Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Summer Vacation 1b3 Tsunoda Yoshinobu

My "Summer Vacation" was very boring. Because I was in my home and slept almost.
I played a soccer game in my room. I did my part time job at noodle shop.
But I hate noodles. I listened to music and drank coffee every morning.
and every night, I took a walk in the park.
Summer Vacation was a good time.


  1. Hi Yoshinobu,

    You slept almost all the time during the summer vacation? Yes... it sounds a bit boring, but it's good if you had a good time! Why did you choose the noodle shop if you don't like noodles? Interesting.

  2. I have question.
    Whose music did you listen to?
    Where in the park?



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