Friday, October 26, 2012

It talks about the summer vacation.

I was in Gumma of a parents' home during the summer vacation.

And it went to the local driving school.

It went to the driving school daytime and was playing with the local friend night.

It was the very substantial summer vacation.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1B3 Takuya Shimaoka

I want to the beach in Chiba. Islam in the sea. But I swam too much and was tired. I enjoyed spending time with my friends. getting used on good terms also with the beauty's elder sister very happy. I would like to go to the sea with my friends again next year.and to houg out with beautifully elder sisters.


Summer vacation

During the summer vacation I went to Mount Fuji.i used money earned from my part-time job. in the beautiful morning I took a bus to the 5th station.the scenery there was beautiful but it was cold.i want to the hot springs on the way home. I want to go there again if I have free time.


1B3 Kotaro Mori

"Summer vacation"

I went to the beach in Chiba, and I had a BBQ.with my friends.I swam in the sea in August.I went to the Tokyo Disney Land with my friends, in September. It was very fun. I carried "OMIKOSHI" in FUKAGAWA. It was FUKAGAWA Main Festival. I played baseball and went to GINZA for shopping with my family. I drove to Yokohama with my friends.


1b3 Summer vacation Akira Kawahara

I went to the beach in Chiba and I swam in the sea in September . I had a BBQ at the river in Oume in September .

I went to Atami by car to enjoy Onsen . I saw monkeys in the mountain. I ate a seafood don and very delicious . I bought a presents in Atami . I used a lot of money. I was shocked .


1b3summer vacation

I went to Osaka on August 25.I took the Shinkansen.I took a day trip.I walked around Shinsaibashi Nanba and Shinosaka.I went shopping and sightseeing.I ate okonomiyaki.I had good time.

Thank you!

Shibata Masatomo

Summer Vacation 1b3 Tsunoda Yoshinobu

My "Summer Vacation" was very boring. Because I was in my home and slept almost.
I played a soccer game in my room. I did my part time job at noodle shop.
But I hate noodles. I listened to music and drank coffee every morning.
and every night, I took a walk in the park.
Summer Vacation was a good time.

1B3 You

Summer vacation

I went to Misaki. I got there by train and I went there with my friends. We went to see the sea. The sea was very blue. There were full of people. The day we were very happy. It was a summer day. I want to go again. If I have free time.

1b4 Maya

I did best in part-time job during the summer vacation. It has the convenience store and the family restaurant concurrently. I was surprised for Ms,Yamauchi to come to the convenience store. But since Ms,Yamauchi did not notice, I was regretful.

Summer vacation

I was in Nagano for 25 days. I went to Nagano with my father in August. I started my father's parents home. Nagano is my parents hometown. I went shopping with my grand mother and my aunt. I bought clothes and shoes. I was happy. I had a good time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

1B4 Misaki

I went back to my hometown in Fukushima. I stayed in there 25days. I always help my mother with housework through I stayed in my hometown. I hang out with my friends. I went to fireworks display. Fireworks were very beautiful. And I met my brother's family, cousin and relative in the Bon festival. Also I went to Fuji-Q HiLand. I enjoyed this summer vacation.


It started on August 3 during my summer vacation.
It went to Akita of the hometown during summer vacation.
I was pleasure in order to go back after a long time.
during homecoming,it carried out to a local friend and gamecenter,karaoke,etc.,and played.also,the pet's dog was taken to various places and enjoyed.
I spent good time during summer vacation.

1B4 Kei My Summer Vacation

Hi,I'm kei.
I had very massive vacation.
I went two places in this summer.
One is 'Izu'. There is my aunt and I visited her.
There are beautiful sea and mountains, so nice nature.
I enjoyed swimming ,hiking, fishing…and so on.
Second is 'Hokkaido'.I visited there with my highschool's friends.
Actually,I lived in 'Hakodate' ,so I went back my hometown!
I was stay there 2days, after I went to 'Sapporo'.
There was not so cool, hgh temperature is 28°.
Other, I had a part-time job and study for 'Financialb Planning 3Grade'.
So it was very busy summer ,but very delighted vacation!

My summer vacation

Hi. My name is Kentaro Inoue. My summer vacation is very busy. But it is attractively for me. I always do part time job. My part time job is convenience store. I went to Harajuku, Coshigayalaketown and Lalaport in my free time. I bought clothes and accessories. I really into clothes and accessories. I saw live on August 8th. It is very fun.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

1B4 K.Koyama A country I want to visit

I want to go to Italy.
There are many delicious foods in Italy. Spaghetti , Pizza, etc. I want to eat them.
I like "AC Milan". AC Milan is Italy's top soccer team. I want to watch AC Milan's soccer game in Italy.
But I can't speak Italian. If I go to Italy, I must study Italian.

1B4 Miu A country I want to visit

I want to visit Copenhagen in Denmark. It is called most fortunate country. I would like to see row of houses like a fairy tale. Or I would like to go to an art museum. I'm interested also in boat tour. Since furniture and the pottery are famous, I would like to go to buy such things. If there is an opportunity to go in Northern Europe, I would like to see aurora.

1B4 Yuma summer vacation

It was very pleasant during the summer vacation of this year.
I was working at a part-time job in the gas station.I'm part-time job and was allowed to have a big experience.
It when to vorious places for a drive with my friend,and did soccer.

1B4 Ootani

I have not good memory in Sumer vacation 
Because I had lost my iPhone  
and , it , was worse my brother have been ¥500.000 in debt