Thursday, January 12, 2012

My winter break 2B oyu@cuc

The Happiest event in my winter break was Christmas Eve.
Because I could to go to see the Illuminations in Tokyo.
A lot of people had come to see the illuminations.
After I went to Mizuho comunne, so I could not see much over time.
But I had a fun time.
I want to go again next Christmas.


  1. Hi,Oyu.
    I'm Lamp.

    It looks so BEAUTIFUL!
    I wish I could be Like you.

  2. Hi,Lamp!
    Thank you for a comment.
    This photo was taken by my friend.
    I wish you a great year.

  3. Hi, oyu.
    As Lamp said, I think it looks beautiful!
    Please tell me how to go there.

  4. Hi, fmi!
    Thank you for your comment.
    This spot is in Shinjuku.
    It takes about 40 minutes from Ichikawa to Shinjuku by train.
    I reccomended this spot!


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