Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1b3 Summer vacation Akira Kawahara

I went to the beach in Chiba and I swam in the sea in September . I had a BBQ at the river in Oume in September .

I went to Atami by car to enjoy Onsen . I saw monkeys in the mountain. I ate a seafood don and very delicious . I bought a presents in Atami . I used a lot of money. I was shocked .



  1. Hi Akira,
    You had a lot of fun during the summer break. Good for you! Do you have a driver's license?

    I've never been to Atami before, but it sounds like a great place to visit because I love seafood and Onsen!

  2. Hi Akira, I'm Fumiya Mieda.

    Where in Chiba?
    Was the BBQ good?

  3. Thank you for your comment !!
    I went to Onjuku in Chiba.
    The BBQ was very good !!


  4. Hi.Akira.Im KOTARO.

    where is Oume?
    in tokyo?

    I had BBQ ,too.


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