Monday, October 22, 2012

1B4 Kei My Summer Vacation

Hi,I'm kei.
I had very massive vacation.
I went two places in this summer.
One is 'Izu'. There is my aunt and I visited her.
There are beautiful sea and mountains, so nice nature.
I enjoyed swimming ,hiking, fishing…and so on.
Second is 'Hokkaido'.I visited there with my highschool's friends.
Actually,I lived in 'Hakodate' ,so I went back my hometown!
I was stay there 2days, after I went to 'Sapporo'.
There was not so cool, hgh temperature is 28°.
Other, I had a part-time job and study for 'Financialb Planning 3Grade'.
So it was very busy summer ,but very delighted vacation!


  1. Sorry,I've forgot to add explanation for this picture.
    This is taken at Onuma and Komagatake by train(Super-Hokuto)

  2. …Oh,…Sorry,I've many spell miss.
    hgh→high , Financialb→Financial , 3Grade→3rd-Grade .

  3. Hi Kei,

    Great that you had a delightful summer vacation! (A "massive vacation" sounds like a "very long" vacation.)

    I've never been to Izu, but it sounds like a great place for nature lovers. I can imagine it would be great to go back to your hometown. Which do you like better, Hakodate or Sapporo?

    I have no idea of how hard this "3rd-Grade Certified Skilled Worker of Financial Planning" examination is. How long have you studied for it?

    1. I like supporo,better.Because,Sapporo is large and famous city.
      Actually,Hakodate is going downhill...

      Study "3rd-Grade Certified Skilled Worker of Financial Planning" mean study our society system,like annuity,assurance,immovable,descent,tax!
      I studied only summer vacation,so one month.This is not so difficult.
      Do try it!


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