just then, cousins came the grandparents house.
It had been seven years since I saw them last.
I was impressed with that.

My New Year`s Eve. 1A Tokai.

Hello.I'm Tokai.
My New Year's eve was very enjoy.
I went to Makuhari Messe with my firiend.
Because,therre was live concert of Porno Graffitti.
It was very wonderful.
I want to go to the next live concert.

My New Year`s Eve

I am Ren,
In the  New Year`s Eve,I went to kara-OK with my friend singing all the night.
Though there were seven persons,and I just know only one,but we were happy.
That was my first time singing in the kara-OK,and we drank a lot.

my new year's break 1120160

my new year's break is not break
january 1 to 9 my working time is about 70 hour one day avarege is 8 hour I'm very tired and very sleepy
I hope supring vacation is holiday

Sunday, January 8, 2012

1A Shinichi

My New Year's Day was very pleasant.
I ate OSECHI in the New Year's Day.
I didn't like OSECHI as a child.
But, I like OSECHI now.
Especially I like salted herring roe and steamed fish paste.

1A Shinichi

My winter break was part time job almost everyday.
So, I didn't much have a rest.
I'm working in the supermarket.
The end of the year was very busy.
So, I was tired.
But, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day were not busy.
These days were very free.