Sunday, October 21, 2012

1B4 K.Koyama A country I want to visit

I want to go to Italy.
There are many delicious foods in Italy. Spaghetti , Pizza, etc. I want to eat them.
I like "AC Milan". AC Milan is Italy's top soccer team. I want to watch AC Milan's soccer game in Italy.
But I can't speak Italian. If I go to Italy, I must study Italian.


  1. Hi! I see your really into Italy.
    Maybe some of there (San Siro,La Scala,Duomo...and so on) get through your English.
    I hope you enjoy in Italy someday!

    1. Hi,Kei.
      Thanks! I don't know can use English in Italy.

  2. Hi Kenta,
    Yes, as Key says, I think some people speak English there, but it'd be a lot of fun if you speak a little Italian too. Just simple phrases like Grazie (Thanks) or Chao (Hi, Bye) will help you a lot!


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